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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Attack of the Twonkies (GameCube, PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Attack of the Twonkies

Developer: THQ Studio Australia
Publisher: THQ
Platforms: GameCube, PlayStation 2
Released in US: September 13, 2004
Released in EU: February 11, 2005

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

A video game tie-in based on the special episode of the same name that has similar gameplay to Luigi's Mansion.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Inventions/Gizmos

Scribble HUD

The Scribble HUD‍ '​s entry in inventions.xml exists but is dummied out. It is unknown if it can be restored. Its texture sheet was reused for the Spectrawarp.

Name Description
Scribble HUD
This should help me analyze the situation!
Model Icon Texture

      <Result Name="Scribble HUD" DisplayName="30-11-81" HCDisplayName="30-10-168" Model="obj_ui_giz_scribblehud.rws" Image="spr_giz_scribblehud_64" Description="30-11-82" ResultType="Unknown" Script="ScribbleHud" Points="250" Time="10.0f" IsExclusive="0" PowerUsage="0.25f">
        <Pickup Name="Goggles"></Pickup>
        <Pickup Name="Pens"></Pickup>


Super Power Recharge

Unlike Scribble HUD, the code isn't dummied out and could be functional.

Name Description
Super Power Recharge
Super Power Recharge Description
Model Icon
      <Result Name="Super Power Recharge" DisplayName="30-11-89" HCDisplayName="30-10-172" Model="obj_ui_giz_superpowerrecharge.rws" Image="spr_giz_superpowerrecharge_64" Description="30-11-90" ResultType="Known" Script="SuperPowerRecharge" Points="250" Time="0.0f" IsExclusive="1" PowerUsage="0.25f">
        <Pickup Name="Supa Batteries"></Pickup>
        <Pickup Name="Yokian Artifact 1"></Pickup>

Thermographic Spectrafier

An entry for this invention is absent from inventions.xml

Name Description
Thermographic Spectrafier
Thermographic Spectrafier Description
Model Icon Texture


There are a sizable number of unused gizmo piece with icons and (for the most part) textures, and occasionally models.

Name Icon Model Texture
Apple None JNTwonkies obj ui gizo apple.png JNTwonkies tex 0000 apple.png
Banana JNTwonkies spr gizo banana 64.png None JNTwonkies tex ui gizo banana.png
Bird Seed JNTwonkies spr gizo birdseed 64.png None JNTwonkies tex ui gizo bird seed.png
Bunsen Burner JNTwonkies Spr gizb bunsenburner 64 spr gizb bunsenburner 64.png None None
Dustbin JNTwonkies spr gizo dustbin 64.png None JNTwonkies tex ui gizb dustbin.png
Light Bulb JNTwonkies spr gizo lightbulb 64.png JNTwonkies obj ui gizo lightbulb.png JNTwonkies tex ui gizo lightbulb.png
Mask JNTwonkies Spr gizb mask 64 spr gizb mask 64.png None JNTwonkies tex ui gizb mask.png
Neutrolium Rock JNTwonkies spr gizb neutroliumrock 64.png None JNTwonkies tex ui gizb neutrolium rock.png
Satellite Parts JNTwonkies spr gizo satelliteparts 64.png None None
Watch JNTwonkies spr gizb watch 64.png None None
Yokian Artifact 2 JNTwonkies spr gizo yokianartifact2 64.png None None

Unused Graphics

Title Cards

Each level at one point was supposed to have its own static title card, but in the end, every level's loading screen is just a spinning atom. It seems this idea didn't get super far into development, as Bat Outta Hell's title card is just Sideshow Spectacular's with Comic Sans text slapped on it, and cards don't exist for Neighborhood Nightmares, Rollercoaster Boss, and Final Boss.



Sblcp tex missing.png

An image for when a texture is missing.



Jimmyneutrontwonkies spr placeholder.png

A placeholder graphic for the interface/pickup icons.



Jimmytwonkies tx8 fx impact dm.png

A placeholder particle texture.



JNTwonkies tex test grid.png

A grid tile.



Timmytwonkies tex 0302 sheens hallway floor.png

A placeholder tile for the hallway floor in Sheen's house.

Unseen Texture Details

While these textures are used, they have portions that aren't.


JNTwonkies tex 06be05 banner.png

The Greystar banner in the final boss has some placeholder hockey arena advertisements at the bottom.

Unused Models


Every level in the game has a set of unused models related to an editor.


JNTwonkies obj 0101 periscope.png

obj_0101_periscope.rws is an untextured model of Jimmy's lab periscope.


JNTwonkies csm 0301 radio.png JNTwonkies csm 0301 lab radio.png

csm_0301_radio.rws is an unused, textureless and un-subdivided duplicate of csm_0301_lab_radio.rws.

JNTwonkies csm 0301 mineraltank.png

csm_0301_mineraltank.rws is an untextured cube, apparently a mineral tank.


Whit Chat

obj_0401_whitchat.rws is a white traffic cone, for some reason referred to as a witch hat and misspelled.


JNTwonkies grass test.png

grass_test.rws is an unused grass model.

JNTwonkies obj 0402 bbq.png

obj_0402_bbq.rws is a barbecue grill with unsmoothed quads.


JNTwonkies obj 0501 neckpain stompertest.png

obj_0501_neckpain_stompertest.rws is a strange object found in Retroland.

Unused Audio

Partially Unused

While most of this is used, the last 3.9 seconds gets cut off and is never heard.

Unused Text

parkpand.str has text that is... well, not used.


Developer Message

This short message can be found in multiple .str files after a list of the missions. It most likely refers to the project director Roy Tessler.