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The Battle Cats

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The Battle Cats

Also known as: Nyanko Daisensou (JP)
Developer: PONOS
Publisher: PONOS
Platform: IOS
Released internationally: 2014
Released in JP: 2011

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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This game is still under active development.
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The Battle Cats features an army of mutant Cats, ready to take over the world... and you're going to lead them to victory.

Unused Cats

Note that only Cats not tied to collaboration events should be included here, as a lot of units in the Japanese version aren't in the international versions.

Evangelist Cat

The Battle Cats Evangelist Cat.png

This Uber Rare Cat was only available via a time-limited event in the Korean version of the game, and is unobtainable in all other versions. It functions similarly to Filibuster Cat X, which is used, but can freeze all types of enemies instead of just White ones. It's used in the Nintendo Switch port, however, replacing Filibuster Cat X as the reward for clearing Cats of the Cosmos.

Base Stats Evangelist Cat Filibuster Cat
Health 200 200
Attack 60 60
Area Attack Yes Yes
Movement Speed 18 18
Knockbacks 1 1
Range 1000 1000
Price 499 499
Cooldown 10016f 10016f
Attack Foreswing 341f 341f
Attack Backswing 60f 60f
Time Between Attacks 739f 739f
Ability Stops non-metal enemies for 150f (100%) Stops non-metal enemies for 150f (100%)

Pon Cat

The Battle Cats Pon Cat.png

This Special Cat was accessed via a promotional event in Japan, where capsules from vending machines could contain codes that could be redeemed to get the Cat in the game. The event has long since ended, and unlike Capsule Cat, Squish Ball Cat, and Cat Bros., it was never released via other means. Like Evangelist Cat, however, it's used in the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Base Stats Pon Cat Vendor Cat
Health 110 110
Attack 10 10
Area Attack Yes Yes
Movement Speed 8 8
Knockbacks 1 1
Range 110 110
Price 150 150
Cooldown 256f 256f
Attack Foreswing 9f 9f
Attack Backswing 20f 20f
Time Between Attacks 39f 39f
Ability None None

Blue Ninja Cat

The Battle Cats Blue Ninja Cat.png

Like Pon Cat, this Ninja Cat recolour was distributed through a promotion with real-life gacha machines in Japan, and has never been rereleased. Also like Pon Cat, it's used in the Nintendo Switch version.

Base Stats Blue Ninja Cat Orange Ninja Cat
Health 255 255
Attack 15, 15 15, 15
Area Attack No, No No, No
Movement Speed 13 13
Knockbacks 3 3
Range 154 154
Price 300 300
Cooldown 226f 226f
Attack Foreswing 6f, 8f 6f, 8f
Attack Backswing 4f 4f
Time Between Attacks 3f 3f
Ability Strong against Red enemies Strong against Red enemies

Singer Cat

The Battle Cats Singer Cat.png
The Battle Cats Mega Cat.png
The Battle Cats Mega Cat EX.png

A Special Cat that was only accessible from a limited-time set of stages, or from entering a serial code. It's obtainable from Rare Cat Capsules in the 3DS and Nintendo Switch ports of the game, but not in any other versions. Its basic form is a cheap meatshield, but inferior to most others due to its higher price. Its evolved and True Forms are powerful-looking and have flashy attack animations, but are actually among the weakest units in the game. Strangely, despite being unavailable in the English version of the game, the enemy version of Mega Cat still shows up in the event stage Elite Corps (Insane), which is available to play in the English version of the game.

Base Stats Singer Cat Mega Cat メガにゃんこEX (Mega Cat EX)
Health 100 200 200
Attack 8 180 360
Area Attack No Yes Yes
Movement Speed 10 4 4
Knockbacks 1 1 1
Range 140 900 900
Price 105 1950 1950
Cooldown 166f 11784f 11784f
Attack Foreswing 8f 160f 160f
Attack Backswing 10f 141f 141f
Time Between Attacks 19f 578f 458f
Ability None None None


The Battle Cats 155 0.png
The Battle Cats 155 1.png

Another Uber Rare Cat, but this one is inaccessible in all versions of the game. Its basic form is a mid-ranged attacker, while its evolved form is a fast-attacking close-ranged attacker that occasionally produces wave attacks.

Base Stats のべにゃん (Nobenyan) とばにゃん (Tobanyan)
Health 500 900
Attack 220 26
Area Attack Yes Yes
Movement Speed 7 14
Knockbacks 3 3
Range 340 160
Price 900 900
Cooldown 616f 616f
Attack Foreswing 26f 4f
Attack Backswing 23f 5f
Time Between Attacks 16f 0f
Ability None Produces a lv. 10 wave attack (15%)

Unused Enemies


Enemy ID 21 shares Zoge's (ID 286) sprites and animations, but has completely different stats. This enemy slot has always been unused; it and ID 22 separate the enemies found in the original mobile phone version of the game, ending with The Face at ID 20, from the ones added later on, starting with Ms. Sign at ID 23. It seems that the slot was used to test Zoge's animations, and the developers simply forgot to delete the unused data. Also, in previous versions, the image file for this enemy housed a red Master A. recolour; this was presumably a beta version of Professor A.'s appearance in the final.

Base Stats
Traits None
Health 80
Attack 30
Area Attack No
Movement Speed 60
Knockbacks 3
Range 150
Money Drop 395
Attack Foreswing 6f
Attack Backswing 9f
Time Between Attacks 0f
Ability None


Enemy ID 22 shares Doge's animations, but, like 21, has completely different stats.

Base Stats
Traits None
Health 80
Attack 30
Area Attack No
Movement Speed 40
Knockbacks 3
Range 150
Money Drop 295
Attack Foreswing 6f
Attack Backswing 12f
Time Between Attacks 0f
Ability None

Unused Graphics

Mr.'s Spritesheet

The Battle Cats Mr Unused Sprites.png

Mr. and his evolved form, Super Mr., use the same spritesheet internally, even though Mr. carries a shotgun while Super Mr. uses a bazooka. Also, the sprite sheet has an unused missile in it. This same missile would later be used in Tricycle Cat's spritesheet.

Tricycle Cat's Spritesheet

The Battle Cats Tricycle Cat Unused Missile.png

Tricycle Cat's spritesheet includes an unused greyscale version of the missile it normally shoots in its attack animation.

Biker Cat's Spritesheet

The Battle Cats Biker Cat Unused Sprites.png

Biker Cat's spritesheet has considerably more unused sprites than its pre-evolution, including three unused missiles, a sonic boom, and a red version of the spikes it normally ejects from its front wheel to attack. It seems that it was originally meant to fire a much bigger missile than its pre-evolution; the missile is still present on the in-game model, but does not animate and is set to 0% opacity.

Drumcorps Cat's Spritesheet

The Battle Cats Drumcorps Cat Unused Sprites.png

The spritesheet for Drumcorps Cat includes sprites for two additional Cats, a tuba, drumsticks, and particles relating to them. However, in-game, only the leading Cat with the baton is used.

Supercat's Spritesheet

The Battle Cats Supercat Spritesheet.png

Supercat's spritesheet includes four rectangles, coloured dark yellow, cyan, magenta, and dark green, respectively. These are not assigned to any parts on the model. Strangely, they're also nowhere to be found on the spritesheet of Mightycat, the basic form.

Bakery Cat's Spritesheet

The Battle Cats Bakery Cat Spritesheet.png

There's an unused impact effect on Bakery Cat's spritesheet. Technically, the sprite is used during gameplay; however, it's set to 0 opacity, so it never renders during the attack animation. It also appears on Boomerang Cat's spritesheet, where it "animates" in the exact same way.

The Battle Cats Restored Bakery Cat Anim.png

Here's what it would look like if restored. It's probably for the best that it was scrapped, as it doesn't appear anywhere near where Bakery Cat would usually target enemies.

Unused Talent Orbs

The Battle Cats Talent Orbs.png

Graphics exist for Talent Orbs that target traitless and Relic enemies. However, these orbs can't be obtained in game, so the graphics go unused.

Unused Ability

The GUI to search for Cats with specific abilities includes an option to search for Cats with the Warp ability. However, Warp is an enemy-exclusive ability. If hacked onto a Cat unit, the Warp ability does work as intended.