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The Colour of Magic (ZX Spectrum)

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Title Screen

The Colour of Magic

Developer: Delta 4 Software
Publisher: Piranha Games
Platform: ZX Spectrum
Released in EU: 1986

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

The Colour of Magic is a text adventure game developed by Delta 4 and published by Piranha Games.

Developer Message

Both of these messages can be found in the .tzx dump for both sides, twice. The hex addresses seen below are for the first instances on Side 1.

The first hidden message is within the loader and is at 24E.

Also dedicated to M.K
Piranha won't be the same without you!
Oh! Well found, you!
Is no hiding place safe?
This is for you

Hidden in the game is a long message from Fergus McNeill, present in the hex value 17D7:

Copyright . 1986 Macmilan Ltd. 
Programmed by Fergus McNeill and Colin Buckett of DELTA 4 Software.  

And Now For Something Completely Different! 

"Dave, will you please make mad and passionate love to me?" luv Steph. 
"Also, Mari's a stupid bitch!"      

How can you tell when an Irishman has been using the word
processor? The screen is covered in Tippex!      

If your college uses Apples and has a Corvus Constellation System running then...  
enter username, then call 6032hex to enter any area! Good, eh?    

"Hello!" to: SPUD, Jon, Jase, Portia, Clem, Jay, Jon, Mandy, Suzannah, Rich, 
Tony, Adam, COMMUNARDS, Level 9, Terry, Tim, Tim's mum & dad, Harriet, Nicky, 
the girl in Southampton WHS, Heath, Lee, all Col's BTECers, McGoo, 
Globaliquidation Software (pay up, guys!), Lesley, Pauline, Greg, Marc, 
the great staff at Southampton Laskys, and the pillock who wrote eKWInoKCs 
(see you in court, mother).    

Well, that's it for this game. 
Sorry about the delay in finishing this but personal problems slow me down. 

To you, my friend, I'll miss you. Think about Wednesdays gone by, 
late nights, waking up, and moonlit South Bank walks. 

"Until then, so cold the night...."

Until next year then, my friends! Goodbye, and good fortune!

Fergus: October 1986.

PS. What's the difference between being erotic and being perverse? 
Being erotic, you use a feather, being perverse you use the whole chicken!!!