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Ads are were run by Project Wonderful. You can sign up there and run ads on this site if you want! You can't sign up there any more, but if you already had an account and some money, you can run ads here until July. After July, the advertising service will stop and there won't be any ads on TCRF any more.

For historical purposes, until the ad is fully disabled on July 11th, this information will remain (and is still as relevant as it was when we started):

Ad box promises:

  • Ads are static images or GIFs only. No flash/audio ads, ever! This ad box doesn't even support those.
  • No obnoxiously-animated ads (flashing, etc).
  • Nothing NSFW. This is baked into the ad box policy, but if something slips through it will be reported and taken down immediately.

If any ad breaks these promises please contact Xkeeper (twitter) so we can get them removed <3


Do these ads track my history/location/etc?
Project Wonderful ads are run on a "location" based off your IP -- either US, Canada, Asia, or "elsewhere". Nothing finer is used, and everyone in your area sees what you see. There is no deeper level of tracking, since ads are based on time ran, not visits, views, or clicks.
If people can bid, can someone place a flash/video/audio ad?
Our ad box does not support anything other than static images and GIFs. No flash, ever. We hate it too!
What if someone places a rapidly-flashing ad or NSFW ad?
As soon as someone notifies me, I can cancel the ad and ban them from ever advertising here again. I have complete control over what is shown in the ad box, and can cancel any bid at any time for any (or no) reason.
Can I just donate instead?
Why, yes! We also have a Patreon account on that page as well.