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Suggestions for prototype pages to create. All available versions of the prototypes mentioned and their possible differences from the final versions should be included.

Multiplatform Games

  • Age of Decadence has a combat demo released 5 years before the final game, with plenty of versions. It has (among many other things) a music track not in the final game.
  • Project CARS have various WMD builds shown on various YouTube videos - it might be possible to get hands-on them and document it as prototypes.
  • Roadkill has a demo with cars not included in the final version (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRFSuYnFA5A)
  • World of Goo has Windows prototypes that the developer released via their blog. The files 404 now, but all but one of them (wog20070209-rev601.zip) are on archive.org. Here, the BetaArchive FTP and now here are backups of the missing one.



  • IndyCar Racing has a rolling demo with a removed team, Newman-Haas Racing; Mario Andretti was instead made a teammate to Danny Sullivan in a generic livery, while Nigel Mansell was replaced with a generic stand-in.
  • X-COM: UFO Defense has at least an early demo showing the original title (X-COM: Terran Defense Force). Also, the several versions and releases of the original game may show various changes.


  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert v0.09c.
  • Every game bundled with Windows Vista has prototypes within the various prototype versions of Vista. Some of these are documented on X-Cult, but not all of them.
  • Betas of some Windows Entertainment Pack games can be found here.
  • Gunbound has a few prototypes lying around somewhere.
  • LEGO Universe - there are also multiple prototypes of this game.
  • Nexus: The Jupiter Incident has a unique demo that was entirely different from the retail version. The retail has some testing maps leftover from development as well.
  • Windows Internet Games (ME/XP versions) have several prototypes. Most likely the same for the Windows 7 Internet Games too.
    • ME version is v1.0.523.4, XP RTM v1.2.627.1. I haven't checked every build, but the earliest prototype is v1.0.484.1 (1999/10/22, Windows ME 2404). There is also 1.0.489.1, 1.0.523.2, 1.1.579.1, 1.1.588.2, 1.1.598.1...

Xbox 360



  • Lots of released prototypes from Lost Levels
  • Athena - The Japanese ROM in the lotcheck ROM archives included in the 2020-07-24 Nintendo leaks doesn't match what has been dumped from the cart (multiple times). Here's an xdelta3 patch.
  • Family Trainer: Rairai Kyonsees - early prototype has a different fullscreen picture of the girl, which was uglily redrawn in the final version.

NES (Unlicensed)



Game Boy (Color)

  • Jimmy Connors' Tennis (Game Boy) - The July 2020 Nintendo leaks include a ROM of this game, which has differences when compared to the released ROM. Found (and encrypted) in NEWS\テープリストア\NEWS_02\usr01\noa\Mail\inbox

Nintendo 3DS


Master System


Game Gear


Panzer Dragoon has a "Playable Preview" Demo with inaccessible levels hidden away on the disc.




PlayStation 2

  • Devil May Cry has at least two demos that have HUD differences and early/unused weapon/devil trigger-related stuff.
  • There is a leaked PlayStation 2 prototype of Manhunt 2 that has yet to be documented on this website.
  • TimeSplitters 2 has multiple demos [2]. There's some info on the game's notes page.

PlayStation 3

  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX has two demos from E3 2014, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, respectively. The Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix demo has a functional debug menu (which can be accessed by plugging in a USB mouse) and can be used on the final game if you replace index.dat and kingdom2.mself with the final's. Do note that some options will crash the game.



Coleco Adam

  • Donkey Kong Jr. (Coleco Adam) has a couple of prototypes on Digital Data Pack as well as floppy, both of which have a Pie Factory stage not in the other versions, and especially not in the original arcade version. Video of this stage is here.