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  • None at the moment!


  • None at the moment!

Master System

  • Some early Master System games have an unused logo at the end of the ROM matching the BIOS prototype.
  • Action Fighter has revisional differences.
  • Alex Kidd in Shinobi World - Maxim from SMS Power discovered the unused boss while Glitch found the Shinobi Kidd sprite and Mari-Oh portrait. Also an unused Round 5 icon and an unused boss portrait.
  • Double Hawk, Dynamite Dux, Rambo III, and Summer Games have unused FM soundtracks regardless of the region.
  • Olympic Gold (Sega Master System) has some regional differences
  • Rambo: First Blood Part II is known as Secret Commando in Europe and Ashura in Japan. Not surprisingly, there's regional differences including sprites of the playable characters, the US version having the Rambo' theme, the cutscenes, and the title.
  • Two remaining Sapo Xule games are Kung Fu Kid and Astro Warrior, the latter is based on the Hang-On/Astro Warrior ROM version. There are also the other Brazilian games that got altered for licenses, such as the Wonder Boy/Monster World series being Monica's Gang.
  • Many sports games have regional differences on the Master System, including Walter Payton Football (American Pro Football with the European version adding an intro), Reggie Jackson Baseball (Europe: American Baseball changing the intro graphics), Great Baseball (known as The Pro Yakyuu Pennant Race in Japan and is licensed), James "Buster" Douglas Knockout Boxing (has a different title screen and the player name for the European/Brazilian version called Heavyweight Champ). Oh, and that Brazilian version of California Games where the events are cut down. There is also a possibility that Nekkyuu Koushien is the earlier Japanese version of Reggie Jackson Baseball, however code comparison is needed.
  • There are quite a few games with FM soundtracks that were never released in Japan (the only region where the Master System includes the YM2413 FM chip), thus rendering those soundtracks unused. List of FM-enabled games and further info can be found here and here.



  • Lots of Genesis games in general, thanks to drx.
  • The Aquatic Games Starring James Pond and the Aquabats might have some regional differences. When played at 50hz in the 100 Metre Splash, Pond makes some splashes on the water, as well as the accompanying sounds when he runs fast while when played at 60hz they do not. This is most likely a bug in the game since the US and European versions are on the same cart.
  • Championship Bowling has some regional differences, with the big one being that the portraits in the Japanese version (Boogie Woogie Bowling) are different.
  • James Pond: Underwater Agent has two unused themes.
  • Last Battle has reduced violence and several sprite changes in the non-Japanese releases.
  • Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament has unused tracks.
  • Panorama Cotton has an English translation released by Strictly Limited Games.
  • Prince of Persia has some unused songs and some regional differences.
  • Shadowrun has a debug menu.
  • Wrestle War has a minor regional difference. The main character's hair is black when played on Japanese machines, blonde on PAL (or US) machines. It may be worth noting this change is the opposite from how the cover artwork was altered (the Japanese art was an obvious parody of Hulk Hogan).
  • andlabs' "so I don't forget" list of things to look into:
    • There's that unused item art in Madou Monogatari I that I found long ago but without knowing what the item palette(s) is it looks like a pile of shit (literally) :|
    • Darius II/Sagaia - GameFAQs doesn't seem to have a clear idea of what all the cheat codes are? Super Hard Mode triggers a string SPECIAL MODE, for instance... Also, are zones Z1 and Z2 used? Also this.
    • Chou Kyuukai Miracle Nine appears to have a debug menu of sorts:
00038A:60     (bypass checksum)
FFED84:30     (set game mode)
0065B6:4E71   (nop out rts blocking the menu)
Not sure if it is used or not or if it has an effect as pressing start after disabling the RAM code just brings you back to the menu, so I have to see if it's supposed to come from elsewhere by disassembling all the game's code :/
    • Feng Kuang Tao Hua Yuan has a block of either unassembled helper code or compiler assembly output, not sure which... but the present dump is not from the original cart, but from a mainland China(?) "rerelease" so I'll wait until we can get an authentic dump
    • Simple sound test codes... documented in the manual or not?
      • Mahjong Cop Ryuu - A + Start on the title screen
    • Crack Down - Japanese characters loaded in title screen? There don't seem to be any in the intro or on the title screen... or anywhere in the game...
    • Rugby World Cup 95 appears to have each of its functions suffixed by the function's name (like a symbol table but scattered throughout the ROM). Also, "Dave Was Here!"
      • There's a flag that if set to nonzero, the game loop will enter an endless loop that cycles through each of the big-board animations that can show up; check at $13DA and loop immediately afterward, checks -$6EA1(a5) where a5 is $69C (yeah it's one of those games).
      • Turns out many, if not all, of the Extended Play Productions games have these symbol setups...
    • Hellfire: "M2612 SOUND REAUEST TABLE "/"ERRORS=0000"/" 0221 END"
bah it's located in the sound driver
      • Also
pietro@pietro-laptop:~/ida_linux$ bgrep '0D 1E 0D 0E' Hellfire*
Hellfire (Europe).md: 000120f5
Hellfire (USA).md: 000120ff
for the hard ending text... but the EU version wasn't Seismic...
While investigating the M2612 thing:
00012BAE  67 76 30 3C 00 E1 22 3C  00 03 E0 00 34 3C 04 06
00012BBE  4E B9 00 00 5F 84 70 02  22 3C 00 03 69 A0 34 3C
00012BCE  03 F2 4E B9 00 00 5F 84  30 3C 24 06 32 3C 23 9A
00012BDE  74 0E 76 0E 4E B9 00 00  65 5C 23 FC 00 01 25 6C
00012BEE  00 FF 00 9A 4E B9 00 00  60 70 30 3C 00 10 22 3C
00012BFE  00 01 25 6C 34 3C 00 40  4E B9 00 00 5F 10 30 3C
this is nonsense for Hellfire (begins with a conditional branch to noncode, calls the middle of functions at non-entry points, and the last call jumps inside an opcode)
...and is only in Hellfire (only in JP version)? something's not right here
not in arcade versions
    • Pac-Attack: are the credits immediately after puzzle mode?
    • shobiz found a lot of stuff in Quackshot
    • Mega SWIV: word $80 is used as a flag to do something when you get hit by a bullet, but what?
    • Rainbow Islands Extra has a title screen cheat code: Up B Down Left C A A* B** C***. The last three buttons are so marked because you can stop at any one of those and only get the effects of the buttons you pressed. I think A makes you faster? I don't know... The code is checked on the main menu too. None of them appear to be related to infinite continues.
      • B button: [00:18] <Mister_Argent> Hey, i just tried that RI cheat code. I started off with Double Rainbows, but I don't know if that's normal for extra mode or not.
    • King Colossus: down up up down right left right left on the game over screen continues - is this in the manual? even if it is, an additional right right is at the end of the code, but the game stops after eight button presses
    • Mega lo Mania/Tyrants: Fight Through Time:
; not the actual addresses as the data is copied to RAM
[03:06] <andlabs> seg001:00FF0162 aSelect:        dc.b 'select',0
[03:06] <andlabs> seg001:00FF0169                 dc.b '-----------------',0
[03:06] <andlabs> seg001:00FF017B aToPlaceIn:     dc.b 'to place in',0
[03:06] <andlabs> seg001:00FF0187 aBuildingPorts: dc.b 'building ports',0
[03:07] <Flygon> I don't recognize the term 'building ports', though
[03:08] <andlabs> I wouldn't know
[03:08] <Flygon> Unused string?
[03:08] <andlabs> it's in the list
[03:08] <Flygon> Indeed
[03:08] <Flygon> Hmm
[03:08] <andlabs> so unless the specific index to get to that string is never loaded, then
[03:09] <andlabs> I would need to find out which bytes are loaded into the code to look up strings
[03:09] * Flygon should consider creating a Mega-lo-Mania fan-forum x3
[03:09] <andlabs> if the one that indexes that port string is never used... that string is unused and we have a mystery
[03:09] <Flygon> Indeed
[03:09] <Flygon> Good thing only one of the developers are dead...
[03:09] <Flygon> They appear quite cooperative to fan questions
[03:10] <andlabs> http://www.gamefaqs.com/genesis/586569-tyrants/faqs/38544 check the author
FAQ has no mention of ports...
      • The Japanese version has bits and pieces of SNASM68K left in it.
      • The later European version has, in its ROM header, a serial number field that indicates a CD version was in development? I need to check Sega CD headers.
    • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein has an actual symbol table? (as opposed to Rugby World Cup 95)
    • Mega Bomberman - word at $2D8 in US version - if changed to a nonzero value, the CRAM is altered on every main loop cycle to show something (CPU usage debug?)
    • Socket:
[22:54] <GenesisFan64> don't forget the unused song, B G M 19
also various Unknown labels in GF64's disassembly
    • Double Clutch has a cheat code it checks for right at startup! ...but my patch codes to hang the game when it checks the variable it sets when the cheat code is activated doesn't seem to do anything... does it happen when not in a race? I would need to beat a race to find out...
    • Find FRUITMEISTER I in an earlier Eurocom Genesis game (have to wait for SeanieB to finish changing Sega Retro hard drives before I can get a list)
No luck finding it in The Jungle Book (Genesis), all pause cheats are accounted for. TODO: check RNC (compressed) graphics --JLukas 22:28, 30 April 2013 (EDT)


Game Gear

  • None at the moment!

Sega CD


  • None at the moment!


  • None at the moment!


  • Alone in the Dark and its sequel have debug menus, accessed on the main menu by pressing L, R, L, R, Start.
  • Andretti Racing has a rather fantastic hidden menu that allows you to adjust your fuel amount, number of laps, enemy AI, and even the centrifugal force to make slipstreaming easier or trigger incredible crashes where your car flips as if there is no gravity!
  • Battle Arena Toshinden URA and D-Xhird have debug modes that can be accessed without Action Replay codes. The D-Xhird debug code is accessed during the Takara logo by pressing X, Y, Z, Left, Down/Left.
  • Battle Garegga has an OMAKE folder, containing HTML documentation on the game (with pictures).
  • Cyber Troopers Virtual-On has version differences. It was updated with support for NetLink (US) and SegaNet (Japan). Also, the file A125N.AVI is a short video playable in standard media players (original US release checked).
  • Dark Legend has regional and revisional differences.
  • Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition has regional and revisional differences.
  • F1 Challenge has regional differences. Commentary was only available in the Japanese version.
  • Final Fight Revenge contains English ending text and title screen copyright info, except the Saturn port was released only in Japan. It is suggested the former is controlled by the system language option. [2]
  • NASCAR 98 has a debug menu that lets you alter many aspects of the game and play in Wireframe mode.
  • Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus has wallpapers, and messages in the file "KAIHATSU.DOC".
  • Sega Rally has regional differences, one of them the US/Brazilian version is missing a mountain graphic compared to the Japanese/European versions. There is also a revisional difference in the form of Sega Rally Plus/Net Link Edition.
  • Shippuu Mahou Daisakusen: Kingdom-Grandprix has a hidden English language mode.
  • Three Dirty Dwarves has a prototype version.
  • Titan Wars (aka Solar Eclipse) has a "secret" AVI file.
  • Wipeout 2097 (aka Wipeout XL) also has a debug mode which lets you play in Wireframe mode, as well as many other cool alterations.


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