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The End Is Nigh

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Title Screen

The End Is Nigh

Developers: Edmund McMillen, Tyler Glaiel
Publishers: Edmund McMillen, Tyler Glaiel
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: July 12, 2017

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

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Oookay, we're gonna load up one of my favorite games here, uh, here we have "The End Is Nigh". It's a classic old-school platforming game, and, you know, it's one of my favorites! One of my favorite games. You got your classic controls, you got your jumpin', you g- you got- you got your goin' left and right, and, like always in these games, avoid the spikes.

To do:
Go document the unused levels. There are a lot. More info in the sub-page.
  • See if there's anything unused in endnigh.swf.
  • Extract the unused retro alts from endnigh.swf (retro art_alts for enemies that never officially appear in carts) and post them here.
  • Open up playerphysics.txt, fiddle around with float_time, enemy_prebounce_time and water_exitheight and see what happens.


Widthpx Unused Levels
They just weren't good enough...

Unused Audio

Non-Retro Game Over

Found as game.gpak/audio/music/gameover.ogg, this is a "regular" version of the jingle that plays (the beginning of Beethoven's fifth symphony) when you get a game over in a cart. May originally have played when running out of time in the Acceptance sequence or running out of lives in any Future stage. In the final game, the currently playing music just carries over to the "game over" screen when this happens.

Full Credits Song

Found as game.gpak/audio/music/the_end_is_nigh_vocals.ogg, this is the full version of the credits song, lasting until 4:25. The version used in-game winds down much sooner, omitting a verse and chorus, and stops at 2:43.

Alternate Arid Flats Intro & Theme

game.gpak/audio/music/newworld2_intro.ogg and game.gpak/audio/music/newworld2_loop.ogg go completely unused by the default world, and are not hardcoded to play anywhere. newworld2_loop.ogg is just the Gloom theme at the same tempo as the Arid Flats theme, but newworld2_intro.ogg is much more interesting: it's a drawn-out 20-second intro, whereas the intros for Gloom and the used Arid Flats theme are below 10 seconds.

Developer Tyler Glaiel has mentioned in the official TEiN Discord server that Ridiculon had first sent him a version of the Arid Flats theme that was "way too intense for the 2nd area of the game", and that it was later sped up and became the Gloom theme. This unused version is most likely the mentioned first version.

Alternate Ruin Intro

game.gpak/audio/music/mountainking_intro.ogg is an unused introduction to the Ruin theme, mountainking_loop.ogg. It immediately starts off with the heavy guitars instead of leading into them the way that the used intro, mountainking_fakeout.ogg, does. It is very similar to the latter half of mountainking_fakeout.ogg and was likely taken from the same original recording.


game.gpak/audio/ambience/cogs.ogg is an ambient track with a mechanical sound to it. It likely would have played in either The Machine or SS Exodus. In the final game, The Machine uses labloop.ogg, which features quiet beeping and whirring instead of clanking, and SS Exodus uses caves.ogg, which is more environmental and decrepit.


game.gpak/audio/ambience/water.ogg is an ambient track that sounds like a boiling stream of water. Given its name, it likely would have been used in Overflow and Blight. In the final game, both areas use ruins.ogg, which is somewhat quieter and incorporates the sound of water dripping.

Unused Graphics

To do:
Are win3glitch.png and ending2.png used anywhere in the game?


Dark Trophy

The important part is that you tried!

Found as game.gpak/textures/coins1.png, this is a dark trophy with an achievement background, similar to the Half Empty and 100% of Nothing achievements. Since the filenames for the Half Empty and 100% of Nothing achievements are coins2.png and coins3.png, this may have been meant as an award for picking up some number of rings less than those required by Half Empty and 100% of Nothing, or it may have been the original Half Empty trophy (see the Glitched Trophies section below) with the current 100% of Nothing achievement added later on in development as coins3.png.

Unbreakable Skull

Two words: Reaper Man.

Found as game.gpak/textures/win3 - copy.png, this is the Unbreakable skull in achievement form. This is not used in the game itself, but it is used as the thumbnail for certain Steam achievements.

Glitched Unbreakable Skull

Each day we die a little more.

Found as game.gpak/textures/win3glitch 0 copy.png, this is the Unbreakable skull in glitched achievement form. Strange as it is, this is not used in-game or with Steam achievements. The Steam achievements use win3glitch.png, which has different distortion and no background.

Glitched The Bare Minimum Skull

Let's all have a moment of silence for this poor lil' fella.

Found as game.gpak/textures/win1glitch.png, this is The Bare Minimum skull in glitched achievement form. The Bare Minimum for glitched carts uses the Discontinued skull instead, because there are no continues in glitched carts to begin with.

Glitched Trophies

Beat the game with 0 rings. Beat the game with 0+ rings?

Found as game.gpak/textures/coin1glitch.png and textures/coin2glitch.png, these are glitched versions of the unused dark trophy and the Half Empty trophy. The fact that these trophies are in glitched form at all while the 100% of Nothing trophy isn't implies that 1. glitched carts would originally have rings in them, and 2. the dark trophy might have been used for the Half Empty achievements while the current Half Empty trophy might have been used for the 100% of Nothing achievements.

Yes, we know!

Found as game.gpak/textures/titletop - copy.png, this is a refined version of the title screen logo, with drippier letters and more parts properly filled in with black. Why this went unused is unknown.