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The Getaway (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

The Getaway

Developer: Team Soho
Publishers: SCEA (US), SCEE (EU), Capcom (JP)
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: November 20, 2003
Released in US: January 19, 2003
Released in EU: December 11, 2002

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Not to be confused with The Getaway: High Speed II.

The Getaway is an open-world third-person shooter set in the city of London. The game features driving and gunning mechanics similarly to the then-recently released Grand Theft Auto III, but The Getaway differs itself from the average open-world game by using real licensed brands, and an extremely accurate rendition of central London.

Unfortunately, that also leads to the reason as to why some vehicles had to be cut: vehicle licensing issues.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Cut Vehicles

In The Getaway, all the vehicles are of licensed brands and some of the manufacturers whose vehicles are featured didn't want to be associated with a game as violent as The Getaway. Because of that, 19 vehicles were cut or remain unused. BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Volkswagen and other manufacturers either decided against having their vehicles featured in the game or simply didn't make the cut. Most of these vehicles can be seen in several pre-release images and renders which were given out to review magazines prior to release and an early trailer prior to E3, suggesting that the E3 Demo build also featured them.

The PAL Demo build of the game in particular features earlier versions of some background music, different textures and two vehicles which never appeared in the final builds: a modified to avoid licensing red Jaguar XJ12 Sovereign and a Ford Fiesta Police Car.

In March 2013 RacingFreak successfully managed to find a method to spawn some of the removed cars, namely the ASTON, BMW3, BMW5, JEEP, MERC560, SKODA, XJ12 and the dumped version of XJ12MOD (PARKED2). This is followed by another major breakthrough achieved in January 2020 as he finally figured out a way to spawn the remaining cut vehicles that had been speculated for so long to be completely erased from the game data.

It is possible to spawn and drive some of these vehicles by swapping the basenames of already spawned vehicles in the mission scripts. The game can be emulated using PCSX2 and Cheat Engine can be used to edit in real-time the basename strings, which are very clearly visible as string values in the Memory Viewer. The easiest way is by searching the string 'Mark' and then 'MZ2' when in Free Roam. It is required to either kill the player in order to trigger the restart menu and reflect the changes done to the basename of the spawn vehicle or check the address as 'Active' in Cheat Engine and start Free Roam anew from the main menu:

Region Address
PAL 1.03 20401900
PAL 2.03 203FE9E0
PAL 3.00 203FE9E0
NTSC 20400060
NTSC-J 20407FA0
NTSC-K 20407D20

The following table contains all vehicle basenames found in the game so far:

Basename Make & Model Spawnable? Additional Notes
ACCORD Honda Accord YES
ALFA Alfa Romeo 156 YES
ALTEST Honda Accord NO* *Despite being listed as a Sirion in the cars table, the model itself is Accord's.
AMB LDV Convoy Ambulance YES
ASTON Aston Martin V8 Vantage YES* *Has missing handling on retail copies. Need to use PAL Demo values to fix.
ASTRAVAN Bedford Astravan YES
AUDITT Audi TT Spyder NO Featured in pre-E3 images and renders. Mentioned in a few files in the game.
BADBOY Peugeot 306 (Boyracer) YES
BENTLEY Bentley Mulsanne NO* *Featured in pre-E3 images and renders. Handling and model data remains. Supposedly a civilian version, but has only one red paintjob.
BM3_DODGY BMW 3-Series (Boyracer) NO The handling line is the only remnant.
BMW3 BMW 3-Series Coupe [E36] YES* *PAL version 1.00 onwards has its handling line deleted, but it's possible to copy over the handling data from the PAL Demo. Featured in E3 trailer.
BMW5 BMW 5-Series [E34] YES Featured in pre-E3 images and the E3 trailer. Fully functional once spawned, with ability to spawn in traffic.
BTOLD Ford Transit (British Telecom Van) YES This vehicle is connected to a controversy with the usage of BT livery and as a result has many different versions.
CAPRI Ford Capri NO* *Featured in pre-E3 media, handling and model data remains.
CFIESTA Ford Fiesta (Royal Parks Constabulary Police Car) YES* *PAL Demo only. In the retail builds it is replaced by Peugeot 306 using the same basename.
CHARLIE Bentley Mulsanne (Charlie's) NO* *Only seen in a cutscene, handling and model data remains.
CIVIC Honda Civic YES Triad's gang vehicle.
CLINK Ford Transit (Large City Link) YES
COROLA Toyota Corolla Liftback YES
CORTINA Ford Cortina NO* *Featured in pre-E3 images and renders, handling and model data remains.
CVECTRA Vauxhall Vectra (Metropolitan Police Car) YES
CRANE Dockyard crane YES Mission-only vehicle.
CTRANSIT Ford Transit (Metropolitan Police Van) YES
DDBUS AEC Routemaster Double Decker YES
ELITE Lotus Elite YES
ESPACE Renault Espace YES
ESPRIT Lotus Esprit YES
FEDEX Ford Transit (Medium FedEx) YES
FIESTA Ford Fiesta NO Basename remains only. Supposedly a civilian version of the CFIESTA.
FIRE Volvo FL6 Dennis Fire Engine YES Featured only during 'Painting the town red' mission. Can be spawned.
FORK Forklift YES Mission-only vehicle.
FORK2 Forklift YES Mission-only vehicle.
FORK3 Forklift YES Mission-only vehicle.
G_MAX Golf Cart YES
GOLF Volkswagen Golf MK3 NO* *Handling and model data remains. Internally misspelled as 'WOLKSWAGEN' in the handling data.
GOLFMOD Volkswagen Golf MK3 (Boyracer) NO* *Featured in pre-E3 images, handling and model data remains. Internally misspelled as 'WOLKSWAGEN' in the handling data.
GRANADA Ford Granada Estate NO* *Featured in pre-E3 images and renders, handling and model data remains.
HIACE Toyota Hiace YES
HIJET Daihatsu Hijet YES
JAKE Lexus LS430 YES Mission vehicle with Jake Jolson in the back seat.
JEEP Jeep Grand Cherokee YES Can be spawned.
JENSENM3 Jensen Interceptor MkIII YES
JOHNNY Honda Accord YES Mission-only vehicle with Johnny Chai in the front passenger seat.
LAGUNA Renault Laguna Nevada YES
LEX_TR Lexus LS430 YES
LEXUS_LS Lexus LS430 (Gang) YES Bethnal Green Mob gang vehicle.
LEXUSSC Lexus SC430 YES Collins' Gang vehicle.
LORRY Iveco EuroCargo Truck YES De-badged due to lack of licensing.
LTRANSIT Ford Transit (Large) NO* *Previously only seen in very early renders and a presentation dating 2000. Handling and model data remains.
M250 Lotus M250 YES
MAIL Ford Transit (Small Royal Mail) YES
MERC280 Mercedes-Benz 280SE NO* *Handling and model data remains.
MERC560 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC YES* *Can be spawned. PAL Demo version still has the Mercedes-Benz badge on the grille.
MERCA Mercedes-Benz A Klasse YES
MERCS Mercedes-Benz S Klasse (Gang) YES Yardie's gang vehicle.
MICRA Nissan Micra YES
MR2 Toyota MR2 YES One of the few vehicles that is very different in the PAL demo. Supposedly was originally intended to be a Triad gang vehicle.
MTRANSIT Ford Transit (Medium) YES
MZ2 Caterham/Lotus Super Seven YES Free Roam starting vehicle.
P911 Porsche 911 NO Handling line only present in the PAL Demo. Was the only air cooled vehicle in the game. Unfortunately, no model data remains.
PARKED1 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC (Dumped) YES Dumped version of MERC560.
PARKED2 Jaguar XJ6 (Dumped) YES Dumped version of XJ12MOD.
PARKLAG Renault Laguna Nevada (Locked) YES Spawns only in a mission, vehicle tags are set to have the doors locked. Can be spawned, but you can't re-enter.
PEOGOUT Peugeot 306 YES Internally misspelled.
PICKUP Daihatsu Hijet Pick-up YES
PIG Ford Transit MK2 NO* *Handling and model data remains.
PRISON Iveco EuroCargo (Prison Van) YES Mission-only vehicle. Can be spawned in any build of the game.
PUNTO Fiat Punto YES
R75 Rover 75 YES
R75GANG Rover 75 (Gang) YES Bethnal Green Mob gang vehicle.
RANGE Land Rover Range Rover (Gang) YES Bethnal Green Mob gang vehicle seen during several missions.
RANGE_TR Land Rover Range Rover YES
RECOVERY Ford Transit (Recovery Truck) YES
ROVER Rover 3500 SD1 YES
SAAB Saab 900 Turbo YES
SAAB93 SAAB 9-3 Aero YES
SAAB_FRANK SAAB 900 Turbo (Frank's) YES Frank Carter's car - used during 'The Vigilante' mission. Unique black color and scratches in the rear end.
SAXO Citroën Saxo YES
SD1GANG Rover 3500 SD1 (Gang) YES Yardie's gang vehicle.
SDBUS Optare Delta Bus YES
SIRION Daihatsu Sirion YES
SJAG Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign NO Supposedly the older basename of XJ12MOD.
SKODA Škoda Felicia (Misnamed as Fabia) YES* *Handling line is misnamed, so demo values are needed. Engine sounds are not defined, so it doesn't have any.
SKY Nissan Skyline GT-R [R33] YES
SKYLINE Nissan Skyline GT-R [R33] (Gang) YES Triad's gang vehicle.
SPACE Toyota TownAce YES
SUBARU Subaru NO Basename is the only remaining remnant.
STRANSIT Ford Transit (Small) YES
UNMARKED Vauxhall Vectra (Unmarked Police Car) YES Mission-only vehicle, can be spawned. The PAL Demo uses an earlier version of it that is later shown only in the cutscenes.
UPSIDE Vauxhall Vectra (Unmarked Police Car) YES Upside-down, earlier version of UNMARKED.
VOYAGER Chrysler Voyager NO* *Handling and model data remains.
VR4 Mitsubishi Legnum VR-4 NO* *Handling and model data remains.
XJ12 Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign YES Supposedly originally a Bethnal Green Mob gang vehicle. Featured in the first mission of PAL Demo. Can be spawned in any build of the game.
XJ12MOD Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign NO* *Handling and model data remains.
XR3i Ford Escort XR3i NO* *Handling and model data remains.
VENOM Venom GT Concept (Ben's Concept) YES* *PAL 2.03 and NTSC versions onwards.
(Source: RacingFreak)

Image Gallery

The following gallery contains screenshots only of the cut vehicles (that do not appear in-game at all or are limited to a cutscene such as CHARLIE) and all of their paintjobs:

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Bentley Mulsanne

Bentley Mulsanne (Charlie's)

BMW 3 Series

BMW 5 Series

Ford Capri

Chrysler Voyager

Ford Cortina

Ford Granada

Ford Escort XR3i

Ford Transit

Ford Transit

Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign

Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign

Jeep Cherokee

Mitsubishi Legnum VR-4

Mercedes-Benz 280SE

Mercedes-Benz 560SEC

Skoda Felicia

VW Golf

VW Golf (Boyracer)

Regional & Revisional Differences

The game has had several changes since its release, starting with the initial 1.03 European version.

This version has two key elements that are subject to censorship in later releases: A graphic cutscene of Johnny Chai's torture, and a British Telecommunications (BT) Ford Transit van, which still has full BT livery and Ford badge in the cutscene model.

Following the release of the game in Europe, due to the violent nature of the aforementioned cutscene, The Getaway was banned in Australia, thus forcing the developers to alter the camera angles of the scene, focusing more on the characters' facial expressions rather than the violence. The cutscene model of the BT Van was also re-textured, and the Ford badges were removed. This is known as the 1.1 European version of the game.

The 1.1 European version's release was then followed by a dispute with British Telecommunications. The latter had wished to have their identity taken out of the game completely, because in the in-game mission, the player was tasked with attacking another BT van, and BT didn't want attacks on their employees to be portrayed within the game. Following this, all following versions of the game have a plain light blueish van in the mission, and even the dialogue was altered to refer to it as just "a van" rather than "BT van".

PAL Demo PAL 1.00 PAL 1.03 & NTSC Demo PAL 2.03 onwards
TG-BTOLD1 front.png TG-BTOLD2 front.png TG-BTOLD3 front.png TG-BTOLD4 front.png
TG-BTOLD1 rear.png TG-BTOLD2 rear.png TG-BTOLD3 rear.png TG-BTOLD4 rear.png
Also used in cutscenes in 1.00
and 1.03 PAL builds.
Retextured front and edited
model proportions.
No BT logos in the rear end.
Also featured in NTSC Demo.
Complete removal of any livery.

Supposedly to make up the loss of content, an additional vehicle was added into the game, the "Venom GT Concept". This car is exclusive to PAL 2.03 and NTSC versions of the game:

The Venom GT Concept, also known internally as "Ben's Concept".The Venom GT Concept, also known internally as "Ben's Concept".

Another minor addition are short camera pans at the start of some missions. This is introduced with the PAL 2.03 version of the game.

PAL 1.00 & 1.03 PAL 2.03 onwards
TG-PAL100 camerapan.gif TG-PAL203 camerapan.gif
(Source: RacingFreak)

Developer Texts

Hidden inside the executables for the game are some developers expressing some frustration over making the game:

I hate this game's coding. I can't see jack or shit of what's in it!
Stream %d has read %d more bytes than the file size. Please tell Keith. If possible, save
    your debug output and mail it to him......Please also note the level on which it happened,
    how long you were playing for and what if any dialogue was playing
Serious Shit. SOUNDSYS thread does not work.....SOUNDSYS secondary thread has
    started...Serious Shit. Second thread does not work
request to free %d bytes of spu ram failed !!!!...things are shit. memory allocated above 2mb.
(Source: Decension)