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The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures/Regional Differences

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures.

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Note: The Korean version is just a repackaging of the Japanese version, making them both the same version.

Removed Game Mode

The Japanese and Korean versions feature an additional game mode called Navi Trackers, which follows the story of The Wind Waker. The files for this mode were entirely removed from all other versions, most likely due to it having a lot of spoken dialogue that would have needed to be translated. It also pronounced player's names aloud, which is easy to do with the Japanese phonetic structure...but exponentially more difficult to do in English due to the larger array of syllables for which the game would have to account.

This said, an English version (Tetra's Trackers) was showcased at E3, and the PAL version contains a few leftover lines from the English translation. The French/German/Spanish files have the text relevant to Tetra's Trackers in the main menu untranslated from English, while the Italian file has them blanked out.

Tetra's Trackers
Among Endless Enemies 
Among Endless Enemies 2
Pirate training with Tetra
issuing the orders!
Who can collect the
most medals?

Japanese/Korean-Exclusive Glitches

Invisible Pots

On some screens in the game (in particular the screen before the shadow links in 3-3 as well as the screen before the shadow links in 6-1) the Japanese/Korean version has pots that are invisible. You can still hit them with your sword and hear a sound, but they do not have any collision.

Other differences

  • In the European version, getting an enemy kill combo of 90 means that 1,000 Force Gems will fall down for every enemy you kill while keeping the combo.
  • In the Japanese version, the voice clip that plays when switching between each Link in single-player is the same as the one from Four Swords when doing so, pitched accordingly for each Link (normal for green, higher for red, lower for blue, and even lower for purple). In all other versions, a new voice clip is added for each Link saying "Hey!" upon being switched to.