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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask/Song Data

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Majora's Mask includes quite a few unused songs, playback data, and even instrument sounds that were only used in Ocarina of Time.

Sun's Song

The Sun's Song works like in Ocarina of Time, accelerating the flow of time for the next 12 hours. Going into another area while the clock's sped up returns the flow of time to normal, which allows some freedom in selecting your desired time.

Unlike the Song of Double Time, the Sun's Song can be used on the Night of the Final Day. When this is done outside of South Clock Town. You will hear the Clock Tower's bells ringing really fast and the moon will fall immediately, causing a game over.

Use the GameShark code 803FD451 000B (US 1.0) and play any song in the ocarina to bring up Sun's Song.

Saria's Song

Saria's Song plays the "Final Hours" music (the one that plays during the last six hours before the Moon falls), but has no other effect.

There is an entry in memory that is connected to Link learning Saria's Song. The instrument used is the Giant's voice from the cutscene where Tatl interprets the Oath to Order for Link. The message is "ワタクシのあとに 吹いてください", or "Follow along after me." The vocabulary choice of the Japanese text indicates that it is the Deku Butler or the Happy Mask Salesman speaking.

Use the GameShark code 803FD451 0005 (US 1.0) and play any song in the ocarina to bring up Saria's Song.

Zelda's Lullaby

Use the GameShark code 803FD451 0015 (US 1.0) and play any song in the ocarina to bring up Zelda's Lullaby.

Playback Data

Playback data also exists for the warp songs from Ocarina of Time. While the notes for the songs appear in-game on the Skull Kid song wall in northern Termina Field, the leftover tempo data is unused.

Use the GameShark code 811D84F2 XXXX (where "XXXX" is one of the below) in US 1.0 and play any ocarina song to make the game display the notes below:

  • 7F44 - Minuet of Forest
  • 7FE4 - Bolero of Fire
  • 8084 - Serenade of Water
  • 8124 - Requiem of Spirit
  • 81C4 - Nocturne of Shadow
  • 8264 - Prelude of Light
  • 8304 - Saria's Song
  • 83A4 - Zelda's Lullaby
  • 8444 - Sun's Song

Instrument Voice

Use the GameShark code 801D6FB8 00XX (where "XX" is one of the below) in US 1.0 to modify the ocarina's voice to sound like the following:

  • 03 - Impa's Whistling
  • 04 - Sheik's Harp

Quest Status Notes

Use the GameShark codes below on US 1.0 to display icons for two additional songs on the quest status screen.

  • 801EF72D 0007
  • 811EF72E FFFF