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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass/Course List

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

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Contrary to Spirit Tracks, which features two files that make up its course list, called courselist.clb and courseinit.cib, Phantom Hourglass contains only the former.

# Course List ID Developer ID Translation Identification Notes Used
00 sea ウミ Ocean Ocean
01 sea_minigame ミニゲームウミ Ocean Minigame Salvatore's Cannon Game
02 sea_fishing ツリ Fishing Fishing Map
03 sea_salvage サルベージ Salvage Salvage Arm Map
04 ship フネ Ship Linebeck's Ship
05 ship_terry テリーセン Terry's Ship Beedle's Ship
06 ship_wonder フシギフネ Mystery Ship Man of Smiles's Ship
07 ship_flink ニセリンクフネ Fake Link Ship Nyeve's Ship
08 ship_fisher リョウシフネ Fisherman's Ship S.S Wayfarer Ship
09 ship_hoho ホーホーフネ Hohos' Ship Hohos' Ship
0A ship_guard ケイビインフネ Guard Ship Nyave's Ship
0B isle_main メインジマ Main Island Mercay Island
0C isle_pluck ユウキジマ Courage Island Molida Island
0D isle_flame ヒシマ Fire Island Isle of Ember
0E isle_wind カゼジマ Wind Island Isle of Gust
0F isle_water コオリシマ Ice Island Isle of Frost
10 isle_power チカラシマ Power Island Goron Island
11 isle_wisdom チエジマ Wisdom Island Isle of Ruins
12 isle_wisdom2 チエジマ2 Wisdom Island 2 Isle of Ruins (Drained)
13 isle_torii トリイシマ Torii Island Cannon Island This island has a torii gate at the entrance.
14 isle_hidari ヒダリダイシマ Hidaridai Island Bannan Island In the final game, this island's Japanese name is ボヌン島 (Bonun Island).
15 isle_myou ミョウジマ Eerie Island Isle of the Dead
16 isle_wizard センニンジマ Guru Island Zauz's Island
17 isle_shrine ホコラジマ Shrine Island Spirit Island
18 isle_small1 コジマ1 Small Island 1 Harrow Island
19 isle_small2 コジマ2 Small Island 2 Maze Island
1A isle_small3 コジマ3 Small Island 3 Unknown Island
1B isle_small5 コジマ5 Small Island 5 Dee Ess Island
1C dngn_flame ヒシンデン Fire Temple Temple of Fire
1D dngn_wind カゼシンデン Wind Temple Temple of Wind
1E dngn_pluck ユウキシンデン Courage Temple Temple of Courage
1F dngn_water コオリシンデン Ice Temple Temple of Ice
20 dngn_power チカラシンデン Power Temple Goron Temple
21 dngn_wisdom チエシンデン Wisdom Temple Mutoh's Temple
22 dngn_wisdom2 チエシンデン2 Wisdom Temple 2 Doylan's Temple
23 dngn_wisdom3 チエシンデン3 Wisdom Temple 3 Max's Temple
24 dngn_wisdom4 チエシンデン4 Wisdom Temple 4 Bremeur's Temple
25 dngn_main メインダン Main Dungeon Temple of the Ocean King
26 dngn_main_f メインゼンシツ Main - Antechamber Temple of the Ocean King Exterior
27 dngn_first チュートリアル Tutorial Mountain Passage (Mercay Cave)
28 dngn_torii トリイダン Torii Dungeon Cannon Island Cave
29 dngn_ghost ユウレイセン Ghost Ship Ghost Ship
2A boss_wind カゼボス Wind Boss Cyclok
2B boss_flame ヒボス Fire Boss Blaaz
2C boss_pluck ユウキボス Courage Boss Crayk
2D boss_water コオリボス Ice Boss Gleeok
2E boss_power チカラボス Power Boss Dongorongo
2F boss_wisdom チエボス Wisdom Boss Eox
30 boss_ghost ユウレイボス Ghost Boss Cubus Sisters
31 boss_last1 ラスボス1 Last Boss 1 Bellum 1
32 boss_last2 ラスボス2 Last Boss 2 Bellum 2
33 boss_last3 ラスボス3 Last Boss 3 Bellum 3
34 demo_op オープニング Opening Intro Slideshow
35 demo_title キャクマチ Sitting Idle Title Screen
36 demo_end エンディング Ending
37 demo_chase デモ26_03 Cutscene 26-03
38 seatest Sea Test Sea Test Removed
39 mtest2 MapTest Map Test Removed
3A player_dngn Player Player Test Dungeon
3B enemytest Enemy Test Enemy Test Removed
3C eventtest Event Test Event Test Removed
3D roomtest RoomTest Room Test Removed
3F battle00 Battle 0 Battle 0 Inaccessible
40 battle01 Battle 1 Battle 1 Inaccessible
41 battle02 Battle 2 Battle 2 Inaccessible
42 battle03 Battle 3 Battle 3 Inaccessible
43 battle04 Battle 4 Battle 4 Inaccessible
44 battle05 Battle 5 Battle 5 Inaccessible
45 battle06 Battle 6 Battle 6 Inaccessible
46 battle07 Battle 7 Battle 7 Inaccessible
47 battle11 バトル11 Battle 11 Removed (?)
(Source: Dark_Linkaël & PPLToast - Discovery & Documentation, GlitterBerri - Translation)