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The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap/Regional Differences

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap.

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To do:
  • Compare title screens between the Japanese and international versions.
  • Textual changes, specifically that of Gorman and the name of the special water from Mt. Crenel. Both the Japanese and European versions have some differences from the American version, as documented here.

European Version

The European version seems to be an earlier build than the North American and Japanese versions, as it contains some bugs that were fixed in the latter two. The following patch fixes the Eenie's Kinstone Fusion and Palace of Winds bugs and adds the third Bomb Bag upgrade to Stockwell's shop in the European version:

Download.png Download Minish Cap EU fix
File: Minish_Cap_EU_fix.zip (1.12 KB) (info)


  • In the European version, trying to fuse Kinstones with Eenie, cancelling the fusion, leaving the screen with him and going back renders you unable to perform this fusion again and complete the Goron sidequest.
  • In the European version, when you turn your lantern on, then immediately throw your boomerang, the boomerang will disappear for a while and you will be able to do some strange things, such as float in the air. If you repeat the process with the bow instead of the boomerang, you will shoot two arrows instead of one.


A few enemies take more hits to kill in the European version when compared to the Japanese and US versions.

  • It takes 2 arrows to kill a Floormaster in the European version, but it only takes 1 arrow to kill it in the Japanese and US versions.
  • When fighting Vaati's first form, there are Eyeballs that surround him that you must take down. Each of these Eyeballs take 2 hits to kill in the European version, but they only take 1 hit to kill in the Japanese and US versions.

Lon Lon Ranch

European version Other versions
No whirlwind. Now it's easier to see Gorons!

In the Lon Lon Ranch zone, you can go to the Gorons' Cave by using whirlwinds. In the European release of the game, one of these whirlwinds is missing. However, it doesn't prevent you from entering the cave.

Bomb Bag Upgrade in Stockwell's Shop

In the Japanese and North American versions, you can buy a Bomb Bag for 600 rupees at Stockwell's after having bought the Boomerang. This upgrade is completely unavailable in the European version—its data and text aren't even present in the ROM.

Palace of Winds

Now I can fly!

In the European version, using your Ocarina on the top of the building that leads to the Palace of Winds is not allowed, as it is in the other versions.

Stockwell's dog

In the European version, Stockwell's dog is named Borken, while in other versions, he's (yes, it's a he) named Fifi.

Sword Dojo Music

Japan/US Europe

The European release's music in the Sword Dojo is a bit different from the Japanese and US version.

Other Differences

  • In the European version, the cave and people icons on the map resulting from Kinstone fusions become permanent even after you talk to them or enter the cave. In the Japanese and US versions, they are not permanent. This makes it easier in the Japanese and US versions to know which fusion prizes you haven't collected.
  • In Hyrule Town, in the Minish sized cave where Link gets the Power Bracelets, there is a heart piece to the left of the entrance across some deep water. In the European version, you need Roc's Cape to jump over the water. In the Japanese and US versions, a shallow water was added, so you can swim to get the heart piece without the Roc's Cape.
  • A different music is played when Link and Zelda are on their way to Hyrule Castle after passing through the Picori festival at the beginning of the game. In the European version, Quiet Town Festival Theme song is played. In the Japanese and US version, the Beanstalk Theme song is played.
  • Pots containing hearts were added for the boss fight against Vaati's 1st form in the Japanese and US versions.
  • Certain text words (such as items) don't get highlighted in color or a different color gets used to highlight in the European version. An example is when Festari at Picori Village mentions the Jabber Nut. "Jabber Nut" is not colored red in the European version in this scenario. Another example is when the guard at the West side of Hyrule Town mentions Spin Attack. "Spin Attack" is highlighted in blue in the European version but red in the US version.
  • In the European version, the price of Picolyte is different depending on what color it is. The green, red and white Picolytes are worth 100 Rupees each; the blue and yellow Picolytes are worth 200 Rupees each; and the orange Picolyte is worth 300 Rupees. In the Japanese and US versions, all of the Picolytes are worth 200 Rupees each.

US Version

Hyrule Garden Guards Speed

The last guard in the Hyrule Garden moves at a faster speed than in the Japanese and European versions.

Ezlo Text

In the US version you get text from Ezlo everytime you save & quit the game. This does not happen in the Japanese and European versions.

Hyrule Town Cave Sign

In the US version a sign was added in front of the cave in Hyrule Town.

Portal Item Glitch

In the Japanese and European versions, it's possible to use items on Minish Portals which can lead to some glitchy effects such as enemies not being able to notice Link. This glitch was fixed in the US version.