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The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap/Unused Rooms

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap.

Prototype Dungeons

Most of the dungeons from the final game have incomplete early versions of them left in the final game:

Deepwood Shrine

33000BF4 004D - 33000BF5 0000

TMC Map19.png

Cave of Flames

33000BF4 0057 - 33000BF5 0000

TMC Map20.png

Fortress of Winds

33000BF4 005F - 33000BF5 0000

TMC Map21.png

Temple of Droplets

Only one room is left.

33000BF4 0067 - 33000BF5 0000

TMC Map22.png

The Royal Crypt

The four green rupees are Rupee-Likes.

33000BF4 0068 - 33000BF5 0003

33000BF4 0068 - 33000BF5 0005

33000BF4 0068 - 33000BF5 0006

TMC Map24.png

The Tomb of the King in the Royal Crypt

33000BF4 006F - 33000BF5 0000

TMC Map25.png

The Palace of Winds

It seems that some things come from inside the Four Sword.

33000BF4 0077 - 33000BF5 0000

TMC Map26.png

Elemental Sanctuary

33000BF4 007F - 33000BF5 0000

TMC Map27.png

Hyrule Castle

There are a few chests and rooms in a very bad state.

33000BF4 0087 - 33000BF5 0000

TMC Map28.png

Dark Hyrule Castle

33000BF4 008F - 33000BF5 0000

TMC Map29.png

Prototype Areas

Hyrule Field Digging Area

There is an early version of a digging area seen in Hyrule Field. The prototype uses a Hyrule Town tileset, possibly suggesting the area was moved during development.

Unused Mini-Dungeon

One of the more interesting unused areas, this appears to be a mini-dungeon. The room at the top right is very strange.
33000BF4 0040 - 33000BF5 0000
TMC Map15.png

That mini-dungeon has also an alternate version that uses a cave tileset.
33000BF4 0046 - 33000BF5 0000
TMC Map17.png

Other Rooms

Unused Dungeon Entrance

This place is amazing scenery to the entrance of a dungeon. The entrance leads to Deepwood Shrine. May have been intended for the Temple of Droplets, which doesn't have a horizontal entrance in the final game.

33000BF4 0061 - 33000BF5 0000

TMC Map23.png

Unused Caves

This cave with three rooms were used as a test for copies of Link. One of the rooms was visible in the trailer of The Minish Cap at E3 2004.
33000BF4 0047 - 33000BF5 0000
TMC Map18.png

Probably a small underground room where a chest would appear.
33000BF4 0032 - 33000BF5 0002
TMC Map11.png

Another underground room with blocks, including two that can be destroyed.
33000BF4 0032 - 33000BF5 0004
TMC Map12.png

A small cave with water and two waterfalls. The chest has no data, so it gives a fairy by default.
33000BF4 0032 - 33000BF5 000A
TMC Map13.png

A cave with a big block to push, which would make a chest appear on the slab.
33000BF4 0032 - 33000BF5 0006
TMC Map14.png

A large room in a cave with a statue that can be pushed. That's it.
33000BF4 0045 - 33000BF5 0000
TMC Map16.png

Unused Houses

Unused Minish house.

33000BF4 002D - 33000BF5 0005

TMC Map10.png

The maps below contain treasure chests arranged to form the Japanese word "nashi" (ナシ) in katakana, which basically means 'nothing,' or 'without.' This was probably done to mark the rooms as unused.