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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker/Unused Sounds & Sequences

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.


E3 Title Theme

The E3 title theme is present among the other streams. It is also in Wind Waker HD, called 00_e3title.r.32.c4.dspadpcm.bfstm, oddly with a *lower* bitrate and sample rate than in the original game.

Makar's Awakening

There are two versions of the Wind God's Aria that plays during the cutscene in which Link conducts Makar for the first time. The one used, d_31_01, has an audience clapping at the end; the duplicate, m_31_01, lacks this clapping.


This sequence file is present with the other sequence files in JaiSeqs.arc. It's paired with meet_tetra, which is the very short music sequence played when Link first enters the forest on Outset Island and sees Tetra dangling from a tree. It seems that this would have been played in place of the stream used in the final game. The upbeat nature of the music suggests that the scene was going to be more humorous or adventurous than it is in the final version. It bears quite a few similarities to the pirates' theme used in the final version of the game, including instrumentation and general mood.

Sound Effects

Jabun's Audio Bank

Stored in the bank that contains Jabun's voice clips are these two rather hellish files. The first file seems to have been intended for Jabun appearing, considering the laugh near the end. The last one... sounds like a howl of pain. In the final build, Ganondorf does try to kill Jabun, and only succeeds in destroying his island; perhaps Jabun would have been injured in an earlier version, or was to be killed somehow. Strangely enough, a faster version of the second file is actually used in-game on the Ghost Ship, being played after you collect the Triforce Chart. It is unknown if the sound below is sped up for that scene, or if there is another file with the sped-up sound. The real purpose of these two clips will probably never be known.