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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess/Kiosk Demo

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

The USA store kiosk demo for the Wii version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess got a scene release in May 2009, albeit with a modified header and mislabeled as an E3 demo. Later on, redumps were made with the original header intact. It bears similarities to the demo shown at E3 2006, however it was built after the normal USA version.


Skyward Sword demo map.png
Map Select
A list of every map in the game. (And maybe some that aren't?)

Cheat Codes

Disable Timer

When playing the demo, if you don't touch the controller for roughly 3 minutes, the demo ends. The following Action Replay code disables that timer.

Version Action Replay Code
DZDE01 02472186 00000000
(Source: Beta64)

Memory Map

Version Action Replay Code
DZDE01 005C7AE8 00000001
(Source: Gilgamesh)

Unused Stages

While the demo only has 2 stages (Dungeon and Fishing), there are some more stages in the files that were likely going to be in the demo.

Saving Colin (F_SP102)

Starts with the Hyrule Field cutscene, however, the secondary enemies in the chase aren't in the game (making it awkward when the camera shakes for nothing). After finishing the chase by hitting the Bulblin a certain number of times, you reach the bridge face-off. After hitting the Bulblin off the bridge, the cutscene is cut short, because the cool Link on Epona scene is completely removed, and instead it brings you back in control of Link without Epona. At this point, the game crashes on a black screen.

Breaking Wolf Link out of Prison (R_SP107)

Starts in a cell as human Link with no way to get out (impossible to dig as a human). First room isn't in the twilight, but the rest of the rooms are. Has every room and cutscene up until the final few. Will crash if you don't skip the Zelda cutscene before it loads a nonexistent stage, and will crash in the final cutscene where Midna teleports the player to Ordon Spring (nonexistent stage). Adding this stage in causes it to load and function like the real game. Multiple missing sound effects and visuals. (Gameplay of this stage)

(Source: JaxonKEKW (gameplay))

Henna's Fishing Hole House (R_SP127)

While the Fishing Hole itself is playable in the demo, the house you start in is not. Apparently it was meant to, though, because the house is here and works in-game. Trying to leave the house crashes the game, and strangely, when talking to Henna, you have to spend 20 rupees in order to fish (but you start the stage with none). By using a cheat code, you can get enough rupees to pay for the trip, however after it fades to black, the game crashes.

Unused Graphics

To do:
File paths



A larger version of the "nighttime" icon from Majora's Mask's in-game timer, with a few extra differences (it has no eye and lacks the shading under the lip).

Magic Base

Tt magic base wave 64.bti.jpg

Used for the sides of the magic meter to make it look fancier (even though it was eventually scrapped anyway).

Half Globe

Tt map1 ia4.bti.jpg

Half of a wire-frame globe. This texture is used in another Nintendo game, Pikmin 2. Twilight Princess started development around the time Pikmin 2 was released, so this asset would make sense to be here.