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The Lost World: Jurassic Park (NES)

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Title Screen

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Publisher: Hosenkan
Platform: Unlicensed NES
Released internationally: 1998

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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Despite what the title would suggest, the unlicensed NES version of The Lost World: Jurassic Park is actually a port of the SNES version of Jurassic Park.

Unused Graphics

Title/Intro Screen


Tiles for an alternate title or intro screen based on the SNES version's Mode 7 intro (with some glaring typos) can be found in the ROM. Though no tilemap data exists, the screen can be reconstructed fairly easily based on the layout of the tiles, as seen above.

"Jakeshon Park"

LostWorldUnl Jakeshon Park.png

Tiles reading "Jakeshon Park", present in the CHR bank for the first part of the intro cutscene.

Early Intro Text


Mostly overwritten text from an early version of the third part of the intro cutscene, present in its CHR bank. It's spaced differently and uses a different color than the final text.

Unused Copyright Text

LostWorldUnl GameOverBank2.png

In the CHR bank for the game over screen, there's some unused copyright text crediting the game to Jakeshon. Oddly, the copyright year here is 1997 despite it being 1998 on the title screen.