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The Matrix: Path of Neo (Xbox, PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

The Matrix: Path of Neo

Developer: Shiny Entertainment
Publisher: Atari, SA
Platforms: Xbox, PlayStation 2
Released in JP: 2005 (PS2)
Released in US: November 7, 2005
Released in EU: November 11, 2005

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The Matrix: Path of Neo is the third video game based on the Matrix series.


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Commented Error Messages

Compiler stored an illegal opcode - WTF is all this, then?
BUG! Some programmer made a mistake, and put an RIMTRACE(NULL) somewhere
Rim dialog loader: pRim was NULL. wtf?
SetActorMiscFlag: Dipshite tried to set a flag it shouldn't
MorphCharacter: Failed to find SOURCE marker for %d. wtf?
MorphCharacter: Failed to find TARGET marker for %d. wtf?
ActivateSectionHack: you should not use this command (won't do anything, but that's probably not what you had in mind)
Rim command InstantExplosion: Only support for DETPACK baby!!!!!
Rim command InstantExplosion: Only support for SPHERES baby!!!!!
You can't have more than 2000 particles at once sucka, tweak yo shit!!!
WTF - I don't know what this is
Oh shit, couldn't start the movie in time. This will go badly. Retrying