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The Simpsons: Hit & Run/Unused Mission Objectives

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This is a sub-page of The Simpsons: Hit & Run.

Throughout the game's mission scripts, there are quite a few mission objectives that Radical dummied out by adding "//" to the start of each line in the objective. Some of the removed objectives range from minor to fairly major differences in how the mission plays out.

Rigor Motors - Unused "interior" Objective

In L7M1 there was supposed to be a final objective in which the player has to enter the Simpsons House and the mission ends there. The message says "GO INSIDE THE HOUSE AND DROP OFF THE SUPPLIES". It is complete but is quite useless.

This objective is used in the July 2003 prototype, which suggests it was cut late in development.

The Fat and Furious - Unused "goto" Objective

In Level 1's last mission, The Fat and Furious, there is an unused objective in the m7i.mfk file. Re-enabling this objective shows that it is mostly complete. The HUD icon used is Mr. Burns' mansion, but the objective text reads "Race Smithers to Mr. Burns' Mansion." This could mean that the race did not start right away, because the goto location is "limo_start", which is set to be under the large blue billboard in front of the Power Plant.

Bart 'n' Frink - Unused "goto" Objective

In Level 2's fourth mission, Bart 'n' Frink, there is an unused objective in the level's m4i.mfk file. Re-enabling it caused the game to crash, though. The objective's goto location is set to Herman's Military Antiques, which could mean that you were meant to drive to Herman's instead of following the Black Van there.

Nerd Race Queen - Unused Objective

In Level 3's first mission, Nerd Race Queen, there is an unused objective located before the final dialogue conversation in the level's m1i.mfk file. Re-enabling this objective shows that it is completed and functional. The player was intended to go inside the Android's Dungeon, which means that the conversation between Lisa and the Comic Book Guy was meant to happen inside the Android's Dungeon. However, in the final, the conversation happens outside and is triggered immediately.

Flowers By Irene - Unused Objectives

Level 1's fifth Mission, Flowers By Irene has two unused objectives, both of which would have been used before following the Surveillance Van. The first involves interacting with an interact spot near the van, and the second involves the player entering their vehicle. In the final game, these both went unused and the player only needs to approach the Surveillance Van before following it.

Clueless - Removed Sedan Chases

Level 3's second main mission, Clueless, has a total of three unused sedan chases, each of which are close to Milhouse's locations in the normal mission. By using Notepad++, it's possible to edit the mission file and re-enable the sedan chases. Like Apu in the E3 version of Better Than Beef, the sedan AI uses the EasyCop AI. The black sedan is already loaded in the m2l.mfk file, which means that the file doesn't have to be edited to get the black sedan chases working.

Also worth pointing out that underneath the second and third sedan chases are two strange locations that also can be enabled. "mhouse_loc2" and "mil_loc3" both seem to refer to possible Milhouse locations, but Milhouse doesn't appear in these locations in the final. The first unused location ("mhouse_loc2") is on the path of grass that leads to the Burns' Casino ramp shortcut, while the other one ("mil_loc3") is near Krustylu Studios.

Fishy Deals - Unused Fish Location

In Level 3's Fishy Deals, the player must collect 22 fish before time runs out. However, there is an unused 23rd fish located in the level's m6i file. Re-enabling it causes the unused fish to appear on the pier in front of the C. Spanker. The fish counter is also updated from 22 to 23 in order to accommodate for the extra fish.

Ketchup Logic - The 19th Ketchup Packet

In Level 4's Ketchup Logic mission, the player must collect 18 ketchup packets for Cletus. However, there is an unused 19th ketchup packet in the level's m3i file. Re-enabling it causes the game to crash, though, because there is no location set for this unused ketchup packet.

Eight is Too Much - Unused "goto" Objective

In Level 5's Eight is Too Much mission, there is an unused objective in the level's m3i.mfk file. Re-enabling this objective shows that it is mostly useless. The objective requires the player to drive to the Shelbyvillian's Van (in front of the Hospital) before collecting the diapers. The HUD icon is the diaper icon used in this mission, and the objective text reads "HIT THE VAN AND COLLECT THE DIAPERS". This objective may have been dummied out because the player has to drive to the Hospital in order to start the mission.

Kwik Cash - Unused Timer

In Level 5's sixth mission, Kwik Cash, there is an unused timer during the "Destroy the Armored Car" stage. The timer is set to 3:30, and was likely dummied out because the armored car is very difficult to destroy, and you have to prevent destroying your own car.

Kinky Frinky - Unused "goto" Objective

Kinky Frinky has an unused objective that involved the player having to drive to the Sit-N-Rotate to find Frink's Hovercar. Since this is commented out and thus never used, the player never has to visit the Sit-N-Rotate for a Mission, which renders the HUD Icon for it unused. However, you can delete the slashes that comment out the strings and re-enable the objective. Re-enabling it causes the unused HUD icon to appear, as well as the unused stage message (DRIVE TO THE SIT 'N' ROTATE). Once you get there though, the Hover Car spawns back at the park since there was no location set for it at the SNR.

Duff For Me, Duff For You - Unused Clothing Change

In Level 6's fourth mission, Duff For Me, Duff For You, the player was originally supposed to have Bart wear his Bartman costume according to the games files. Since this is commented out, the Bartman costume was changed to be an optionally bought piece of clothing instead.

There's Something About Monty - Unused Timer

In the second part of There's Something About Monty where the player has to climb the wreckage at the Power Plant to reach Mr. Burns' Office, the player was supposed to get there before 1:30 minutes were up. This was slashed out in the mission data due to the fact it would be harsh for the player to fall down and start from the beginning and since jumping the destroyed debris was hard. Because of this, the Mission Failed jingle for the song that plays here (land_of_choc_end_neg) goes unused.

Alien "Auto"topsy Part II - Unused "goto" Objective

In Level 7's second to last Mission, Alien "Auto"topsy Part II, there is an unused objective where the player had to drive to the Power Plant after escaping from the alien car. Re-enabling this objective shows that it is mostly incomplete, as there is no HUD icon and the objective text reads "DRIVE THROUGH THE POWERPLANT ENTRANCE." The player would have to drive inside the Power Plant before the toxic waste barrel appears.

Blind Big Brother - Unused "goto" Objective

At the end of Blind Big Brother there is a duplicate of the goto objective for re-entering the workstation, but with a few notable changes. There is now a 30 second time limit, which could have been cut in order to prevent it being too hard for new players, and there is also a "Completion Dialog" set that would replace the dialog at the end where Mr Burns tells all his "Mindless Drones" to go home. This was likely changed as it might get interrupted by the mission complete dialog.

Vox Nerduli - Unused "talkto" Objective

Similarly to the E3 demo of "Ketchup Logic" there is an unused "talkto" objective at the end of "Vox Nerduli" Originally, you were meant to get out of your car and talk to Comic Book Guy, but in the final the conversation happens automatically. This was probably done because you are already in the car with Comic Book Guy and this would spawn another, confusing the player.

Cell-Outs - Unused "timeout" Condition

At the end of "Cell-Outs", when you are meant to talk to Professor Frink, there is an unused timeout condition. There is no actual time applied so re-enabling it causes the mission to fail instantly.

Milking the Pigs - Unused "goto" Objective

At the beginning of "Milking the Pigs" there is an unused goto objective. Originally, you were meant to drive to the Krusty Burger before Chief Wiggum appears. This was removed for unknown reasons.

Lab Coat Caper - Unused "goto" Objective

At the beginning of "Lab Coat Caper" there is an unused goto objective. Originally, you were meant to drive to the Aztec Theater before Professor Frink appears. Am I the only one getting déjà vu here?.

Slithery Sleuthing - Unused "talkto" Objective

At the end of "Slithery Sleuthing", you was supposed to talk to Wiggum, however, in the final game conversation happens automatically.

And The Baby Makes 8 - Unused "goto" Objective

In the premission info file there's a dummied out objective. SetHUDIcon command has a "lbsc" as a parameter, which means that possibly, the truck in the end of the previous mission should've stopped in the different place so the player would drive to LBSC. Re-enabling objective causes the game to automatically skip it, due to player being located at the LBSC. The interesting part, is that the message index is set to "0000000000000000000", which is possibly a joke from the developer team.

Unused Drama Switches

There's a plenty of missions that were going to switch their music to the drama variation in a specific stage For example, Level 5 Mission 6, Kwik Cash. It had two "StageStartMusicEvent("L6_drama");" lines (for stages with Wiggum chasing the player) but due to a spelling error(There's L6 instead of M6), this goes unused. Same can be found in the last mission of the game in the stage where's the Black Ferrini starts to pursue player. Again, same issue: "StageStartMusicEvent("L7_drama");". This error repeats for five more missions: Alien Auto-Topsy part 2, There's Something About Monty, Wolves Stole My Pills!, Return Of The Nearly Dead and Kethcup Logic. The most interesting part is that L7M4, L4M5 and L4M3 doesn't have a drama version of the music, so even fixing the issue won't help here