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The Sims (GameCube)

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Title Screen

The Sims

Also known as: SimPeople (JP)
Developer: Edge of Reality
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: GameCube
Released in JP: January 22, 2004 (PlayStation 2 only)
Released in US: March 25, 2003
Released in EU: April 4, 2003

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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The Sims is a console-port/remake of the well-known PC classic that started all of this mess. It was also known for a lot of things, like including a story mode, two-player minigame action and some unlockable furniture. Most notably, it has 3D graphics, which would later be the basis for The Sims 2.

Cheat Codes

Enter Cheat

By pressing L and R on the main menu, you can create a code input screen. A female Sim voice will either confirm or reject your code. Here are all of the working codes:

  • SIMS - Opens "Play The Sims" mode so you don't have to start Get A Life to make your own families and houses.
  • PARTY M - Unlocks an extra multiplayer level called The Party Mansion.
  • MIDAS - Unlocks every buy/build mode object in the game as well as Create-A-Sim options.
  • FREEALL - Disregards money when buying/building. This does not change moving into an existing lot if the family does not have enough money.
  • FISH EYES - Press X during gameplay until it goes into a first-person view with the Sim you are using.
  • SUNLIGHT - Makes the game brighter.
  • MOONLIGHT - Makes the game darker.
  • NORMALLIGHT - Resets the lighting (only works when the game is already brighter or darker).
  • SUN - Makes the game brighter.
  • MOON - Makes the game darker.
  • NORMAL - Resets the lighting (only works when the game is already brighter or darker).

Debugging Functions

Two different debug tools were left in the final version and can be accessed with an Action Replay.

Debug Display

The neighborhood name is a pun...

This is smaller than the other debugging leftover. It simply displays a few rapidly changing memory addresses on every screen in the game.

Debug Actions

It is also possible (with Action Replay) to enable Debug Actions that open Sims to be able to test objects like never before. Debug Actions can be differentiated from normal ones by the asterisk in front of them.

Enable Debug Actions (USA Version)ː


Mailbox Debug Actions

  • Skip to Next Level - Only works in Get a Life mode. The screen fades out and begins loading to the next level as if the current level was completed.
  • Force Bill Delivery - The bill lady comes to the lot and puts bills in the mailbox.
  • Force Burglar - A burglar comes to the lot and steals things as usual.
  • Force Paper Delivery - A paper delivery happens on the lot.
  • Make me know everyone - The Sim that uses this action will now have 25 relationship points with every Sim in the neighborhood. In Get a Life, this varies depending on level. Using this option on the first level of Get a Life makes the unused Sim Jane House available to invite over or call.
  • Make All Happy - Every Sim on the lot now has relatively high mood points, generally in the seventies for most motives.

Here is a list of debug actions that can appear on many objects:

  • Make Friends for Me - Gives the Sim that uses this action 55 relationship points with five random Sims.

Sim Debug Actions

  • Display Needs - Shows the number value of the chosen Sim's mood and motives and relationship status with the active Sim.
  • BURN BABY BURN! - Regardless of what Sim is selected, this will set the active Sim on fire and eventually kill them. The Grim Reaper will come as normal.
  • PS2 - DEBUG - MODELESS DIALOG - Seems to have no effect when selected.

Object Debug Actions

  • Break - Can appear on plumbing, kitchen, or electronic objects. It does no more than what it says- it breaks it, leaving a big puddle of water or smoke.
  • Clog - Appears on toilets. It clogs them up as usual.
  • Force Healthy/Withered/Dead - Appears on any sort of plant. You can make plants look as pretty as you want or it can be ugly to make your Sims look even better!
  • Force Gardener - Appears on any sort of plant. A gardener comes to the lot and functions as usual.
  • Force Fire - This shows up on any kind of stove, but not the grill.
  • Force Dead/Force Dirty - Appears on the fish tank. Kills the fish or dirties their tank immediately.
  • Debug Snack/Light Meal/Reg Meal/Group Meal - Appears on refrigerators. Dialog boxes revealing the number value of the meal's Food Points out of how many possible food points it can have. Once the meal is eaten, a dialog box will reveal the food's quality.
  • Interaction - Force Abduction DEBUG - Appears with the telescope. It makes the Sim use the telescope as usual, but ensures that they will eventually be captured.
  • * - Appears with the KraftKing Woodworking Table. Appears to have no effect.
  • Create Obj in Slot 2 - Appears with the Teppan'Yaki Table. Appears to have no effect.
  • Undress - Appears with the wardrobes and dressers. The Sim acts as though they were changing outfits, but actually becomes naked! After a second, their censor box will disappear.
  • Hands Open/Palm/Closed/3/4 - Appears with the wardrobes and dressers. Appears to do have no effect, but may have been use for animation testing.
  • create food - Only available on the NuMica Folding Card Table. It creates four seemingly empty dark dishes (that eventually turn white) on each corner of the table, and none of them can be selected. Trying the action again when the dishes are on the table puts a similar dish in the active Sim's hand. They will play an animation put the dish down, but it will remain in their hand and then will disappear.

(Source: donny2112 (code))

Unused Sim/Lot Data

Jane House

House. Jane House.

Jane House is an unused Sim that can appear in Get A Life, but only through enabled Debug Actions.

In Get A Life mode's first level (Money From Mom), use the action "Make me know everyone" from the mailbox and look in your Sim's friends. You'll have a friend named Jane House. You can call Jane and invite him/her over. It's possible that Jane House is an early test Sim for Get A Life. Jane's icon is a recycled icon from the original PC version of The Sims, has the voice of a female Sim on the phone, and appears as a default male Sim with a slightly different hue. When you invite them over, Jane functions like a regular Sim would. You can't call Jane or invite Jane over after the first level.

4 Sim Avenue

Just out of reach...

Play the Sims includes six available lots to make houses on. However, 4 Sim Avenue is not present and 7 Sim Avenue takes its place. With careful timing, 4 Sim Avenue can be revealed for a few frames when selecting a lot, sitting across the street from 7 Sim Avenue. The ground on the lot is even lit up as the other available lots are. It is most likely a programming bug that keeps the lot inaccessible. It may also be that there wasn't space on the disc to include another lot, and 4 Sim Avenue was lazily removed from the game. There is no known way to access 4 Sim Avenue. A screenshot from an earlier build of the game shows a house on the 4 Sim Avenue lot. In the final game, there are trees next to the lot's space.

The glory days of 4 Sim Avenue.

Regional Differences

To do:
Somebody seemed to get The Sims: Bustin' Out and SimPeople confused.

As the title of this game is "SimPeople" in Japan, the intro cinematic was removed.


Japanese North American
Simsgctitle jp.png Simsgctitle.png
  • The logo was completely changed, and as in most games with English titles, the name in Japanese is also below
  • The background in the Japanese is a blue sky-ish background, as opposed to the North American's black with a spotlight looking background

Main Menu

Japanese North American
Simsgcmenu jp.png Simsgcmenu.png
  • The nice neighborhood backdrop doesn't exist in the main for the Japanese version
  • The icons used in the Japanese version to display the menu controls are more generic, where the ones in the North American one closely resemble the actual buttons on the controller
  • The "New Game" and "Load Game" for the Get a Life mode are present on the main menu in the Japanese version, where in the North American version, they are visible upon choosing Get a Life