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The Teletransport Smurf

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Title Screen

The Teletransport Smurf

Also known as: Les Schtroumpfs: Le Téléportaschtroumpf
Developer: Infogrames
Publisher: Infogrames
Platform: DOS
Released in EU: 1995

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

The Teletransport Smurf is a rather obscure DOS game where you have to save Smurfette from Gargamel (again) with the most condescending version of Papa Smurf ever known guiding you along the way. It also features an intro partially reused from The Smurfs (Sega CD), only this time with voices.

Developer Notes

In the English folder S05A (which contains the title screen assets), a file called DESCRIPT.ION contains the following text:

French Translation
s05asphi.mux Il faut recopier s05a.mux du CD en test.. s05asphi.mux We need to recopy s05a.mux from the CD to test..

In the French folder, s05asphi.mux contains the CD-i version of the introduction, featuring Philips' name on the title (see below). s05a.mux is the introduction the French game uses. In the English files, s05asphi.mux is the used file (which doesn't include the Philips' name), and s05a.mux is completely absent.

There's also a notice for some menu items.

French Translation
Les textes suivants sont directement sur les images The following texts are directly on the images

S40A.dat contains a quick message regarding the quiz format. This also exists in the French folder (without the final note of course).

French Translation
Chaque proposition (44) est suivie de la bonne r‚ponse et de deux r‚ponses fausses.(QUIZZ ANGLAIS) Each instance (44) is followed by the correct answer and by two false answers. (ENGLISH QUIZ)

Unused Intro

Like mentioned above, there is an unused intro for the game. This one is the same one seen in the CD-i version, which itself is pretty much the same as the one used here. The only difference is that this one includes Philips Interactive Media France just before the logo pops up.

Also, S52D1.mux contains the Philips Media logo.

Unused Images

In the French folder for S48A, there is an image file named _COPIE_. It contains a copy (needless to say, really) of the pause screen screenshot. But the game never uses either of these screens anyway, since the screens are loaded with a different file. There is a minor difference between these screenshots and the final version of the pause menu - the lines around the 'Pause' scroll are brown in the screenshots compared to black in the final, and the text is a little more spaced out. The space between Pause and the other options is also smaller, so overlaying with a screenshot from the game results in the Pause scroll being too low.

Also in the French folder is the Philips logo.

Unused and Duplicate Sounds

In the French folder S27C is an audio file labelled TEST. It is a near identical copy of S27CD01M (where Papa Smurf congratulates you for getting the rainbow flower seeds), only one second longer.

In the French S15 folders, nearly every subfolder contains a file labelled 'TEST'. It contains a copy of the sound made when a Smurf falls through a trap.

In the French S45 folder there's an unused options file and a large file labelled S10A001T. This is actually another voice file that matches the one found in the rules, albeit nearly double the size and without an extension.

Exclusive to French copies of the game, the S21 parent folder contains three duplicate voice files found in the level.

In English folder S38/S38B, there is a file titled S38B001. The file is an alternate version of E38BCPLT, where Brainy Smurf tells you that you're in the wrong place. The latter version of the file fits the cutscene, whereas the former delays too long (but is closer filename-wise to the other files found throughout the game.

In French subfolders S39/S39E and S39C, there are near-duplicated sound effects for the second sound labelled TEST. The only difference is that TEST starts sooner on both occasions.

In French subfolder S39/S39B, the file labelled TEST is a slightly shorter version of S39B_1, the sound effect used when the bird crashes into the screen.

In the French folder S33A, there is a subfolder labelled 'OLD'. Inside are three unused sounds for this part of the game. The first, S33A001B, is a blank file that lasts for a second, but the other two are intact.

S33A003B contains a 'dong' noise. The game uses a wind chime sound effect.

S33A004B sounds like a cymbal crash. The game uses an ominous noise instead.

Developer's File List

In the main English and French directories there is another DESCRIPT.ION file. This contains a quick reference to all the levels and areas found in the game, and what folder the assets can be found in. These exact names are not shown in-game, though some levels have portions of the name mentioned (such as the Mine being referred to as Disused by the Wishing Well). In French versions of the game, the DESCRIPT.ION file includes the s52 and s03 files, but the s29 and s15 files listed are the same as the English files.

French Translation
s18 Le Lac Glac
s16 Le Pont Branlant
s29 Les PiŠges de Gargamel
s20 La Prison de Gargamel
s21 Le Turlusiphon
s17 La Fus‚e du Cosmoschtroumpf
s22 Le Dragon
s23 Le Schtroumpf Musicien
s24 Le Puzzle
s25 Observation
s26 Jeu Sonore
s27 La Luge
s28 Les Schtroumpfs Noirs
s15 L'Anniversaire
s30 Le Pont de la RiviŠre Schtroumpfs
s31 Les Tortues
s32 Chez Gargamel
s33 La Formule Magique
s34 La Cigogne
s35 Le Coloriage
s36 La Mine D‚saffect‚e
s38 Le Schtroumpf  Lunettes
s39 L'Oiseau
s40 Le Quizz
s41 Le Magicien
s42 Le Grand Schtroumpf
s46 Abandon
s48 Pause
s49 Confirmation
s51 Les Cadeaux
s01 Plateau de Jeu
s04 Menu Parents
s05 Titre
s07 Menu Principal
s08 Menu Personnages et Niveaux
s09 Menu Temps et Mission
s14 Le Puits
s10 RŠgles du Jeu
s06 Introduction
s11 Fin Gagnante
s13 Le Puits Aux Voeux
s02 La Carte du Pays Schtroumpf
s03 Ecran Info
s45 Aide
s19 Voix Grand Schtroumpf Ingr‚dients
s52 Divers (Polices, Musiques, ...)
s18 The Frozen Lake
s16 The Rickety Bridge
s29 Gargamel's Traps
s20 Gargamel's Prison
s21 The Shazalakazoo
s17 Astro Smurf's Rocket
s22 The Dragon
s23 Harmony Smurf
s24 The Puzzle
s25 Observation
s26 Sound Game
s27 The Sled
s28 The Black Smurfs
s15 The Birthday
s30 The Bridge over River Smurf
s31 The Turtles
s32 Gargamel's House
s33 The Magic Formula
s34 The Stork
s35 Coloring
s36 The Disused Mine
s38 Brainy Smurf
s39 The Bird
s40 Quiz
s41 The Magician
s42 Papa Smurf
s46 Abandon
s48 Pause
s49 Confirmation
s51 The Presents
s01 Game Board
s04 Parents Menu
s05 Title
s07 Main Menu
s08 Characters and Level Menu
s09 Time and Mission Menu
s14 The Well
s10 Game Rules
s06 Introduction
s11 Winning Ending
s13 The Wishing Well
s02 Smurf Country Map
s03 Info Screen
s45 Help
s19 Papa Smurf's Voice Ingredients
s52 Miscellaneous (Fonts, Music,...)

A few of these titles differ slightly from the titles shown in the manual:

DESCRIPT.ION Name Manual Name
La Prison de Gargamel Les cages de Gargamel
La fusée du Cosmoschtroumpf La fusée
Chez Gargamel Azraël
Observation Observation: où est passé la Schtroumpf a lunettes?
La Mine Désaffectée La mine
La Luge La descente en luge

There are also a few changes between the French and English lists. They are:

French English
s29 Les PiŠges de Gargamel s15 Les PiŠges de Gargamel
s15 L'Anniversaire s29 L'Anniversaire
s03 Ecran Info N/A
s52 Divers (Polices, Musiques, ...) N/A

In the English game, s03 (Info Screen) does not exist at all. s52 contains only the credits list, whereas the French folders contain much more data (used between both versions).

Additional Credit

There are two files for credits. The one which the game uses omits this name and Philips (again) under the 'present' subtitle:

Used Unused
Bruno Bonnell presents AN INFOGRAMES PRODUCTION Bruno Bonnell and Jean Claude Larue present AN INFOGRAMES and PHILIPS MEDIA FRANCE PRODUCTION
(c) Infogrames Multimedia 1995 (c) Infogrames Multimedia 1995 (c) Philips Media France

Unused Font

In the French folder for the credits, there are three files - S52D2.OLD, S52D2.PFN and S52D2--.PFN. Of these, only S52D2.PFN is used, despite S52D2--.PFN being more recent. If swapped around, the credits will lag and the song will constantly repeat after about 2 seconds. Headers will appear normally, but other text appears garbled. S52D2.OLD is a duplicate of the used file.

Mine Movie

In the files for the Mine, there's a very short video that doesn't get used. It shows the first screen for a couple of seconds, before fading out to reveal the second screen which lasts for around 1-2 frames before also fading out.



Regional Changes

To do:
Double check to see which, if any, are unused

The French release contains several files not found in the English release.

  • Six additional files are in the S21 parent folder. As previously mentioned, three are duplicates of the voice files found in the level. One is an unknown file, labelled S21M. The other two are PCM files pertaining to Harmony Smurf's game.
  • Some additional files were added to the Magician's file: S41A_2, his intro but without vocals, a palette file, S41A (S41B' is only present on other copies), and S41B002D.MCG (S41B003D.MCG is the regular file). The MCG file suggests that the 'Valider' screen was also going to be used to confirm that the player wished to spend 3 dewdrops on an ingredient, as opposed to the laboratory screen used in the final.
S41B (Used) S41A (Unused)
TTSmurf-MagicianUsed.png TTSmurf-MagicianUnused.png
  • A whopping 50 extra Papa Smurf voice clips were added to his folder. Most of these are actually alternate takes of the same clips.

Revisional Changes

The game was re-released in France, bundled with Infogrames' 'Infonie', which included an additional 31 games, most completely unrelated to the Smurfs.


  • In the English files, S14V contains leftovers from the German release of the game. A leftover clip for Brainy is also in S38, under the title of S38BMIX.
  • There are some missing folders - S12, S37, S43, S44, S47, S50. Given some of the gaps in the map, it's possible that more games were planned.