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Theme Aquarium

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Title Screen

Theme Aquarium

Developer: TOSE
Publisher: EA Square
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: December 17, 1998, May 7, 2002 (PSOne Books)

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

Debug Mode

Theme Aquarium Debug Menu 1.png Theme Aquarium Debug Menu 2.png Theme Aquarium Debug Menu 3.png Theme Aquarium Debug Menu 4.png Theme Aquarium Debug Menu 5.png Theme Aquarium Debug Menu 6.png

Use the following code to display a debug mode screen.

80011558 0000
(Source: Original TCRF research)


Switch to Debug Mode screen.

1.交渉画面 (Negotiation Screen)

Switch to negotiation screen.

2.メイン画面 (Main Screen)

Theme Aquarium Debug Menu Page 2.png

Switch to mode select screen.


Theme Aquarium Debug Menu Page 2-0.png

Country select and switch to game screen.


Theme Aquarium Debug Menu Page 2-0.png

Scenario select screen.

3.設備確認画面 (Facility Check Screen)

Switch to facility check screen.

4.銀行画面 (Bank Screen)

Switch to bank screen.

5.評価画面 (Evaluation Screen)

Switch to evaluation screen.

6.年度末決算 (Settlement Screen)

Switch to settlement screen.

7.経理画面 (Accounting Screen)

Switch to accounting screen.

8.図鑑画面 (Picture Book Screen)

Switch to picture book screen.

9.研究開発画面 (Research and Development Screen)

Switch to research and development screen.

10.セーブ画面 (Save Screen)

Switch to save screen.

11.ロード画面 (Load Screen)

Switch to load screen.

12.魚交換画面 (Fish Exchange Screen)

Switch to fish exchange screen.

13.魚捕獲画面 (Fish Capture Screen)

Doesn't work.

14.全体MAP画面 (Map Screen)

Switch to map screen.

15.タイトル画面 (Title Screen)

Switch to title screen.

16.タイトルよやく (Reserved Title)

Switch to load screen.

17.ストーリ選択画面 (Story Selecting Screen)

Switch to story selecting screen.

18.PDA転送画面 (PDA Transform Screen)

Doesn't work.

19.ヘルプモード (Help Mode)

Switch to help mode screen.

20.スタッフロール2D (Staff Roll 2D)

Switch to staff roll.

21.PDAサンプル (PDA Sample)

Theme Aquarium Debug Menu PDA Sample.png

Switch to PDA sample screen. This menu is also present in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.

22.ストーリーOP (Story OP)

Switch to opening screen.

23.動画と音楽のテスト (Movie and Sound Test)

Theme Aquarium Debug Menu Sound Movie Test.png


Theme Aquarium Debug Menu Sound Movie Test Movie.png

Movie test.


Theme Aquarium Debug Menu Sound Movie Test Sound.png

Sound test.

27.スタッフロール (Staff Roll)

Switch to staff roll screen. It is different to 20.スタッフロール2D.

28.イルカショー (Dolphin Show)

Switch to dolphin show.

29.イルカ調教 (Dolphin Train)

Switch to dolphin training screen.

30.水族館状況画面 (Aquarium Status Screen)

Switch to aquarium status screen.

31.水槽内遊魚画面 (Swimming Fish in Water Tank Screen)

Switch to swimming fish in water tank screen.