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Thunder Warrior

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Title Screen

Thunder Warrior

Also known as: Gluk the Thunder Warrior (ES)
Developers: TXC Corp
Publishers: Micro Genius (AS), Gluk Video (ES)
Platform: Unlicensed NES
Released in EU: 1992
Released in AS: 1992

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Thunder Warrior stars a man with a green ponytail who can summon lightning. However, his platforming skills leave a lot to be desired.

Regional Differences

When Gluk Video brought the game over to Spain, they decided to replace the game's protagonist with their own mascot.

Thunder Warrior Gluk the Thunder Warrior
Thunder Warrior (Unl)-0.png GlukThunderWarriorCopyright.png

The copyright screen was changed entirely. Note that while the text on this screen is in Spanish, the rest of the game was left untranslated.

Thunder Warrior Gluk the Thunder Warrior
ThunderWarriorNESTitle.png GlukThunderWarriorNESTitle.png

In a somewhat lazy fashion, the title screen uses the same Gluk Video logo as the copyright screen. The title is now rendered in plain text at the bottom of the screen, with the player options moved up as a result.

Thunder Warrior Gluk the Thunder Warrior
ThunderWarriorGameplay.png GlukThunderWarriorGameplay.png

The player sprite was naturally replaced with Gluk. Changes to the color palette mean that some of the other sprites (such as the breakable blocks shown here) have been palette swapped. Player 2 uses the same palette as player 1's from Thunder Warrior in Gluk the Thunder Warrior, though in the former player 2 had blue hair and pants instead.

Thunder Warrior Gluk the Thunder Warrior
ThunderWarriorGameOver.png GlukThunderWarriorGameOver.png

The game over screen in Thunder Warrior had a static TV effect for the background, and some Chinese text above the "game over" message. These were removed in Gluk, resulting in a much more plain looking screen. The text was also moved up and spaced further apart.