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Time Crisis 5

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Title Screen

Time Crisis 5

Also known as: Time Crisis 5: True Mastermind Edition
Developer: Bandai Namco
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Platform: Arcade (Namco System ES3)
Released internationally: March 12, 2015 (original), August 20, 2015 (True Mastermind Edition)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

The fifth game in the Time Crisis series, and the first to offer a dual-pedal system and run on Unreal Engine.

The initial release had three stages and a cliffhanger ending, with True Mastermind Edition adding more stages and a conclusion to the story (albeit with some rather controversial plot twists for series veterans). Neither release has gotten a home port as of yet, a fate shared by fellow Unreal Engine shooter House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn.

To do:
  • List any unused subtitles and text strings that may have been accidentally excluded from the list.
  • Document the unused voice lines (there's a lot).
  • Add leftover Deadstorm Pirates assets and True Mastermind Edition advertisements. They're in the RailsShooterEngine and Startup_LOC .upk files. Some of the unused textures have multiple versions because they're in different languages. The English language versions should generally be used for consistency and to keep the page from being too big, unless there are unused textures that are exclusively in one foreign language.
  • Document unused animations. Lots of leftovers from the mocap sessions, and also animations for Joseph and those strange unused soldiers.
  • Add leftover textures related to Banapassport functionality.

Unused Text

TimeCrisisGame.int, found in the INT sub-folder within the Localization folder, contains a variety of unused English subtitles and system messages. A lot of the text has newline characters (\n).

System Messages

Original Time Crisis 5 Leftovers

There's some leftover text from the original version of the game, which advertised the True Mastermind Edition update after the third stage was completed.

One variant of this advertisement calls the update "Time Crisis 5: The Final Chapter" instead.

LocalizationTxt[215]="TIME CRISIS 5: THE FINAL CHAPTER"
LocalizationTxt[216]="UPDATE COMING SUMMER 2015"

Cliffhanger text that would've appeared at the end of the third stage's cutscene. It appears twice in TimeCrisisGame.int - the first time is early in the list...

LocalizationTxt[219]="To be continued......"

...and the second time is towards the end, accompanied by an unused "coming soon" message.

LocalizationTxt[682]="To be continued......"
LocalizationTxt[683]="Coming soon"

One final unused message for the True Mastermind Edition.

LocalizationTxt[327]="All three stages will be completely\nupdated in a 2015 release!"

After completing the original version's three stages, the player could choose a "Limited-Time Mode" that allowed them to replay those stages at a higher difficulty. This was removed in the True Mastermind Edition update, but the text remains.

LocalizationTxt[210]="Limited-Time Mode"
LocalizationTxt[211]="Would you like to play Stages\n1 through 3 in High Difficulty mode?"
LocalizationTxt[212]="Selecting "NO" here ends the game.\nAre you sure you don't want to play?"


Enemy Dialogue

Most of the unused lines consist of enemy dialogue, which is not subtitled in the final game. Some of the subtitles even have parentheticals to denote certain sounds and in-game actions.

Lines from possibly Wild Dog:

LocalizationTxt[618]="Heh heh heh......"
LocalizationTxt[622]="Shut up shut up shut up!"
LocalizationTxt[623]="Die! Die!"
LocalizationTxt[624]="Little brats!"
LocalizationTxt[625]="Eat this!"
LocalizationTxt[626]="Feeling the heat?"
LocalizationTxt[627]="I love a good shoot-out!"
LocalizationTxt[628]="What a feeling!"

The regular soldier enemies:

LocalizationTxt[630]="These guys are tough!"
LocalizationTxt[631]="Eat this!"
LocalizationTxt[633]="Fire! Fire!"
LocalizationTxt[635]="Go around!"
LocalizationTxt[636]="Move forward!"
LocalizationTxt[637]="Move forward! Move!"
LocalizationTxt[638]="Return fire!"
LocalizationTxt[639]="Pull back!"
LocalizationTxt[640]="Cover me!"
LocalizationTxt[641]="Stay low!"
LocalizationTxt[642]="Split up!"
LocalizationTxt[643]="Use a hand grenade!"
LocalizationTxt[644]="The enemy's coming!"
LocalizationTxt[645]="Hold your positions!"
LocalizationTxt[646]="Move forward!"
LocalizationTxt[647]="Come with me!"
LocalizationTxt[649]="Where are they?!"
LocalizationTxt[650]="Over there!"
LocalizationTxt[651]="Circle around from the back!"
LocalizationTxt[652]="Fire! Keep firing!"
LocalizationTxt[653]="I've got your back!"
LocalizationTxt[654]="Where's our backup?"
LocalizationTxt[655]="Fire! Hold them back!"
LocalizationTxt[656]="Our flank! (*When flinching)"
LocalizationTxt[657]="Where are they?! (*When flinching)"
LocalizationTxt[658]="They've circled round! (*When flinching)"
LocalizationTxt[659]="That's some serious speed!\n(*When flinching)"
LocalizationTxt[660]="Argh! They're too fast!\n(*When flinching)"
LocalizationTxt[661]="They're gone?! (*When flinching)"
LocalizationTxt[662]="Lost 'em! (*When flinching)"
LocalizationTxt[663]="Where'd they go?! (*When flinching)"
LocalizationTxt[664]="They're too fast to get a lock on!\n(*When flinching)"
LocalizationTxt[665]="(Short cry of pain 1)"
LocalizationTxt[666]="(Short cry of pain 2)"
LocalizationTxt[667]="(Short cry of pain 3)"
LocalizationTxt[668]="(Long cry of pain 1)"
LocalizationTxt[669]="(Long cry of pain 2)"
LocalizationTxt[670]="(Long cry of pain 3)"

The zombie soldiers from the fifth stage:


Regular mooks during the jungle portion of Stage 4, and the armored soldiers in Stage 5:

LocalizationTxt[1098]="These guys don't look friendly."
LocalizationTxt[1099]="Surround them."
LocalizationTxt[1100]="I'll need your backup."
LocalizationTxt[1101]="This way."
LocalizationTxt[1102]="They've got guns."
LocalizationTxt[1103]="Keep your lights off."
LocalizationTxt[1104]="So it's them, huh."
LocalizationTxt[1105]="Here they come."
LocalizationTxt[1106]="Can you keep up with this?"
LocalizationTxt[1107]="Over here."
LocalizationTxt[1110]="I'm not some small fry."
LocalizationTxt[1112]="Spread out!"
LocalizationTxt[1113]="Fan out!"

Stage 1

Text Notes
LocalizationTxt[361]="Let's start with a drink, my brother!"
LocalizationTxt[362]="Don't mind if I do."
LocalizationTxt[364]="Relax, already!"
Unused. It's unclear who's speaking in these lines.
LocalizationTxt[375]="Kill 'em!"
A Wild Dog line when Luke and Marc provide cover to Robert Baxter. Goes unsubtitled in the final game.
LocalizationTxt[378]="Robert! Can you move!?"
LocalizationTxt[379]="Better than these kids can, anyway."
LocalizationTxt[380]="Good. Let's keep this operation going."
Unused dialogue between Catherine Ricci and Robert, after the players provide covering fire. Replaced by Robert's line "Forward!"
LocalizationTxt[419]="Draw their attention until Robert clears\nthe smoke!"
LocalizationTxt[420]="All clear. No more smoke."
Unused dialogue by Catherine and Robert during the smoke section.

Stage 2

Text Notes
LocalizationTxt[475]="Almost got him!"
A line by Robert in the opening cutscene. Changed to "We've almost got him!"
This unused line appears twice in TimeCrisisGame.int. Given the desert landscape of stage 2, it is possible that a sandstorm escape scene was originally planned.
LocalizationTxt[536]="Take out the tanker truck and wipe those\nbastards out!"
The final game changed this Robert line to "Take out the missile and wipe those bastards out!" No tanker truck is ever encountered.

Stage 3

Text Notes
LocalizationTxt[550]="I'll keep things hot for them on these\nwheels!"
LocalizationTxt[551]="You go around and hit the tank to finish\nthis!"
An unused line possibly by Catherine. This suggests that the player at one point could blow up the trucks by shooting their gas tanks.
LocalizationTxt[552]="I've caught up!"
LocalizationTxt[553]="Resuming air support."
An unused Catherine line.
LocalizationTxt[554]="It's too dangerous behind the truck!"
Another scrapped Catherine line.
LocalizationTxt[555]="Watch out for the flamethrower!"
Yet another unused Catherine line. Would have been used for a variant of the truck sporting a flamethrower that never appears, thus only using "Watch out for the rear machine gun!"
LocalizationTxt[582]="You sound a little overheated there!\nBahaha!"
LocalizationTxt[583]="Can it!"
LocalizationTxt[584]="Come down slowly!"
LocalizationTxt[585]="I don't volunteer my services for free,\nyou know!"
LocalizationTxt[586]="Nobody can catch me!"
Unused exchanges between Wild Dog and the protagonists in the end cutscene, before he blows himself up yet again.

Stage 4

Text Notes
LocalizationTxt[803]="I only snuck in to get the time I need."
LocalizationTxt[804]="I never thought you guys would be\nthe ones to bust in."
Subtitles for two unused lines from Keith Martin, during his explanation of why he was in Wild Dog's factory.
LocalizationTxt[816]="The security has gone off!"
LocalizationTxt[817]="Out of the way!"
LocalizationTxt[818]="I can't trust anyone right now."
Unused dialogue during Keith's boss fight.
LocalizationTxt[822]="I just need 1 minute!"
An unused line from Keith during his boss fight.
LocalizationTxt[831]="Just a little longer......"
Two more unused Keith lines, likely for during the final phase of his boss fight.
LocalizationTxt[836]="Stay there!"
LocalizationTxt[837]="Just like you're told!"
LocalizationTxt[839]="It's not over yet."
These lines may have been from after Keith's boss fight, with the protagonists holding Keith at gunpoint.
LocalizationTxt[841]="Just as I thought."
Unused. Unknown who is speaking this line.

Stage 5

Text Notes
LocalizationTxt[872]="I need you to look into a mission\nRobert failed."
Spoken by Keith to Catherine. Replaced by the line "The last mission I headed 3 years ago, look into it."
LocalizationTxt[933]="Robert has only failed a single mission."
LocalizationTxt[935]="It was the military's transport mission\n3 years ago for an experimental drug."
Unused lines for Catherine explaining Robert's past. This is much different in the final game, in which she states "There WAS no mission 3 years ago."
LocalizationTxt[938]="So Robert led him to steal the drug, then."
LocalizationTxt[939]="So Robert led him to steal the drug."
Unused lines of possibly Keith responding to the above scrapped dialogue. It is unknown who "he" is in these sentences, unless they are grammatically incorrect.
Wild Fang's scream when he gets hit by Keith's RPG shot goes unsubtitled in the final game.

Stage 6

Text Notes
LocalizationTxt[1011]="Why don't you ask the higher ups why\nthey were transporting it?"
An unused line during Robert's rant about how VSSE knew about the effects of the experimental drug.
LocalizationTxt[1016]="Don't try and change the subject!"
LocalizationTxt[1017]="Here's your answer."
LocalizationTxt[1034]="This is all going to fall on you, Keith."
LocalizationTxt[1035]="What are you talking about?"
LocalizationTxt[1036]="New York is going to be bursting with\nrabid soldiers!"
LocalizationTxt[1037]="VSSE is finished!"
Unused exchange between Keith and Robert. The only remnant of it in the final game is Robert's silly line "What do you think'll happen if I drop this [missile] on New York?"
LocalizationTxt[1044]="Everyone will hear how I defeated the\nterrorist Keith."
LocalizationTxt[1045]="You think anyone will believe you?!"
LocalizationTxt[1046]="No one knows about our mission."
LocalizationTxt[1047]="The only ones who know what I've\ndone are you lot."
LocalizationTxt[1048]="I'll tell the world!"
Another unused Robert-Keith exchange.

Unused Graphics


The PF_DXT5 file TC5_SWF_sequence_mock_I3 is what appears to be an early version of the mode select screen. This texture has empty space to the right of and below the graphic. One can spot some differences from the final version of the mode select screen, including:

  • The text "Vital Situation, Swift Elimination Mission Reports." is displayed below the screen title. In the final version, this was replaced by decorative graphics.
  • One inner section of the timer shows milliseconds left. The final version replaced it with the text "SEC." (seconds).
  • Both player characters are identified by a code name. The final version simply shows their full names without the "Code Name:" text.
  • The characters are named Zack (Player 1) and O'Neal (Player 2). Their names in the final game are Luke O'Neil and Marc Godart, respectively.
  • Zack's image appears to be an early version of Luke's, with notably less hair. O'Neal/Marc had no image at the time this texture was created.

Placeholder textures for "Yes" and "No" menu options in the continue screen.

Three unused textures of a green start button, with some minor differences (the second button is the first but with a reflection, while the third button is at a slightly lower height than the other two).

Two unused icons of Robert Baxter, named "NewFace" and "OldFace", respectively. They're in a package titled TC5_GFx_voicenav, suggesting that they were character portraits that accompanied the subtitles during gameplay. However, the final game has animated character portraits, so these two are unused.


The Japanese logo of Deadstorm Pirates, another Bandai Namco gun game.

A full set of number sprites from Deadstorm Pirates.

Unused Maps

Time Crisis 5 has a few unused maps, which can be accessed by changing the 'LocalMap' variable in 'TC5/TimeCrisisGame/Config/DefaultEngine.ini' to the name of the map listed and starting the game. Debug displays are enabled by default, and TC5_Attract.umap disables them. As TC5_Attract.umap is the default starting map, this stops regular players from seeing them


To do:
I'm not sure about this one. It's entirely possible that it only shows up under specific criteria, but after having beaten this game multiple times, I don't know.

TC5 Achievement.png

When loaded, shows a screen of greyed out medals for a few seconds before fading out to TC5_Attract. This is likely a leftover from the Japanese release of the game, which used an achievement system that was removed in the international version.


To do:
This needs looked into more


Starts the game up at a Stage Select menu. Picking one of the stages then gives the player options on which checkpoint they wish to start from, as well as which player and game mode to use.


TC5 FatalError.png

Simply shows 'FATAL ERROR' on screen.


TC5 TestMode.png

Only shows a gray square, doesn't seem to do anything else...

Unused Models


TC5 WP turret F.png

Stored in TimeCrisisGame.u is a variant of the truck turrets in Stage 3 featuring a flamethrower, rather than the machine gun shown in-game. This is also referenced in some unused subtitles from Stage 3.


TC5 SK CH TP TC4Base G.png

Also in TimeCrisisGame.u are two copies of a strange soldier that doesn't at all match the enemy designs of Time Crisis 5. While both of the models' names suggest it comes from Time Crisis 4, it doesn't actually match any of the soldier designs from that game. Two more incorrectly-textured versions of this soldier appear in RailsShooterGame.u, named CH_TP_DummyRival and CH_TP_ItemEnemy.


TC5 CH Joseph.png

RailsShooterGame.u contains an unused model of Joseph from Deadstorm Pirates, another title developed by Bandai Namco.

Unused Movie

TC5_AttractMovie.bik is, despite its name, the attract mode movie for Lost Land Adventure, another title developed by Bandai Namco around the same time as Time Crisis 5.