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Titenic/Title Screen & Cutscenes

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This is a sub-page of Titenic.

And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
Oh dear, I do believe I have the vapors.
This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: Exposed Rose tit in 8-bit

In the Super New Year Cart 15-in-1 and Z-Dog revisions of the game, all mentions of the main theme of the original game are disabled; although all Titenic content is still in the ROM complete and fully functional.

Title Screen


When playing the game on the Super New Year Cart 15-in-1, you'll notice the game starts right away on the first level. Obviously it skips the title screen. Only a two-byte patch is needed to return it back and working: GEUPGEGK+LEVPZPPE.


The game also contains cutscenes that are redone later for Harry's Legend. In this game, cutscenes are split to two parts. The first part is some kind of intro, it uses two first cutscene screens, scrolling from the left and from the right accordingly before the first level starts. The intro can be re-enabled fully functional with just one code: GEXEYXGK.

The rest of cutscene screens correspond to every level and are shown after you beat them, but they are lazy disabled too and can be re-enabled with one code: ITKATAAT.

Intro 1

Titenic CutscenePic1.png

The text is at 0x58530 in the ROM:

In 1912, there is a noble
American girl - Rose, she
tried to get away from her
arranged married which is
forced by her mother. At the

same time, she met Jack. who
is the young man on Titenic. 
Since Rose made a friend
with Jack, he lighted on her
life. They were also fall in

love with each other.
It made up a very touching
and tragic love story.

Intro 2

Titenic CutscenePic2.png

The text is at 0x586A9 in the ROM:

Rose did not love her finance
- Carl and she just wanted to
suicide to finish it. 
Fortunately, Jack just saved
her. They were both very fond

of each other. Thus, Carl was
very jealous and dislikes
Jack. He tried to insult Jack
and he hold a dinner party
to thank Jack for save Rose.

Actually, Carl did not really
mean it, he just had a chance
to challenge Jack. 
Wisely Jack knew about Carl's
plan, he left this party and

brought Rose together to join
the party which is belong to
the workers. Of course,
Carl hates Jack very much.

Level 2 Cutscene

Titenic CutscenePic3.png

The text is at 0x588BF in the ROM:

When Rose was very depressed,
and she met Jack again. Both
of them all have the strong
love to each other. They
trust and adore each other

and enjoy the sunset on the
Titenic. Jack promised Rose
to draw a her body sketch.

Level 3 Cutscene

Titenic CutscenePic4.png

The text is at 0x589A0 in the ROM:

Because of Jack's painting
skills and his courage
attracted Rose very much and
she loves him deeply. However
Carl didn't give up the Rose,

he still wants her back, but
Rose did not love him at all.
Carl hired some people to
chase and to watch Rose and
Jack, when they were running

to the front of Titenic, they
saw the accident happened by
their own eyes.

Level 4 Cutscene

Titenic CutscenePic5.png

The text is at 0x58B12 in the ROM:

After the TITENIC accident
happened, the crew members
did not tell the facts to all
passengers, because they were
afraid to caused the

passenger's panic. But the
TITENIC had the strong
damages and it was getting
sinking. Unfortunately, there
is not enough saving

equipment to save whole
passengers' life. At that
moment, it showed the big
difference of noble people
and poor people's fate.

Level 5 Cutscene

Titenic CutscenePic6.png

The text is at 0x58C9E in the ROM:

When the TITENIC was sinking
slowly, Carl libeled Jack
that he stole the necklace of.
"The Heart of Ocean" and
locked him at the bottom of

TITENIC. It was very
dangerous and he probably
will lose his life. Rose was
very anxious about Jack's
situation and she escaped

from Carl to save him. At the
same time, the captain
ordered every passenger to
wear the life jacket.

Ending Cutscene

Titenic CutscenePic7.png

The text is at 0x58E16 in the ROM:

The Titenic had sunk,
Although Rose and Jack got
away from the Titenic, they
could not reach the life
boat. Finally, Jack scarified

himself to save Rose and tell
her be stronger in her
future's life. Then, he was
dead in the cold Atlantic
Ocean. When this accident

happened, there were one
thousand and five hundred
passengers fell into the
ocean, and only six lucky
passengers survived. It was a

very low chance to survive.
Then, there were seven
hundred passengers who were
in the life boat, they just
only waiting dead or waiting
the help, and waiting the
unforgettable relief.