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Toobin' (Amiga)

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Title Screen


Developer: Teque Software
Publisher: Domark Software
Platform: Amiga
Released internationally: 1990

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Developer Message

Matt Furniss returns once again with a message at offset 2D000 on an original floppy.

con- by matt furniss
ori- by atari

(c)domark 1989
by teque developments

big f--k offs go to
quartex - paralamia
accumulamers -
the band - mag.fields
and any other girly
cracking / swapping
groups. ha ha ha

message to red sector
your mega demo is -
totally mega cool. we
all love vector balls

did you know that
slime who crack games
have very small dicks
and are homosexual 

message end... bye

(Source: CodyJarrett)