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Top Gear Rally 2 (Nintendo 64)

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Title Screen

Top Gear Rally 2

Also known as: TG Rally 2 (UK)
Developer: Saffire
Publisher: Kemco
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in JP: February 4, 2000
Released in US: December 3, 1999
Released in EU: February 28, 2000

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

To do:

Debug Display


Apply the below GameShark code to enable a simple debug display.

Version GameShark code
USA 80041213 000?
Japan 80042443 000?
Europe 80042043 000?

Replace the ? with a value listed below:

1 FPS display.
2 RDP, CPU, RSP, FPS display.
4 All of the above.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Hidden Cheats

TGRally2N64-cheat1.png TGRally2N64-cheat2.png TGRally2N64-cheat3.png TGRally2N64-cheat4.png

A total of twenty-four hidden cheats can be enabled with the use of button combinations. At the main menu, press the following buttons for a desired effect. In addition to regular cheats, there are also several developer messages.

Button Inputs Effect
L, Z, D-Pad Left, D-Pad Up, Start Real Hills
C-Up, Z, D-Pad Left, D-Pad Left, D-Pad Up Rollable Car Physics
Start, Z, R, D-Pad Up, D-Pad Left Allow Car Damage In Versus Mode
C-Left, Z, Start, D-Pad Left, D-Pad Down Tall Car
C-Right, C-Right, D-Pad Right, D-Pad Left, D-Pad Left Long Car
C-Down, Z, D-Pad Right, D-Pad Left, D-Pad Right Tires Only
R, C-Right, R, D-Pad Down, D-Pad Down No Tires
C-Right, C-Right, D-Pad Right, D-Pad Down, D-Pad Up Monster Tires
C-Left, Z, R, D-Pad Right, D-Pad Up Press U_JPAD in game to Enable AI
(Press D-Pad Up in game to enable the game to drive for you)
R, Z, D-Pad Right, Start, D-Pad Left Backward AI
R, C-Right, R, D-Pad Right, D-Pad Right Kamakazi AI
C-Left, Start, R, C-Up, C-Up Yo Chadster
C-Right, C-Right, D-Pad Right, C-Up, C-Down Hello Nikki Pino
C-Up, Z, D-Pad Right, C-Up, C-Left Hello Alexis Pino
C-Down, C-Right, R, C-Left, C-Up Hello Tyler Renstrom
C-Left, Z, R, C-Left, C-Down Hello Megan Renstrom
C-Right, C-Right, D-Pad Right, C-Down, C-Down Brandon & Dustin, always hide your money from women Cause they always spend it!!!
Start, Z, D-Pad Right, C-Right, C-Left Ryan Nix is nothing but trouble... but of course we all know that!!!
R, C-Right, R, C-Right, C-Right Ryder is a wanna be... He just tries to be cool!
C-Left, Z, R, R, L Carrie you are the best!!!
C-Right, C-Right, D-Pad Right, R, Z Thanks Carrie for all of your support
R, Z, D-Pad Right, Start, R Hello Sweetie...I Love You!!!
L, C-Up, D-Pad Left, L, L Award maximum Championship Points in support van
Z, C-Down, D-Pad Down, Z, Z Bryan never implemented any cheats
(Source: Original TCRF research)