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Totally Rad/Regional Differences

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This is a sub-page of Totally Rad.


The Japanese version is one of a few games that do not include a mandatory one-frame delay for the PPU (graphics chip) to warm up. It just so happens that the Famicom system is wired in such a way that the PPU will start up approximately one frame earlier than the CPU, and thus not need as much of a delay.

If you play the Japanese version on a US NES system, the game will only boot if the system has been powered off for at least 30 seconds. Waiting less time, or resetting the game will prevent the game from booting.

Title Screen

Magic John Totally Rad
What wizards use to "go". Like, killer, dude!

The title screen was completely overhauled. The name is only the first of the game's many attempts to appeal to teenage gamers.


Magic John Totally Rad
*Slow clap* Purple hair is the latest fashion!

Probably the most noticeable change is to the main characters, who went from anime-style kids in the Japanese version to 1980s-style teenagers in the English version. The text was also changed to use hip, cool slang terms.

Magic John Totally Rad
Purple hair, brown hair, make up your mind! The wind blew her bow off. That explains her hair.

The characters' headgear was also removed: a bow in this case...

Magic John Totally Rad
Cool wings. Uh, you got a little blue on your cheek.

...and a winged cap in this one.

Act 1

Magic John Totally Rad
RUN!! Like, running is for losers, dude!
Magic John Totally Rad
Why do I have this one piece of hair? I broke my surfboard, man!
Magic John Totally Rad
Pew, pew Exitebike thirty years later.

More radical art changes. Notice the ZAP! is farther away in Totally Rad.

Act 2

Magic John Totally Rad
Now I'm MAD! What did you say about my blue dot?
Magic John Totally Rad
Eek, a mustache! Like, how 'bout no, bro?

More art changes. Notice how the artist never bothered to extend the boss's shoulder for Allison's hip new haircut.

Act 3

Magic John Totally Rad
oh hi Where did my bow go?
Magic John Totally Rad
My hand went backwards! TOTALLY KILLER KUNG-FU GRIP!
Magic John Totally Rad
Oh John, I just love your wing cap! Yeah way!
Magic John Totally Rad
Somthing seems fishy! I sea what you did there!

Yet more art changes.

Act 4

Magic John Totally Rad
Cave Story? Lets' go spelunking!

More art changes.

Act 5

Magic John Totally Rad
Lets get ready to RRUMMBLE Blue Hair!

Same as above. Notice Allison's blue hair.


Magic John Totally Rad
Hadoken 79% Charged ...But my hands got glued together
Magic John Totally Rad
Looks like her powers have blossomed! *Insert flower joke here*

Art changes. Allison has the same face on the second frame.