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Transformers: The Game (Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Wii)

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Title Screen

Transformers: The Game

Developer: Traveller's Tales
Publisher: Activision
Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Wii
Released in JP: February 2, 2008 (PS2/PS3), March 13, 2008 (Wii)
Released in US: June 26, 2007
Released in EU: July 20, 2007
Released in AU: June 20, 2007

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.
DummyIcon.png This game has unusual dummy files.

Transformers: The Game is about an alien race of giant robots divided between Autobots and Decepticons whose final battle will take place on Earth.

Development-Related Text

To do:
Find more developer jokes.

Present in the game's executable.

 This program cannot be run in GOD mode. 
 Rot in heaven! 

When viewing Bumblebee's shared attributes file a developer joke can be found.


In the AUDIO folder a CFG file called MUSIC which is the file that tells the game where each music track plays comedically misspells movie.


Unused Audio

Unused Music

To do:
All of these can be found in the Wii version, but are they in any others?
Name File Note
When you fight Barricade in Mission City in "The Last Stand", you were supposed to hear this during the "Keep Away" mission. Instead, the game plays mx_city_megatron_1.wav.
Judging by the name of the song, it was most likely to be used during the fight with Brawl in Mission City in "The Last Stand" in "For the Fallen".
Judging by the name of the song, it was most likely to be used in Mission City in "The Last Stand" in "Unfriendly Skies" when playing as Jazz.
It is unclear where it may have been used as Optimus is not playable in "The Last Stand". It may have been meant for use in "The Ultimate Doom" though.
Judging by the name of the song, it was most likely to be used during a fight with Scorponok in Mission City in "The Last Stand". The only place where this would fit is in "Unfriendly Skies", late in the fight with Blackout.
An early version of mx_tran1_bbee1, which doesn't have a whole lot of changes. This is the only piece of unused music for The Suburbs.
This may have been used in the unfinished Hoover Dam levels, likely in the battle with Megatron there.
This may have been used in the unfinished Hoover Dam levels.
This may have been used in the unfinished Hoover Dam levels, likely in the battle with Bonecrusher there. This can also be heard in the behind the scenes interview with Peter Cullen.
This may have been used in the unfinished Hoover Dam levels.
This may have been used in the unfinished Hoover Dam levels, likely during the Chapter Failed scenes.
This may have been used in the unfinished Hoover Dam levels, likely during the Chapter Complete scenes.
Judging by the name of the song, it was most likely to be used during a mission in Qatar in "SOCCENT Military Base".
Judging by the name of the song, it was most likely to be used in Tranquility in "The Hunt For Sam Witwicky" when chasing Bumblebee.

Unknown Track

Please elaborate.
Having more detail is always a good thing.

Heard in Frank Welker's interview, was probably to be used in HOOVERDAM Chapter 4.

Unused Dialogue

There is a large amount of unused dialogue leftover in all copies of the game, with Starscream and Optimus Prime having the most unused lines in the game. There are many unused lines for character banter, gameplay hints, chapter complete comments and additional lines reminding the player to complete certain objectives. All are fully voice acted and have additional files for several other languages.

File Note
Unused Character Banter
Exchange between Bonecrusher and Starscream
Jazz taunting either Blackout or Starscream
Megatron taunting Optimus Prime
Blackout taunting the Military in Qatar
Unused Hints
Optimus explaining how to free the AllSpark
Optimus explaining how to respond to Megatron attacking the player
Optimus on damaging Blackout while airborne (Probably unused because the player does not need to do this in the final game)
Megatron on damaging Ironhide (Probably unused because the player does not need to do this in the final game)
Chapter Complete Lines
Upon Defeating Shockwave (A2 Ch4)
Upon Completing lowering the laser grid (A3 Ch3)
Upon destroying the Military Base (D1 Ch1)
Reminder dialogue
Megatron reminding the player
Optimus Prime reminding the player

PS3 Exclusive Dialogue

The PS3 version has several unique lines leftover that only support English, including:

Leftover dialogue files for HooverExt\HooverDam on PS3\Wii, most of them use English text to speech audio. Example:

However the first two chapters of HooverExt feature dialogue actually recorded by Peter Cullen (The voice of Optimus Prime)

Six unique lines by Optimus Prime. Half of them are for mission wins, and the other half for mission fails. Perhaps these were meant for the Sub Missions.

An alternate set of English Ironhide clips. (Just alternate takes of the original lines)

Final Alternate

Unused Sound Effects

Many of the games sfx files went unused, probably due to time constraints. There are dozens of object specific audio clips that go unused for things like hitting trees, fences, trash bins, wooden objects, falling in water etc. There is also an unused unlock sound for the AllSpark main menu.

There are also different clips depending on how hard those objects were hit. Sfx for small collisions, large collisions etc. Interestingly, on the ps3\wii version there are even more sfx folders with even more unused clips. There's a unique folder full of old drone sfx that goes completely untouched. Example:

As well as a "grunt" folder, that contains grunt sfx that were meant to play when characters\drones were hit. Example:

Despite the many files in the grunts folder, there are actually only two unique clips, with the rest just being edited versions of those original two. While the grunts sound very placeholder, all of the character cfg files in the final game still have leftover programming for them (they don't work though).

Unused Animations

To do:
Gif/Videos of this please.

By playing as the Dreadwing drone, characters like Starscream and Optimus Prime can be knocked down, revealing they have animations for being knocked down and can be picked up. Brawl had locked animations of knocked down and picked up, by enabling them, his animations can be seen. By replacing a character's model with Bonecrusher's model and knocking him down, Bonecrusher's knocked down and picked up animations can be seen. Files also indicate that the Energon Drone has a knocked down and a picked up animation, though strangely once enabled they can only be knocked down if the player performs a ground slam near the Energon Drones and then shoots them, afterwards they can be picked up and thrown. If Blackout's FlyBackLandOnFeet ability is disabled, then Blackout can now be knocked down and his knocked down and picked up animations can be seen.

Megatron has an unused animation when transforming back to vehicle mode, which is more polished than the final version. Bumblebee has two unused animations for transforming; One that is fast, and another that is shown in the PS2 prototype. Optimus has an unused transformation when transforming into vehicle mode.

Brawl has an unused swinging animation that can be seen by modding the game to play as him. The same is with Bonecrusher, Shockwave and the Mig Drone. By enabling the Cement Truck Drone, the Armoured Car Drone and the Forklift Drone[1] to pick up swinging object and enabling the animations, their swinging animation can be seen.

All playable characters have unique closing attacks labeled as long_combo_1 and long_combo_2. All playable characters and some unplayable characters have finishing moves and power hits, most of them being reused from Bumblebee.

Bumblebee has an entire folder of unique and completely unused animations leftover on PS3, Wii and PS2. While some more closely resemble what's seen in the PS2 Prototype, most of them show a unique movement style that comes with different combo attacks that usually end with flying kicks.

The Forklift Drone has unused animations for its unused electrocute attack. The Pickup Truck Drone has unused animations for its unused special pickup attack. The Cement Truck drone has unused animations for its unused special block ability. The Tow Truck Drone has unused animations for its unused reel in attack. Most of the characters have a reeled in and electrocuted animation too.

Each of the unplayable characters have a roll animation.

The Forklift Drone[2] has a climbing animation which can be seen when his climbing ability is enabled.

Optimus has an unused combat idle animation along with unused strafe animations to go along with his unused arm gun.

Unused Levels

  • TESTTRAQUILLITY: A test level used for testing the various AI of each of the characters and submissions. It has a Bumblebee test which is just a test for fighting a Energon Drone and a Forklift test for fighting a Forklift Drone. Another section is there which is a back to back short fight with each and every character, likely to test their AI. Other than that, there are also tests for various submissions, some of which are never seen in the actual game. The default character is Ironhide and it is set in the Tranquility level. In the Wii version, there is an early version of the map when loading this level, featuring more advertisements, and American flags on the mall. It's very similar to the PS2 prototype version of Tranquility.
  • BLACKOUTTRAQUILITY: It is the Tranquility level, but with Blackout as the default character. It has no missions, but the SPLINE.DAT in the level has data for The Hunt For Sam Witwicky. It appears to be unused versions of the missions seen in that level , which can be seen here.
  • AUTOBONUS1: Likely a bonus level obtained after completing the main game. It has the player as Bumblebee, who needs to find and throw 10 donuts in each stage of it. Since the counter is not properly set to count the throwing of the donuts, the level is unbeatable. It was probably removed due to the addition of the Cybertron levels as Bonus Levels.
  • HIGH_RES CITY: Found in the high res files as well as some promotional screenshots, this was a unfinished and more detailed version of the city map, which includes very different textures as well as multiple Pepsi advertisements scattered around the map. This map can be done by extracting the HIGH_RES file.
  • HOOVEREXT and HOOVERDAM: These crash immediately after entering them, since some of the needed files are not present in the final game. It is the Hoover Dam, but it was a level for both Autobots and Decepticons; HOOVEREXT being for the Autobot Campaign, and HOOVERDAM being for the Decepticon Campaign. In the final game, it can only be seen at the ending cutscenes of "Inside Hoover Dam" and "A Gathering Force". By forcing HOOVEREXT to load using the debug menu, HOOVEREXT loads but you are falling endlessly. This is because the actual map file itself "HOOVEREXT_PC.GSC" is missing. However, attempting to force HOOVERDAM to load crashes due to attempting to load Dronedefault_a despite the enemy not being in the CREATURES.CFG file. Adding it in allows to level load in the same vain as HOOVEREXT.
    • According to the level's code, HOOVEREXT was named The Hoover Dam and would have had you play as Bumblebee evacuating the humans and defending the dam from Decepticons for two missions. Then, Optimus would have had to find Bumblebee, then knock Megatron off the Dam. This would be followed up with a fight with Bonecrusher who will be chasing Bumblebee. HOOVERDAM was named "Megatron, Arise!" and it was about destroying the dam. You would have been Blackout for 3 missions and you would have to free Megatron from the dam by destroying several human defenses. There would have been a fight with Bumblebee who would be escaping with the Allspark, which would have been the third time the player fought against him. The last mission would have the player as Megatron, destroying the dam. Neither of the missions have proper names, so their names are just "...". The levels don't have mission screens, music, or complimentary text.
  • As of September 7, 2018, the HOOVEREXT and HOOVERDAM levels actually became playable for the first time. The map file which was needed to play HooverExt was located in the Wii and PS3 versions of the game, with the PS3 version having an earlier version of the map. Bumblebee was in his old Camaro form intentionally since he got captured by Sector 7 in his old form for the Decepticon campaign. The chapters on the other hand suffer from a multitude of errors, with several problems preventing the player from completing them. A lot of these errors can be attributed to outdated programming, as the chapters seemingly haven't actually changed from what was seen in the prototype footage uploaded on Gamehut.

Strings for HOOVEREXT

The following strings can be found in the game, which also spells out the objectives for HOOVEREXT.

String ID Text
A4_ch1_Goto "There are Decepticons everywhere... We must protect the humans as they evacuate the dam!"
A4_ch1_obj1 "Protect the Sector 7 convoy while it evacuates the area."
A4_ch1_obj2 "Give them some cover fire, Bumblebee!"
A4_ch1_obj3 "Protect the Sector 7 convoy!"
A4_ch1_cmplt "You do us proud, Autobot"
String ID Text
A4_ch2_Goto "I've found something useful. There should be surface-to-air missile batteries at the dam, but they're offline. Go find out why..."
A4_ch2_Goto2 "The Dam should be well defended, but the SAM sites aren't operational. Head over there and see if you can change that."
A4_ch2_obj1 "The Decepticons have blocked the SAM batteries with debris. Get rid of it, so that Sector 7's defenses will work for us!"
A4_ch2_obj2 "Clear the debris off the SAM, so they can knock the Decepticons out of the sky!"
A4_ch2_obj3 "I'm almost there, Bumblebee... Hold them off just a little longer!"
A4_ch2_cmplt "Great work, Bumblebee, and just in time! I'm at the Dam..."
String ID Text
A4_ch3_Goto "Prime, we've lost contact with Bumblebee. He's got the AllSpark ... we need to help him!"
A4_ch3_Goto2 "Head for the top of the Dam. That'll give you the best vantage point."
A4_ch3_obj1 "Grab something and try to knock Megatron off the dam!"
A4_ch3_obj2 "You shall not have the AllSpark, Megatron... I'll stop you no matter what!"
A4_ch3_obj3 "I won't let you destroy this planet, like you did Cybertron..."
A4_ch3_obj4 "No Decepticon shall ever touch the AllSpark while an Autobot defends it..."
A4_ch3_obj5 "Keep moving Prime! Those bomb's are too much, even for you!"
A4_ch3_obj6 "Knock him out of the sky boss!"
A4_ch3_cmplt "Yeeha! You sure showed him Prime!"
String ID Text
A4_ch4_Goto "Bumblebee is being chased by Bonecrusher! Bumblebee has the AllSpark, and we can't let it get in to Decepticon hands."
A4_ch2_obj1 "Bumblebee's got Sam and Mikaela, but Bonecrusher is hot on their trail! Get there fast!"
A4_ch2_obj2 "Don't let Bonecrusher catch up to Bumblebee."
A4_ch2_obj3 "Watch out for those mines."
A4_ch2_obj4 "Blast him Prime. Make him bring the fight to you!"
A4_ch2_obj5 "Keep Bonecrusher off of Bumblebee."

Strings for HOOVERDAM

The following strings can be found in the game, which also spells out the objectives for HOOVERDAM.

String ID Text
D4_ch1_Goto "We need to find a way in. There seems to be a structural weakness at the location I've marked with a beacon. But keep your optics energized ... we've picked up traces of Autobot in the area."
D4_ch1_Goto2 "Head for the beacon on your Nav System."
D4_ch1_obj1 "Take out those defences!"
D4_ch1_obj2 "Destroy those turrets! Don't let them hide behind their shutters!"
D4_ch1_obj3 "You have to smash them open from above. Try jumping and attacking imbecile!"
D4_ch1_obj4 "Clear the area of enemy forces."
D4_ch1_obj5 "Your weapons are of no use fool! Try throwing something."
String ID Text
D4_ch2_Goto "I'm going to start scanning for Megatron. You need to find the power stations and take them off line before we can free him."
D4_ch2_Goto2 "I'm losing patience bolt brain! Get to the beacon to begin your mission objective."
D4_ch2_obj1 "Find something explosive to launch at these buildings."
D4_ch2_obj2 "Destroy the Power plants!"
D4_ch2_obj3 "Let no Autobot or human stand in our way."
D4_ch2_obj4 "Finish them off. Destroy them all!"
String ID Text
D4_ch3_Goto "Decepticons, this is your master, Megatron. An Autobot is trying to escape with the AllSpark. Catch him ... and crush him."
D4_ch3_obj1 "After him! Don't let him get the cube to Optimus Prime!"
D4_ch3_obj2 "Get the AllSpark back from the Autobot!"
String ID Text
D4_ch4_Goto "The defences are down. Lord Megatron, it seems the time for your revenge against the humans is at hand ... Decimate the Dam!"
D4_ch4_obj1 "This whole dam must burn!"
D4_ch4_obj2 "These humans will be repaid for their hospitality. With swift and utter destruction!"
D4_ch4_obj3 "No force in the universe can possibly stop me now. This planet will bow before me."
D4_ch4_obj4 "This world will burn in the fires of my wrath."

Area Strings

The following Strings show the names of the various areas in the map.

String ID Text
AreaSpillWayWest Spill Way West
AreaSpillWayEast Spill Way East
AreaVisitorsCentre The Visitors' Centre


Despite the map files needed to play are only on Wii/PS3, these levels are somewhat playable on PC (and likely other platforms). By replacing Inside Hoover Dam with HOOVEREXT and using the A Gathering Force map files, the level loads a low res Gathering Force map and it's playable. The character drops from a very high location suggesting the height of the map and the objects and faction insignias are also at such a height which can be seen and reached if the player becomes a flying character.

Chapter 1

The player is Bumblebee and the Sector 7 cars are driving crazy. Since the level depends on the Sector 7 cars reaching a certain point, the chapter is unbeatable.

Chapter 2

It crashes, it seems some models might be missing for the SAM sites.

Chapter 3

It displays the text "Quickly get to the action zone!", but the mission fails immediately. By removing the action zone, the mission starts, with the player as Optimus fighting Megatron, who can't be defeated, unless by editing.

Chapter 4

The player is Optimus chasing Bonecrusher who is chasing Bumblebee. The player is supposed to defeat Bonecrusher and save Bumblebee, without editing, Bumblebee behaves as an enemy and since Bonecrusher is unbeatable, the chapter is unbeatable.


By replacing Inside Hoover Dam with HOOVEREXT and using the A Gathering Force Map files and using the other files of HOOVERDAM, the level loads a low res A Gathering Force and it's playable.

Chapter 1

It crashes, it seems some models might be missing for the AAGuns.

Chapter 2

It starts with the player as Blackout but since there are no Power Plants, the level is unbeatable.

Chapter 3

It starts with the player as Blackout chasing Bumblebee[3]. Upon defeating Bumblebee, the level does not end due to an oversight in the code. It can be easily fixed.

Chapter 4

It starts with the player as Megatron, destroying the Dam, which results in completion of the chapter.


The chapter complete screen just pans around the character at any point that the character was since there is no defined chapter complete location. The chapter fail screen shows the text "You have been defeated!" instead of "Chapter Failed". This might be because the chapters are not defined to stop the hub correctly.

Unused Models

Remember when YT had a little indifferent face when a video went down? TCRF remembers.
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Please find an archived version of the video(s) or a suitable replacement.
To do:
Relevant pictures for Ratchet, Black Energon Drone, and BUMBLEBEE_BCK.
  • Ratchet has robot and vehicle models, but he only has idle, healing and transform animations. (All of which are fully functional) His vehicle mode works but is missing wheels. He can't be loaded normally, but it is possible to load him into the game by replacing the data of another character. (However the result is very buggy, as the game will try to make Ratchet use their animation, which contorts his model significantly. It does allow him to use that characters wheels in vehicle mode though). Surprisingly, Ratchet's files are not in the CREATURES.CFG folder, most likely because it was cut very early in development.
  • Evil Bumblebee: He is a recolored model of Low-Res old Camaro Bumblebee, with blood-like spots painted black instead of yellow (although it still has some yellow segments). Strangely, his textures are of a higher quality (512x512) than normal Low-Res (256x256).
  • Black Energon Drone: It looks like the normal Energon Drone, but black instead of grey. May be a reference to the DS versions.
  • Pepsi Payload: It's a Decepticon Payload model, but retextured to be a Pepsi Truck. Also, it has an Autobot model equivalent, but it just uses the same Decepticon model. The textures for both of the models are broken.
  • JAZZ_ROBOT: It is an unused version of Jazz that doesn't really work right.
  • BUMBLEBEE_BCK: Only found on the PS3, Wii and PS2 versions, this early model was shown in promotional screenshots of the game, and uses Bumblebee's Low Detail car model as his car. There is a video about the PS3 one which can be found here.
  • LARGEDRONE: An unused drone type who has a couple cfgs and even a folder full of animations leftover on Wii\PS3. Sadly there's no model leftover, and the animations aren't compatible for any of the existing drones\characters. Without a model, we don't even know what he looks like, he's truly been lost to time.

Special Moves

Ironhide's Special Move in the code is referred to as ShootLikeaMadMan.

Shockwave is referred to in the CREATURES.CFG file as TripleC, which is most likely to a reference to the Triple Changers from the G1 series.

Shockwave has entries in the code that allow it to transform into a turret and an attack helicopter, yet the helicopter is the only vehicle programmed in the CFG file. In the final game, the turret mode is a separated entity from the Shockwave who transforms into a helicopter. However, there are at least a dozen unused "TripleC" scripts with compatibility added for the "SecondaryTransformation". There are also some commands to force the Secondary Transformation in those scripts that no longer work in the final game. It's seems likely that once, Shockwave was able to change between all 3 forms, but it was scrapped. (It was likely too unstable)

There are removed special moves whose animations\cfg codes are leftover in the final game:

  • "SpecialSapEnergy": Uncertain who this special move would belong to, as it's referenced in the main combat script and has nothing else for it. A popular theory is that it belonged to Ratchet. (I.E. When he encountered a Decepticon, he'd sap their energy instead of healing them. There is no evidence to support this theory however.)
  • "SpecialElectrocute": It was meant for the Forklift drones, as he has unused "electrocute" animations, which consists of Forklift jumping at the player's back, and using his forklifts to electrocute the player. Everyone but Megatron and Scorponok has unique animations for getting electrocuted.
  • "SpecialPickup": It was meant for the PickupTruck drones. He has unused "Special Pickup" animations. It is believed that it consists of Dropkick grabbing the player, and throwing him like an object. (It's worth mentioning, that Pickups cfg has a dev message that says: "Re-enabling this will need a few bits of code fixing and re-enabling" This implies the ability used to work at one point in the prototypes, but it's code was never updated for the final game.)
  • "SpecialReelIn": There are unused "reeled in" animations for all of the playable characters except for Jazz, Megatron, and Scorponok, it was probably meant for the TowTruck Drone, who also has unique "Reel In" animations. It also seems to have unique sfx leftover for it.
  • "SpecialBlock": An alternate block ability meant for the CementTruck drones. According to Concept Art, it would've allowed them to ricochet/redirect projectiles back at the player. There is also an animation for a more powerful block counter attack.
  • "SpecialHeal": While not mentioned in any scripts or cfgs, Ratchet has animations for a "Heal" Ability. This would've been Ratchet's (only) ability if he were included in the final game.

There are other unused special ability ideas shown in early concept art for this game including the CementTruck drones being able to make their own projectiles from cement, the PickupTruck drones combing their two arm cannons into one Gatling gun, and the DroneDefault drones using Bumblebee's special ability, (which was apparently made for DroneDefault first, then given to Bumblebee later) but they only made it into the concept art stage and no where else. More on these unused special abilities can be seen here

Some Drone special abilities in concept art were given to different drones in the final game. For instance, DroneArmouredCar was originally going to have the SpecialBlock ability, but it was given to DroneCement. (It consisted of him transforming his two arms together into one big shield) DroneForklift was originally going to have SpecialFlail, but that ability was later given to DroneTowTruck instead. (Forklift would have raised the forks on his arms and spun his upper torso.) The only drone who uses his concept art special ability in fact, is DroneMig. (SpecialFlame, basically just a flamethrower)

Unused Load Screens

To do:
• Extract THINGS.GSC from the PS2 version, as it could have the cut loading symbol.
• Get images at the correct resolution.

The PC version has early load screens for the PS2 version and an unused Scorponok controller screen.

There is a unique variant of the loading symbol used in the PS2 version that switches from an Autobot symbol to Decepticon while it rotates. It was used for both campaigns.

An early start screen can be found, but it is entirely unknown what would be on there, or if it would be a loading screen.

A placeholder controller screen can be found with JUMP AND KICK as the only button prompts.

Unused Icons

There is an entirely different HUD, which has been seen in interviews and prototypes of the game. It was later cut due to it being "heavy handed", leading to the creation of the simplified sleeker HUD used in the final game. However the prototype HUD files still remains in the files. There's also an unused Transformers logo, and a few unique HUD textures from the earliest known builds leftover. Unused pocket images are found in the data of the game that aren't used at all in the final game. It's thought to be an early iteration of the faction symbols needed to be collected in the hub worlds of both campaigns. There are early level select icons in the files. These are presumably taken from the prototype stage, as early level designs can be seen, and even icons for the Hoover Dam levels.

Unused Bios

Each character has a bio. This also applies to Brawl, Bonecrusher and Frenzy who all have complete bios but they are not used. There is also an early version of Optimus Prime's bio.

Unused Cutscenes

To do:
Find any HooverExt/HooverDam or other unused/alternate cutscenes in any build of the game.

Left in the FMV folder are unused cutscenes of A Gathering Force, including the intro cutscene to the level which was strangely scrapped.

Chapter 4 of More Than Meets The Eye has an unused cutscene of Shockwave flying away.

Chapter 4 of Inside Hoover Dam has an unused cutscene of Bumblebee running away from Megatron shooting at him. This was connected to an older version of Chapter 4, where the player had to freeze Megatron to prevent him from charging his cannon, if the cannon was fully charged, it caused a game over and would have likely triggered this cutscene. (Oddly, Bumblebee is using the wrong model during this cutscene. Instead of his modern Camaro body, he's using his old Camaro body from The Suburbs.)

The Ultimate Doom has an unused cutscene of Megatron falling from the sky, it's nowhere near the Park, implying the fight may have gone deep into the City at one time.

There are some early/alternate versions of Auto1_Level_Intro and Dcpt5_Ch1_Intro in the European version of the game on PS2. They mostly lack proper audio editing and have placeholder sounds.

Different Character Designs

The PC's default res (low) features various assets that were done from the early concepts of the character. For example, Ironhide on low-res looks more like his concept art counterpart compared to the high-res that's more closer to the film's design.

Debug Menu

Through editing the FRONTEND.GUIC a debug menu was discovered. The debug menu has some interesting options. Sadly not all of them work.

Level Select: Allows you to select any level in the game as well as the unused "The Hoover Dam" and "Megatron, Arise!" However The Hoover Dam you'll fall endlessly while Megatron, Arise! will crash on the loading screen.

Level Complete: It'll display the level complete screen when you complete all 4 chapters of a level. However you can't continue and you're stuck on the screen.

Chapter Select: Doesn't work and you'll be stuck. Forcing you to exit out of the game.

HUD: Disables the HUD. If you can navigate an invisible menu when you arrive in game the camera is facing against the player and the controls are broken. In High Res mode it's a black screen.

Invulnerability: Works as intended.

Invert Camera: Works as intended.

Fly Camera: Enabling this will allow the player to move the camera anywhere. In order to look up you press (LT) and to look down you press (LB). Pressing (A) will teleport the player where the camera is located.

Camera Sensitivity: Works as intended.

Aspect Ratio: Works as intended. Oddly it only can toggle between 4:3 and 16:9. Where in the pause menu 16:10 and Screen Res are options.

Vibration: Doesn't work.

SFX: Doesn't work.

Music: Works as intended.

Camera Shake: It opens a toggle determining how much the camera should shake when the player walks or when something explodes. None of the settings work.

There is also a second set of debug options. They also have varying functionality.

Draw FPS: Works as intended.

Draw Player Coords: Shows the coordinates of the player. Works as intended.

Unlock All: Doesn't work.

Unlimited Ammo: Works as intended.

No Police Response: Doesn't work. It is intended to disable the police when you destroy things.

Disable AI Control: It does work enemies will be frozen however it is impossible to hit them.

Show Shields: Doesn't work. Most likely was intended to make shields visible.

Slow Motion: Doesn't work. Most likely to turn off the slow motion effect when you defeat an enemy.

Dummy File

Present on the PS2 version contains a file called "ZZZZZZ" it contains this message.

 this file is here to prevent an NGC server bug. 

Version Differences

  • The PC version of the game's music is programmed to resume where the track was previously left off instead of the starting the music track from the beginning. Due to the music tracks not having proper index points. On the other versions, the tracks play from the beginning properly.
  • The PS2, Wii and PS3 versions of the game play the transform, weapons, punch sound effects and health pick up sound effects in the correct pitch. On the Xbox 360 and PC versions the sound effects are played back pitched down.
  • The PC version has completely different load screens. On the console versions the load screen showcased the starting character for the level along with display the controller and showcasing what each button does. However on PC they are screenshots of the opening cutscene.


  1. The Forklift Drone doesn't have the animation to walk with the object.
  2. The Forklift Drone can't climb up on the roof however.
  3. Strangely, this is the old Camaro Bumblebee, not the 2007 version. This was likely an oversight as the level was not fully developed.