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Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle

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Title Screen

Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle

Developer: Origin Systems
Publisher: Origin Systems
Platform: DOS
Released in US: March 25, 1993

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So named because it continues with the plot and engine used in Ultima VII: The Black Gate, the Avatar and their friends venture outside of Britannia for the first time since the first trilogy to stop The Guardian's bid for power. As ambitious as it is horrifically rushed. Watch in awe as features are cut right before your very eyes!


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Ultima7 egg.png
Cheat Mode
If there is a larger debug mode out there I don't even want to know.
UVII-SI UnusedText.png
Unused Text
Reams of text that go unused due to bugs and cut plots.

Unused Dialogue Portraits

The Black Sword

UVII-SI f257 1 black sword orangey.gif UVII-SI f257 2 black sword swirl.gif UVII-SI f257 3 black sword pink.gif

The Black Sword's portrait slot has three extra frames.

They may have been thinking of having you be able to talk to the banes while they were imprisoned in the sword.

(Source: Lumina Dragon)


UVII-SI f259 wisp.gif

Looks like there was going to be a wisp in the game at some point.

There are two copies of this in FACES.VGA, at 259 and 260. There is no corresponding Npc type, however.

You can see this portrait by talking to Npc 260 (Buster the dog) after failing the copy protection questions. This is due to the fact that the routine for the gibberish dialogue uses the Npc number to choose the portrait, which is not a correct match in many cases.

(Source: rec.games.computer.ultima.series)

Weird Face

UVII-SI f297 weird face.png

Uhhh... yeah.

It could be a portrait for a wildman?
You can see this with the copy protection trick by talking to Npc 297 (random, a pikeman or ranger or something).

(Source: rec.games.computer.ultima-dragons)


Filbercio, Frigidazzi and Rotoluncia's portraits each have an unused frame, identical to their normal ones.

Also there is an unused copy of Yurel's portrait in slot 262, even without the expansion installed.

(Source: Olivier Marcoux)

Unused Paperdoll Graphics

None of these are linked to any items.

Chain Boots

UVII-SI p23 chain boots.png

Likely omitted on account of being stupid.

(Source: http://exult.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=330724&t=330724 Crowley)

Magic Cloak

UVII-SI p71 magic cloak.gif
Mockup of how it would look in-game.

A glowing cloak.

(Source: http://exult.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=330724&t=330724 Crowley)

Magic Shield on Back

UVII-SI p99 1 magic shield back.gif

An unused graphic for when you store a shield on your back. Probably omitted on account of looking like absolute shit.

Unused Objects

All of these can be called up with the cheat system using the "type" and "frame" numbers listed here.

gold y-shape

UVII-SI s209 16 gold y-shape.png

A gold version of the y-shapes from the Temple of Discipline.

Type: 209
Frame: 16

"blue cloak"

Half Erased Cloaks Used Wolf Cloak
Not terribly blue. woof

Some dummied out cloak frames. They equip to the proper slot but have no paperdoll graphic. The first wolf cloak copy has a different palette.

Type: 227
Frames: 5, 6, 7

mysterious cat skull

UVII-SI s244 2 mysterious cat skull.png

It is a mystery. Most likely from the cut Claw Island area.

Type: 244
Frame: 2

serpent faith symbol, serpent slot, slotted serpent

UVII-SI s262 s927 0 4 serpent faith symbol.png

Looks like you were going to combine the blackrock serpents for the endgame.

Type: 262
Frame: 0

Type: 927
Frames: 0, 4


UVII-SI s292 12 15 20 seat.png

A couple of unused purple seat frames, and a rock. That you can sit on. It overlaps the sitting sprite in an odd looking way.

'Lil off there.

Type: 292
Frames: 12, 15, 20

throne (cat)

UVII-SI throne composite.png

Cat's head throne. Claw again.

Type: 292
Frame: 17
(main part)

Type: 897
Frame: 17
(lower arm)

serpent rune (K)

Unused K rune Used W rune
It's K, okay? Yes it is actually a different letter.

A 'K' rune. A different color than any of the used runes.

Type: 330
Frame: 18

sign (bull)

UVII-SI s361 7 sign.png

Vertical frame for the Sleeping Bull sign. Odd that they didn't use it, as the south entrance is the one you're likely to go through first.

Type: 361
Frame: 7

"snow mountain"

UVII-SI s448 12 snow mountain.png

Placeholder graphic in the snow mountain set.

Type: 448
Frame: 12

wand (red)

UVII-SI s452 wand.gif

A red wand. The vertical version can be found in the Mad Monk Mountains cheat room. Has no special effect, and crashes the game if you try to use it as a weapon.

Type: 452
Frames: 0, 1

(nameless leaf)

Glowing Leaf Varo Leaf
UVII-SI s467 4 unnamed leaf.gif UVII-SI used varo leaf.png

A glowing version of a Varo Leaf sprite.

Type: 467
Frame: 4


UVII-SI s467 5 catnip.png

Some catnip. Does nothing. Yet again, probably for Claw.

Type: 467
Frame: 5

wand (lift)

UVII-SI s476 1 wand.png

Diagonal version of the wand of lifting in the Temple of Enthusiasm.

Type: 476
Frame: 1

gwani amulet

UVII-SI s479 3 gwani amulet.png

A sprite of a broken gwani amulet. In the final you get the amulet's contents by giving it to Yenani. It would be kind of a dick move if you broke it.

Type: 479
Frame: 3

Dupre's shield

UVII-SI s490 1-2 Dupre's shield.png

Frames of Dupre's shield as a wall-hanging, despite it being a unique item.

Type: 490
Frames: 1, 2


UVII-SI s577 6 Dave.gif

A glowing egg named Dave. Probably named after David Beyer, as one of his credits for this game is "Eggman".

Type: 577
Frame: 6

spiked shield

UVII-SI s578 1 spiked shield.png

No spiked shields are ever hung up on a west wall.

Type: 578
Frame: 1

cat's eye stone

UVII-SI s649 2 cat's eye stone.gif

A glittering stone. More cat themed stuff.

Type: 649
Frame: 2

(Source: http://exult.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=330724&t=330724 Crowley)

dream crystal

Unused Crystal Used Crystal
UVII-SI s727 0-1 dream crystal.gif UVII-SI used dream crystal.gif

A larger, immovable dream crystal shape. In the final game you give the Dream Crystal to Siranush and she destroys it, breaking the spell on Gorlab. This suggests that maybe the player was initially intended to break it.

Type: 727
Frames: 0, 1

mirror rock

UVII-SI s727 2 mirror rock.png

This... doesn't seem related to any known cut content.

Type: 727
Frame: 2

painting (ruined)

UVII-SI s821 7 painting.png

Just an unused vandalized painting angle.

Type: 821
Frame: 7

statue (cat)

UVII-SI s854 13-14 statue.png

Cat statues. The first one looks like it's holding an offering bowl. Second is a sideways view of the used one. More stuff from Claw.

Type: 854
Frames: 13, 14

body (glowing cat)

UVII-SI s892 22 body.png

The corpse of a glowing cat, like Olon talks about.

Type: 892
Frame: 22

wall (glowing)

UVII-SI s910 24 wall.gif

A yellow glowing wall, much like other random glowing barriers in this game except unused.

Type: 910
Frame: 24

Unused Scripted Sequence - Caladin and Anti-Dupre

Use the cheat mode to teleport to Anti-Dupre (Npc 263) and hackmove him into your backpack.

It's not necessary, but disabling their schedules or altering them to stay still makes this easier to pull off.

Then go to Caladin and place Anti-Dupre near him.

Use the Usecode Test menu to run Index 2287.

Anti-Dupre casts a spell that replaces Caladin with a bear.

In addition, if Flag 72 is set, the game tries to display this:

"Caladin is already deceased!"

but since this was supposed to be called from within another function, it tries to call the nonexistent itemref to whatever Npc this was supposed to be linked from and crashes the game.

(Source: SB-X)

Unused Areas


UVII-SI ClawRoof.png UVII-SI ClawOffice.png UVII-SI ClawCell.png
At x-944 y-0a7 there is a three story building with a telescope on the roof, an office, and a fairly empty room with a cell beneath.

UVII-SI ClawCorridor.png
UVII-SI ClawNothingness.png

The basement is a tunnel that leads to the darkness inside Claw Island's mountains.


There are pieces of wall scattered about the interior of the mountain. Around x-5c0 y-823 there is a sign and four powderkegs, and at x-5e7 y-7dc z-5 there is a teleport egg that leads to the entrance to Furnace from Moonshade.

UVII-SI ClawGazerCave.png
Also in the mountain there is a cave with gazers, bats, and some treasure. The stairs don't have teleport eggs placed, so they don't go anywhere.

Location: x-616 y-7e5

UVII-SI ClawNorth.png

At the north point there is an Ophidian building that sometimes has rabbits in it.

Location: x-5ff y-790

(Source: Olivier Marcoux, green bamboo mystery peanut, Adrian Yau)

Sealed Skullcrusher

UVII-SI LostSkullcrusher.png

Behind the unopenable doors lie a bunch of corpses, some traps and a stairway to nowhere. One of the bodies has a book that appears nowhere else in the game.

(Source: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.rpg)

Blink Ring Island

UVII-SI BlinkRingIsland.png

An Ophidian building in a small island at x-827 y-9f6 with a blink ring placed in the center.

(Source: rec.games.computer.ultima-dragons)

Sleeping Bull Basement Copy

UVII-SI SBullBasementCopy.png

A walls only copy of the Sleeping Bull basement stashed in the mountains just east of Monitor.

Location: x-489 y-a77

Unused Speech Clips

No. Sound Subtitle Note
[The Guardian] "Pleasant dreams, Avatar... Ha ha hah hah!" Could have been meant to be used like the similar clip in Ultima 7, or maybe in the dream realm?
[Arcadion] "I have paid my debt to thee, and our bargain is concluded. I shall not aid thee again. Beware the Banes of Chaos, Avatar!" Seems like it may have been intended to play after you freed Arcadion.
(Source: Natreg)

Other Unused Text


Cannot wait for printer-only yappers
Danger Will Robinson!  One of your nodes is about to fall off!
Cache: Boy, something is REALLY wrong!
you're fucked


Some ground tiles have silly names.

Type no. Name
9 ice ice baby
52 da floor
80-81 a long fall

Near the debug text:

Super Goblin has vanished!
Iolo is dancing at %s!
NPC %d is ethereal but solid! WE fix.
The Avatar is an Albino!!!