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Ultimate Custom Night

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Title Screen

Ultimate Custom Night

Developer: Scott Cawthon
Publishers: Scott Cawthon (Windows), Clickteam USA (iOS/Android)
Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
Released internationally: June 27, 2018 (Windows), April 28, 2020 (iOS/Android), April 30, 2021 (PS4/Switch/XB1)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

Ultimate Custom Night is what happens if you take the Custom Night mode from the older Five Nights at Freddy's games and add in zany humor, a Nintendo Hard difficulty, and no lore details.

The game breaks every rule in the series, but given that this was one of the last games to be created solely by the original creator, Scott Cawthon (the later games were created by other developers with less input by him), it's nice that the series went all-out and did something really fun.

Originally meant to be an update for Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, it was instead released as a standalone game.


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Prerelease Info

Obscured Graphics

You CRAWL through the vents, not run, dummy! No arms? No legs? No problem!
Whenever Balloon Boy and JJ show up in the vent, only their faces are seen. You can probably see why by just looking at the sprites themselves.

I swear, you were less scary in "FNaF 2".
Like in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, JJ appears under the desk when she gets in the office. This time, her mouth can be partially seen.

Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for any nightmares generated from this article due to the Balloon Children above Rockstar Freddy.
This graphic of Rockstar Freddy shows up when you first boot up the game and when you earn a power-up, but his legs are hidden beneath the screen.

Wait, so there are THREE Springtraps around here now?!
This graphic appears in the third office, but it's placed behind the office image (which has most black parts transparent, allowing this graphic to be seen through it). The silhouette is also unseen due to it being placed on top of a black background.

Closing the door on my face, eh?
Just like the Springtrap graphic above, this graphic is used, but the silhouette is unseen due to it being placed on a black background.

Unused Graphics

Custom Night

UCN-Early Menu.jpg

UCN Unused Custom Night Text.png

Present in the files and intended for the menu, but was removed in favor of the Offices, Power-Ups, and Challenges buttons. Strangely enough, the menu image on Steam and Gamejolt is an older version with this graphic present (seen at right).

Rockstar Chica Facing Right

Rockstar Chica right unused.png

An unused image of Rockstar Chica facing right, this image is the same where she faces left but mirrored. To avoid an error, this image became unused in favor of a new render of her facing right.

Bonnet Animation

UCN Unused Bonnet Animation.gif

An unused animation of Bonnet falling down, recycled from Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. The object for Bonnet that hosts this animation is likely reused from that game, as Clickteam objects can be easily recycled. Bonnet has no falling animation that uses the bright lighting in this game, and instead just moves down when her nose is clicked.

YouTuber Demo Leftover

UCN Youtuber Demo Leftover.png

A leftover image from the demo version that Scott Cawthon sent to YouTubers. This would appear in the middle of the main menu if there was an attempt to start a Night with more than 2,000 points.

Reused FNAF World Save Data

When you trigger the secret with Old Man Consequences where you end up in the "Fourth Layer" area from FNAF World, the game registers a save file called "info" and adds in a value called "beatgame4=1". This save file has no purpose in Ultimate Custom Night, but FNAF World can read it, causing a trophy of Freddy to appear on the file select screen. The reason this happens is because the frame used for this Easter egg is recycled in this game, and the code to have the game execute the data was left intact.

Debug Mode

In the game, there exists a normally disabled counter that would enable a Debug Mode and when enabled, would grant the player access to several debug keyboard shortcuts, such as those that skip the night or drain the power entirely.

Debug Shortcuts

In-game, the following keyboard shortcuts can be activated to varying results.

  • Holding CD and + on the number pad skips the night, similar to what can be done in the first two games.
  • Holding the non-numpad - key drains your power by 1%.
  • Holding C and pressing S should summon Dee-Dee.
  • Pressing X should summon XOR.
  • Pressing R will spawn RWQFSFASXC.
  • Pressing P will spawn Plushtrap.
  • Pressing N will spawn Nightmare Chica.
  • Pressing B will spawn Bonnet.
  • Pressing M will spawn the Minireenas.
  • Pressing L will spawn Lolbit.

On the title screen, pressing 1 will set the quantities of all the power-ups to 3.

(Source: The events in the main game that use the counter)


Mobile Keyboard Shortcuts

For obvious reasons, keyboard shortcuts cannot be done when playing the mobile version of the game. However, if the game is played on an Android emulator, the keyboard shortcuts are still fully functional, save for the cameras.

(Source: r/technicalFNAF)

Revisional Differences

To do:
Log the patches from Scott's own Steam updates as well as note the version numbers prior to that. Find patch release dates.


  • Fixed a bug with Bonnet. She would get stuck on the side of the screen sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug with Toy Chica. She was mirrored for some odd reason.
  • Fixed a bug with Lefty's functionality.
  • Fixed the 50/20 time record-keeping system. It would sometimes not record the best times properly.
  • Adjusted a setting with one of the visual effects that may help performance.
  • Nerfed Nightmarionne (not really)
  • Increased the volume of the "thud" sound effect that plays when you successfully block an animatronic.
  • There was a bug with Toy Chica where she only appeared once per night, so I fixed that. However, this increases the difficulty obviously, so I decreased the amount of Toy Bonnie appearances to balance it.
  • Fixing Bonnet earlier caused a different Bonnet problem (she kept coming back night after night). That's been fixed now.


  • Increased the volume of Chica's pots and pans clattering.
  • Included an important note about Chica in her description, mainly noting that she can be kept at bay with the Global Music Box. This was always a mechanic, but left off of the description for some reason.
  • The Wet Floor sign can no longer be clicked through the monitor.
  • The Molten Freddy "double-bump" glitch has been fixed. He should no longer attack twice in a row.


  • There is now an option to disable visual effects. On the character select menu, simply un-check the "visual effects" box. This should help with the frame rate.
  • Fixed the glitch where you could click the parrot through the monitor.


  • A bug with Withered Bonnie has been fixed. Even though he usually went away quickly when the mask was on, he had the potential to stay FOREVER if you got really, really unlucky. Obviously that needed to be fixed.
  • All of the vent crawlers (Molten Freddy, Withered Chica, etc) still had occasional glitches where they wouldn't always leave the vent even when successfully blocked. That should be fixed now.


  • Arg. NOW the vent animatronics should be fixed. I just can't get them to behave themselves.


  • Withered Bonnie was leaving the Office, no mask required.


  • Now the vent animatronics should be fixed.


  • Made Ballora's attack time more consistent. The time of her attack could vary by as much as a whole second (including zero seconds, which is why people were dying) once her volume reached its loudest. Now the same amount of time passes, a bit less than a second (once volume is max).


  • Ballora fix
  • Fixed a small detail with Foxy that could have potentially locked him up.
  • Fixed 1-letter typo


  • Anyone with 8,000 points or above will have a bronze Freddy statue on their menu screen. Players with 9,000 points or above will have a silver Freddy statue, and players who have beaten 50/20 mode will have a golden Freddy statue on their menu screen

When the game first came out, Toy Chica's bib was flipped in the wrong direction. This was later fixed.