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I am a historian and an archivist of content specifically related to Team Fortress 2. I have also been doing wiki editing in various places and forms since Wikipedia first came around in 2001, when I was in my first year of secondary school. I'm pretty handy with template work, but I'm still learning some of the if statement/ifexpr stuff. I also like to mess around with HTML and CSS for fun.

Things I've Done

  • Created a nice dark theme for the wiki. Get it here!
  • Some of my personal CSS tweaks have been made official and ported in to MediaWiki:Common.css, MediaWiki:Vector.css and MediaWiki:Monobook.css;
    • Username highlighting on Recent Changes & page history
    • Vertical alignment fix for the Featured icon. For a while, the icon was being aligned weird depending on if you used Vector or Monobook, causing it to appear over top of an article's Bob for example.
    • While not a personal tweak, the table column alignment CSS fix that was recently added is something I suggested.
  • Got the Team Fortress 2 article Featured finally! 🥳
    • Also got the model render of the RED Mini-Dispenser featured! 🥳
    • I was not responsible for uploading this file or getting it featured, but I want to note regardless that the screenshot of Powerhouse's waterfall in Team Fortress 2 got featured! 🥳

Things I'm Working On

TF2 Stuff

  • My main goal is to blow up and then act like I don't know nobody make TCRF's Team Fortress 2 cut content documentation the best of any wiki out there.
  • Generating patch diffs for the various .lst files from tf\reslists to figure out when some staging build filenames first appeared in the files.
    • I haven't fully gone through every single manifest yet, but I've already found when all the reslist stuff was first added. I don't think there's much left to find, but I still have to actually document some of the reslist findings, specifically stuff from the .snd files including sound definition names for the Raid Mode Mecha Level 4 Sentry Boss.
  • Figuring out which patch(es) the civilian.ctx class script file was updated in as it did receive an update or two over the years in spite of it never being used.
    • I'd include info on reference pose glitches and how they've become known as "Civilian" glitches but frankly there's no legitimate connection between the Civilian class and the various reference pose glitches, and this is a cut content wiki, not a misidentified glitch wiki. Call it what it actually is; a reference pose glitch. Not a Civilian glitch.
  • Working on the Team Fortress 2 article, and its associated subpages and namespace articles:

RuneScape Stuff

As a player of RuneScape since 2001, I figure I should also lend a hand in the RuneScape department here on TCRF. There's plenty of RuneScape Classic and RuneScape 2 cut content that has been found in the game files that could be covered here.

Here's what I'm currently working on, for RuneScape:

[TF2] Things of Interest

Just some random stuff that most likely won't fit into the actual Team Fortress 2 article(s) anywhere. Most has to do with early/"beta"/cut content apparently found within the Source Developer Repo, which you need an expensive, if not impossible to get (unless you're vaguely "known" about) license to access. I cannot independently verify any of these claims as I do not have access to the repo (yet)

  • There's a screenshot, leaked privately which ended up in my hands, of a model render of the female Soldier based on art by former Valve artist Drew Wolf which can be found on his personal website, DrewWolf.com. The female class thing is already known about, especially with the discovery of the staging build convar to toggle the use of female player models that Valve was testing. However, the repo apparently also contains all the other female class models for the other 7 classes. Thanks to the model render screenshot leak, we now know which of the Soldier concepts was chosen. No further info though.
    • Note: Yes, "the other 7 classes" is correct, as there is no artwork on Drew's portfolio for a female Pyro, so only 8 of the 9 classes would have had a female form.
  • Another screenshot, leaked by Facepunch Forums/Knockout.chat user Testinglol, shows a model render for the Mecha Level 4 Sentry boss from the early MvM prototype gamemode "Raid Mode". Since this boss model is in the repo, it could be assumed that the Knight boss model with the various armor part models would also be present in the repo. The filenames for both the Mecha Level 4 Sentry and Knight boss's models were found by me in some .lst files in tf\reslists from around 2013 at the very least.
    • According to past leaks, the Knight boss model whose filenames I found in the reslist files is actually a scaled-up, greyscaled Demoman with the emblem spot painted over. The reason for this is due to its prototype nature. To speak more on the prototype nature of Raid Mode, the model for the "Minions" in the source code leak is a static bug zapper model. It is assumed that the knight_mini.mdl model, whose filename was found in the source code leak, is just a scaled-down version of the same thing. It is unknown what the armor piece models are. I personally am speculating that the c_bigsword.mdl and c_bigshield.mdl models that went with the Knight were scaled-up versions of the Eyelander and the Chargin' Targe. Perhaps the Chargin' Targe's texture would have had any colored bits greyscaled as well to match the model?
  • I've been told that there are early versions of various types of maps in the repo as well, including but not limited to;
    • Early MvM maps
    • Early Payload maps
    • Early versions of Badlands (not the 2006 form seen in Stephane Gaudette's art portfolio)
    • Raid Mode maps
    • Maps created for commercial purposes. For example, the map seen on the packaging of this box of vinyl figures is an actual (quite small and obviously unfinished/not really playable) map that was made for the artwork.
    • We do know of one map that is definitely in the repo: Testinglol once again leaked a screenshot of a Rocket Jump training map for the Soldier that was never released. Willing to bet money that there are more unreleased training maps in there.
    • There could be other early map versions in there as well. If any other TF2 product packaging has what looks to be map renders from an unknown map on it, the map is probably in the repo.
  • I've also heard that the thirdperson/"world" animations/aim matrixes for all classes grenade throwing are in the repo. Willing to bet money that animations like the Dynamite pack swinging animation for the Demoman are in the repo too, as well as other unknown early animations I don't know about. Maybe the rest of the stock weapon "holster" animations?
    • 4 of the viewmodels for weapons have leftover holster animations, one being the Bat which ends up phasing into the Scout's arm. The version of the viewmodel from the June 2007 proto has a properly functioning holster animation however, meaning the animation was broken at some point, somehow.
  • .psd files for all the player/weapon/prop model textures are most likely in the repo, though I cannot confirm this 100%. There have been 2 .psd files that have made their way into the public:
    • scout_head.psd - This file is easy to find if you know the right people or are in the right Discord server. Or just ask me. It's very useful for learning how to make a player model's head texture. Every detail has its own layer although the layers aren't named and its difficult to figure out the purpose of some layers.
    • v_pistol.psd - This leaked at some point but has been lost to the sands of time. I would like to find a copy for archival purposes. Please contact me if you have a copy and are reading this.
  • The redesigned spawn room turret model (whose textures are in the folder with the TFC spawn turret textures) leaked at one point, but that too has been lost to the sands of time. Alaxe released an excellent recreation of the model on the Source Filmmaker Steam Workshop. The gun portion of the actual model was reused by Valve as part of the Yeti Park map in the Jungle Inferno update in 2017, although the guard tower prop that used the gun went unused in the end.
  • Rumor has it that there are textures for the original robots that were part of the original incarnation of MvM. The robots would have been grey in color, with both RED and BLU working together. And they apparently had gold, silver and green uber charge textures.

Testinglol posted a few pre-release ideas Valve tried with MvM (back when they planned to have RED and BLU working together), including grey robots with gold/silver/green ubers.

Non-TF2 Related Stuff

But still Source Developer Repo related.

  • I've been quoted multiple difference prices for how much a license to access the repo costs. Anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. Someone even said $50,000 once. Some people have said that some others have received licenses for free.
  • I've also been told that a majority of the early content that was in the repo, at least for TF2 (not sure for other games) was removed entirely from the repo at some point because of the various leaks that have occurred. Not sure whether this is true or not, or just people trying to dissuade others from seeking access to the repo to leak things.
  • Valve apparently stated that they would eventually open up the Dev Repo to the public at some point. If they at least separated the source code and any other sensitive stuff from the actual ingame content (materials, maps, models, sounds, etc), and just opened up the content side to the public, a lot of questions could finally be answered.