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User:AdvancedPlayer/Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (Windows, 2004)

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Title Screen

Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut

Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Windows
Released in JP: December 18, 2003
Released in US: September 14, 2004
Released in EU: February 6, 2004

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Better not confuse me!
This page covers the 2004 port of the game, not the (different) 2010 Next-Gen port of the game, and not the 2011 Steam port.
You can find that version's page here.

The 2004 PC version of Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut is a port of the GameCube port, but somehow even worse.

To do:
  • Differences from the GameCube version.
  • See if it's still possible to enable the SPR Task.


Sonic Adventure DX (PC, 2004)-title.png
Changes From Prior Versions
Dear god where to begin?


Download.png Download Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut PC Leftovers
File: SADXPC Leftovers.rar (280 KB) (info)

Debugging Features

Debug Movement


Setting 0x3B29D08 to 1 in Cheat Engine will enable a Debug Movement display showing all invisible walls and inactive objects on the map. This also enables Free Movement mode for every character, except Tails, moving around for a bit will also activate a display.

Debug Collision


The Collision Debugger from the DC Version is also present, but it has been almost completely removed.

Tokyo Game Show Menus

The TGS Menus from the DC version are still present, to access it, replace the seven bytes at C53A in sonic.exe with seven 90 bytes, or install the "TGS Menus" mod from this page.

The menus haven't been updated for 60FPS, Tikal's theme starts playing after a sixth of a second, the title screen lasts 2.5 seconds and the character select lasts 10 seconds, the fading is also broken.

In the Dreamcast Version, X and Y buttons together would bring you to a Level Select, but in the PC version, the game strangely exits.

In the same section of code is a Level Select, though there's no known way of accessing these normally. The code to display the text was removed, though it still functions. The game mistakenly loads the player in "Adventure" mode in the Action Stages without setting an Adventure Field to return to, so selecting the "Quit" option from the pause menu simply puts you in Hedgehog Hammer (level 0).

SPR Task


Earlier versions of Sonic Adventure included a SPR Debugging feature displaying various functions. It's unknown if it can still be accessed, but some of the text still exists.

Japanese Level List

There is a Japanese level list in the main executable (pointer table at 50A250 in US PC sonic.exe), which is not referenced by any code.

 プラクティス 		(Practice)
 エメラルドコースト 	        (Emerald Coast)
 ウィンディバレー   	(Windy Valley)
 トゥインクルパーク  	(Twinkle Park)
 スピードハイウェイ  	(Speed Highway)
 レッドマウンテン    	(Red Mountain)
 スカイデッキ    	        (Sky Deck)
 ロストワールド  	        (Lost World)
 アイスキャップ  		(Icecap)
 カジノ  			(Casino)
 ファイナルエッグ    	(Final Egg)
 きのこ                  (Mushroom)
 ホットシェルター    	(Hot Shelter)
 ジャングル  		(Jungle)
 砂漠    		(Desert)
 カオス0    		(Chaos 0)
 カオス2    		(Chaos 2)
 カオス4    		(Chaos 4)
 カオス6    		(Chaos 6)
 カオスFINAL    	        (Chaos FINAL)
 エッグモービル1    	(Egg Mobile 1)
 エッグモービル2    	(Egg Mobile 2)
 エッグモービル3    	(Egg Mobile 3)
 ZERO    		(ZERO)
 E-101  		(E-101)
 E-101改    	        (E-101 Mk.II)
 シューティング1    	(Shooting 1)
 シューティング2    	(Shooting 2)
 砂ボード			(Sandboard)

Notable items include:

  • Hedgehog Hammer listed as プラクティス (Practice)
  • Three empty level slots listed as きのこ (Mushroom), ジャングル (Jungle), and 砂漠 (Desert)
  • Adventure Fields and Twinkle Circuit listed as empty strings

Free Movement Mode

There is a Free Movement mode that can be used to fly around, this is also in the Dreamcast version. It can be found by changing the Action ID to 87 for Sonic, 57 for Knuckles and 53 for Amy.

The controls are as follows:
Analog Stick = Move
Analog Stick + X = Move Up/Down
A = Exit Free Movement mode.
B = Go to the current character's start position.

Free Movement mode seems to be partially removed from the game. Big's Free Movement can be seen by setting his action to 59, but the only remaining feature of it being the way his arms move when pressing the buttons to move up or down. Tails and Gamma don't have free movement mode at all.

Leaving Free Movement mode puts the character in an action natural for the current stage. For example, in Icecap and Sand Hill the player will regain their board upon leaving free movement mode. This is the same for stages such as Perfect Chaos, which drops the player as Super Sonic.