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Compulsive lurker and DK dataminer. Currently hacking and slashing my way through the jungles of Donkey Kong 64 and its prototype.

My DK64 Backlog

Artist's depiction


  • Continue moving stuff over from Notes.
  • Stuff that hasn't made it off my hard drive/sandbox yet:
    • Audio differences
    • Ability/animation differences (mostly already covered I think)
    • Notable area textures
    • Used object differences
  • Finish Level Differences.
  • Finish the Early Script page.


Depends on what Flargy filler's doing. I have a collection of differences and screenshots/videos for the first few months (up to/including E3), but am holding off on the rest for now.

  • Should at least get started at some point, put a basic structure together

Not going to work on Bugs (much), since I'm not that familiar with the game's glitches.

Datamining Todos

  • Finish comparing final ROM graphics to kiosk's.
  • List of Model 1 objects across both versions.

The Rest

  • Early text and song data in Donkey Konga 3.
  • Assorted finds for Tempo (graphics, text) and Paper Mario (mostly just graphics).
  • Attempt to wrangle the unused text in Paper Mario and its Notes page onto its own space.

I might work on these if nobody else gets around to them:

  • Gex 3: N64/PSX differences