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User:Ambient Malice/Turok 3/N4TKER09

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This prototype was released in 2012 by N64 fansite Micro-64

Intro sequence

This build contains a rough intro sequence which is not present in the later prototype, nor the final game.

Boss Health Bar

This health bar was replaced with a row of rectangles along the top of the screen in later builds.

Turok3 N64 Boss health prototype.png

Cutscene Shadows

This prototype has silhouette shadows for character models during cutscenes. These were removed in later builds. (And as seen here, the lighting was often heavily redone.)

N4TKER09 Other Versions
Turok 3 cutscene prototype shadows.png Turok 3 cutscene final noshadows.png

Fading corpses

In this build, corpses take significantly longer to fade, while in the final game they fade almost instantly upon death.

Cut enemy

This scorpion-like enemy was replaced by dogs in the final game. It attacks by biting and swinging its tail.

N4TKER09 Other Versions
Turok 3 Cut enemy.png Turok 3 Cut enemy final.png

Cheat Menu

This prototype contains a cheat called "Dark City", which appears to be similar in function to the "Perfect Darkness" cheat from Perfect Dark.

The "sequence accepted" audio clip is different in this build.

N4TKER09 Final

Differences by Mission


Elevator Ride

The elevator sequence was different in the N4TKER09 prototype in that the player could see the floors passing by, including one with a dead body. All additional dummy floors were removed completely. The N4TKER18 prototype sequence is almost identical to the final game, except it seems to have a miniature elevator model floating in the centre of the elevator.

N4TKER09 Other Versions
Turok 3 elevator prototype.png Turok 3 elevator final.png


N4TKER09 uses a broken railing as a ladder. Later versions replace this with a more traditional climbing surface, and also replaced the surrounding railing style.

N4TKER09 Other Versions
Turok 3 ladder prototype.png Turok 3 ladder final.png

Old Man

The old man is located in a room behind the generator\boiler, and he leads the player though the tunnels. In the final game, he is standing at the end of the tunnels.

Boss Fight

The boss fight is significantly more difficult in this version. The player must shoot smaller tentacles on the monster before attacking the main tentacle emerging from the rift.

Military Base

This mission causes crashes and op-code errors when it is entered. By using the debug menu, it is possible to skip to later areas of the mission.

Lost Land

Lighting\Start Area

The lighting was much darker in the prototype, and the start area lacked the broken structure.

N4TKER09 Other Versions
Turok 3 lost land prototype 1.png Turok 3 lost land final 1.png


In the final game, the lighting is brighter, the panel was moved to the opposite wall, textures were changed, the Opisthor pushes player when it strikes them - the boss and panel have no sound effects in the prototype.

N4TKER09 Other Versions
Turok 3 opisthor prototype.png Turok 3 opisthor final.png