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Title Screen

Andrew Rae

Also known as: sprinter_h (GSCentral),
sprinter82 (YouTube), R (Various role-play chats)
Developer: My dad
Publisher: My mom
Released in JP: Some day...
Released in US: September 16, 1982

Coulda used a little more.
This page needs more cowbell.
We got a fever and there's only one prescription.

My cat welcomes you.

I'm just another fella who enjoys looking for unused content in video games. You never know what I'll grant the light of day, so stay tuned, kids!

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Mega Man IV


Okay, so I'm not the one who put this up on the site; I am, however, the one who discovered it in early 2003. I was trying to hack a stage modifier code and...this kicked me in the face. Could be the first time I'd ever found a debug menu on my own in a game.

Blaster Master


When I first got into emulation in the spring of '99, Blaster Master was one of the first games I had downloaded. Back then, the prime NES emulator was NESticle, one that is pretty fickle by today's standards. I particularly loved messing with the tile editor, through which I had spotted graphics for a 'Spike' item sitting plain-as-day in the subscreen bank. The funny thing was, not even Blaster Master Underground (to which I had sent a couple Fester's Quest-related images) had known about this mystery item.

Double Dragon (NES)


When you're real young and you play a notoriously difficult game, do you wonder what awaits you beyond the spots you can't pass? Do you particularly wonder how the game even ends? Do you expect some grand, detailed, bombastic ending sequence after all this brutality? When you're real young...probably. And don't deny that some incidents found their way into your sub-conscious (For me, it was CastleVania - but that's another game).
One game I recalled playing in my youth was the NES Double Dragon, and the farthest I'd seen anyone get is the second part of mission 4. What I hadn't known was that this was VERY close to the end - or that the machine-gunner guy was in it - or that this game had unused graphics for an actual credits sequence. Boy, would I have liked to see this, especially back then.
I should also add that I had sent this to the old Rusted Logic site circa 2004 - But it never got put up.

Pac-Man (Game Boy)


I certainly wasn't expecting to find something like this when I was sifting through this game. I personally think a better translation than what we have would be along the lines of "Namco wishes to give their regards!!"
PS: I whited out some used graphics that were in the upper-right corner of the block.

Rampage (NES)


A stage select in a game like Rampage...Boy, would that be handy, I thought when I saw this. Special thanks to Cah4e3 for the code to get into it.

King of Fighters '95 (Game Boy)


I dang near blew nensondubois' head when I gave him the code for this. A FULL SGB sound test in a Game Boy game? This alone was the reason I picked this game up not too long after. Super Game Boy eff tee dubbayoo!

X-Men (NES)

(Click to enlarge)
Now come on, this game is frustrating enough as it is, but they had the brass to make the final stage accessible only through a button code!? Back around 2003, I was able to figure it out from a tip I found online (can't remember who or where), and made sure to release the code to GameFAQs as well as contributor DEngel so he could make the last map. But the 'SCORE!!!' moment didn't come until early-to-mid 2012, when I found out this discovery of mine, an in-game hint regarding the final stage, made WIKIPEDIA.