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This page contains notes about the SuperH on the Sega Saturn(SH-2) and Dreamcast(SH-4). You may edit this!

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Sega Satrun

Disassemble ram.bin(high RAM) to disasm.txt.

cat <(strings -td ram.bin | perl -nle '$_=~/\s*([0-9]+)\s*(.+)$/; printf " %x: %s\n",0x06000000+int($1),$2') <(sh4-linux-gnu-objdump -D -b binary -EB -m sh4 --adjust-vma=0x06000000 ram.bin) | sort -b | uniq > disasm.txt


Disassemble 1ST_READ.BIN to disasm.txt.

cat <(strings -td 1ST_READ.BIN | perl -nle '$_=~/\s*([0-9]+)\s*(.+)$/; printf " %x: %s\n",0x0C010000+int($1),$2') <(sh4-linux-gnu-objdump -D -b binary -EL -m sh4 --adjust-vma=0x0C010000 1ST_READ.BIN) | sort -b | uniq > disasm.txt



00 09

Jump Instructions

jmp, jsr

Used for absolute jumping.

Jump range:

PC = register;
Instruction Note
jmp delay slot.
jsr Jump to sub routine. delay slot.

bf, bf/s, bt, bt/s, bra, bsr, bsrf

Used for relative jumping.

Jump range:

PC = PC + (disp * 2); // disp = -128 ~ 127
Instruction Note
bf Branch on False, if( T==0 ) jump;
bf/s Branch on False with delay slot, if( T==0 ) jump;
bt Branch on True, if( T==1 ) jump;
bt/s Branch on True with delay slot, if( T==1 ) jump;
bra delay slot.
bsr Branch to sub routine. delay slot.

braf, bsrf=

Used for relative jumping.

Jump range:

PC = PC + register;
Instruction Note
bra delay slot.
bsr Branch to sub routine. delay slot.

mul.l, muls.w, mulu.w

Used for 32-bit or 16-bit multiplication. Stores result in MACL register.

MACL = register * register
Instruction Note
mul.l multiplies two registers and stores lower 32 bits of result to MACL.
muls.w multiplies two 16-bit signed registers and stores result to MACL.
mulu.w multiplies two 16-bit unsigned registers and stores result to MACL.

dmuls.l, dmulu.l

Used for 64-bit multiplication. Stores result in MAC register. The lower 32-bits are in MACL, and the higher 32-bits are in MACH.

MAC = register * register
Name Notes
dmuls.l multiplies two signed registers and stores 64-bit result in MAC.
dmulu.l multiplies two unsigned registers and stores 64-bit result in MAC.


Name Notes
R0 index register
R15 (sp) hardware stack pointer
SR Status register
PR Procedure register. like a MIPS's ra
GBR Global base register. to use for array/structure access.
MAC Two registers, consisting of MACH and MACL. for operations that include multiplying.