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User:Atomicdesolation/Ys IX: Monstrum Nox (Windows)

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To do:
  • Check for any other unused maps, and check for differences in map layouts / modeling.
  • Check the leftover development files for any interesting info.
  • Move content to subpages.
Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
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Title Screen

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

Developer: Nihon Falcom
Publisher: NIS America
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: July 6, 2021

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.



Unused Items

Unused items can be obtained via the Obtain Item menu offered by the Settings, etc. NPC in the unused debug room mp_9999.


The ◆Moonbeam Mirror is one of the only unused items which has an effect when used. When used in the Abyssal World, it warps the player back to town.

Ys IX-PC-unuseditems-moonbeam mirror.png

Key Items

An item named ◆Any Vegetable is added to the inventory. Its purpose is currently unknown, but judging from the name, it was possibly related to cooking meals.

Ys IX-PC-unuseditem-any vegetable.png


Two items named can be found amongst other gift items, but their purpose is currently unknown.

Ys IX-PC-unuseditem-presents.png

Unused Graphics

Graphical assets are stored as .itp files, which are basically just compressed .dds files, which requires a tool such as this one in order to decompress and view these files.


A couple of leftovers from the previous game can be found at this path. The name of the text file in this folder indicates that the folder was meant to be deleted in the retail versions.

Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-lnbase00.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-lnmp1135.png


Within this folder are a bunch more leftovers from the previous game. Interestingly there is a set of battle and other UI elements featuring Adol and Krysha amongst character faces from Ys VIII.

Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-csub 01.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-csub 02.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-csub 03.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-csub 04.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-csub 05.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-csub 06.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-menu c2.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-menu c4.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-menu c5.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-menu c6.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-if win.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-system01.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-y8 btl.png


Some rough and early-looking versions of character portraits can be found in this folder with the file names ui_ch12.itp through to ui_ch16.itp.

Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-ui ch12.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-ui ch13.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-ui ch14.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-ui ch15.png Ys IX-PC-leftovergraphics-ui ch16.png

Development Leftovers

Included in the game's files is a folder named inc which appears to contain a number of C/C++ header files (with the .h extension) used during development. Most of these files contain a number of untranslated comments next to each defined label. In addition, a number of .tbl and CSV files are located within the text folder, also containing a ton of untranslated comments and other information. The folders system and system_en also have a few CSV files (lit_atxt.csv, lit_dtxt.csv, and lit_rtxt.csv) which appear to list descriptions for various debug settings plus various other messages for errors, debugging, and more.

Unused Maps

Much like the previous entry in the series, a lot of test maps remain in this game as well. You can find all of the game's NPCs, enemies, and objects in these maps. There are also a handful of maps used to test various scripts.

To access these unused maps, you will need Cheat Engine and a hex editor to figure out what map you currently are in. To figure out what map you are in, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Save in any map. Make sure you backup your save before editing.
  2. Find your save data folder. This should be in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Saved Games\FALCOM\Ys9.
  3. Open the save in your hex editor. At the very top of the save file will be similar text to the following: map/mp0018/mp0018.arg.
  4. Copy the part of the text string after the map/ text. We'll be using this for Cheat Engine.

After you have found your map name in your save file, open Cheat Engine and follow the steps listed below.

  1. Attach the ys9.exe process to Cheat Engine while Ys 9 is running.
  2. In the main window of Cheat Engine, change the Value Type to String.
  3. Paste your map name that you retrieved from your save file in the Value box and hit New Scan then First Scan.
  4. There should only be one result. Right click it then then click the first option in the list. If there are several results for your search try moving to a new map and watch for the value that changes.
  5. Finally, edit the text by double clicking the Value box below with anything from the sections below.
  6. Save your game with the edits you made.
  7. Load the edited save.

Sometimes when editing map text strings you may need to make sure there is no leftover text strings when saving. To do that, in the memory editor window, replace the trailing text strings with the value 00 in hexadecimal.

(Source: Original TCRF research)
  • NOTE: A trainer was used to enable infinite jumping to get better views of certain areas.

Test Maps

mp_9999 (Scenario & Level Select)

A square-shaped room featuring numerous NPCs offering various options to choose from. Some of these tests are quite similar to the previous game's. A blue glowing object is present upon loading the map which fades out quickly and disappears. A bit of graffiti is on the wall behind the NPCs. There is also a treasure chest in front of the NPCs off to the side which contains 10000 Gold. The NPCs, starting in the front row, and from left to right, are as follows:

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999.png


This cat offers 6 different options to choose from.

Option Notes
MAYATest Event selection Can choose to play back either Pro: Shot by a mysterious woman, or Ch 3: Attacked by Hawk cutscenes.
Chapter 4 Test The screen fades to black as a few informational screens appear. The third message interestingly states that a map is still under construction, and that journal entries aren't implemented. Warps the player to a map which upon loading, shows only a black screen. If the player saves and re-loads, it appears to be a version of the Dandelion (map mp1011), but with some missing objects and NPCs. Abandoned Building is displayed as the location name, strangely. Adol's level is set to 3, the current chapter is set to Chapter 2, and most of the characters here do nothing when spoken to, except for the shops which work fine. Silhouette is the only NPC which has dialogue, when using the Talk option.
Dungeon Test The option for City Underpass warps you to the Tranquil Underpass, and the option for Waterway Remains takes you to the Cloaca Maxima. The remaining two options are for testing the Random Dungeon Generator (See the section below for more info).
Grimwald Nox Test Warps you to the selected Nox battle. Can also toggle flags to skip animations. The final two options simply open the Reprisal and Ritual Relic menus. The Grimwald Nox Test NPC in this room also offers the same options.
Gift Action The Settings, etc. NPC offers the same options here. Various settings related to Monstrum Gifts can be changed here. Each of the green options opens a similar set of choices. The Move to Test Map option warps the player to map tes0000. The final option warps the player to map tes0100
Inmate Adol Part Test A submenu with three options: Puzzle Part Test gives the choices Puzzle_Difficulty High (Start Here) and Puzzle_Difficulty Low. Trap Action Part Test displays Stage 1 (Gimmick Main) and Stage 2 (Battle Main). These all warp the player to unused maps with unused gameplay mechanics. See the sections below for more info. Finally, the third option, Switch to Inmate Adol does exactly that, changing the player's appearance.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-verification.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-verification-ch4 test.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-verification-ch4 test 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-verification-ch4 test 3.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-verification-ch4 test 4.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-verification-ch4 test 5.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-verification-gift.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-verification-gift 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-verification-gift 3.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-verification-inmate.png

Sub Event Test

The lady beside the cat has options related to events involving quests, bonding events, Grimwald Nox scenes, and more.

Option Notes
◆Check Bulletin Board Self-explanatory.
Quest Organized into subpages, warps you to the selected quest event.
Present Event Warps you to the selected event. If the event has already been seen, it simply warps you to the related map.
Bonding Event Warps you to the selected bonding event. Some untranslated text is seen on the third page of events.
Barrier Unlock Event Warps you to the selected event. If barriers are already unlocked, it simply warps you to the related map.
Grimwald Nox Event Warps you to the selected Grimwald Nox Event, with an option to Autoplay them all. The second page plays back the selected Grimwald Nox Movie.
Inmate Part Test A number of quests and events are listed here, warping you to the selected option. Resets your parts and stats.
Location Point Warps you to the selected Landmark.
For Recording Video Plays back the selected story scene. Only one option is selectable with the rest greyed-out. During the bull fighting scene, the name above the dialog box for the announcer is untranslated for some lines, oddly. The spoken dialog heard during the latter half of this scene is similar but quite different to the text shown, possibly being an early translation or alternate voice takes. Some sound effects seem to be missing.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-subevent.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-subevent-quest.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-subevent-present.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-subevent-bonding.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-subevent-barrier.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-subevent-grimwald.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-subevent-inmate.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-subevent-location.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-subevent-recording.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-subevent-recording 2.png

Event Test

Warps you to a selected cutscene. The events are organized into subpages for each chapter.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-event test.png

Settings, etc.
Option Notes
Change Flag Set "event", "disguise", and "attack" flags.
Obtain Item Self-explanatory, includes items, weapons, materials, Nox, and money. The New Game+ flag can be set here as well.
Map-related Each of these submenus lets you warp to and unlock areas, barriers, and shops. The text in some areas is untranslated.
Gift Action Same options as the Verification NPC. Various settings related to Monstrum Gifts can be changed here. Each of the green options opens a similar set of choices. The Move to Test Map option warps the player to map tes0000. The final option warps the player to map tes0100
TUtorial List This entry has a typo. Plays back the selected tutorial.
Main Flag Set (General) Appears to set specific story flags. This menu is similar to the General Convo Test NPC nearby but does not warp the player anywhere.
Other Flag Sets Options for setting more flags.
Trophy Check, etc Described below.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-settings.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-settings-obtain item.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-settings-map.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-settings-map-move area.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-settings-map-areaunlock.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-settings-map-unlock shop.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-settings-tutorial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-settings-main flag.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-settings-other flag.png

Trophy Check, etc
Option Notes
Pre-Limit system Sets values to be just before their maximum value.
Pre-Trophy system Sets values to be just before the trophy unlock threshold. This menu has mostly the same options listed as the Pre-Limit system, except for text in brackets saying "Trophy" rather than "Limit", and there are three more options available, which give the player recipes, equipment, and materials.
Journal System A submenu with five options: Quest, People, Monster, Materials, Help. The first is for toggling quests as complete, failed, or unregistered. The People option displays two choices: Affinity Test and Character Memo Test, each displaying a unique message. Materials displays a message saying it is not implemented, and to use a different function. Monster and Help display the message Currently not implemented.
All Trophy Acquired Test Displays an instructional message.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-settings-trophy.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-settings-trophy-pretrophy.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-settings-trophy-journal.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-settings-trophy-journal-people-affinity.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-settings-trophy-journal-people-char memo.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-settings-trophy-journal-quest.png

Boss Test

Warps you to the selected boss fight.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-boss test.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-boss test 2.png

Balance Test

Warps you to various parts in the story. It also levels your party according to where you will be placed in the story. The first subpage has an option which says [InProgress], interestingly.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-balance.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-balance 2.png

Grimwald Nox Test

Warps you to the selected Nox battle. Can also toggle flags to skip animations. The final two options simply open the Reprisal and Ritual Relic menus.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-subevent-grimwald.png

Test Shop

A simple shop test. Some strange string is shown in the dialog box below. The options Andelph's Armory - Buy and Giselle's Tailoring - Make offer a selection of high-level gear to purchase and craft.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-shop.png

Test Dogi

This test doesn't match up with the NPC's name. Speaking to Dogi in the rear row causes the camera to change position, and displays a blank dialog box below while playing through every Active Voice clip. The player can move while the blank dialog box is open. The first clips seem to be NPC conversations, followed by party chatter for members of the group.

General Convo Test

Seems to function mostly the same as the Settings, etc. NPC's Main Flag Set (General) menu, except it warps the party to the related map after selecting an option.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-settings-main flag.png

Test Mob

The child NPC behind the two rows says ◆Creating, followed by displaying dialog boxes with each character portrait, one by one, each with the text Display Test. The portrait used for Marius is Prisoner Adol, strangely, and the name Xavier? has a question mark in it for some reason.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-mob.png

LoD Character Test

Speaking to the man with the hat next to Krysha in the corner causes the same effect as the Test Dogi NPC.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-lod.png


Opens the same shop menu as with the Test Shop NPC.

test_mp1000 (Balduq City)

A version of Balduq City with no loading zones or barriers present, except for one barrier around the coliseum. There are also no points to use the warping ability on. The land in the distance outside of the city is not fully modeled. There are NPCs throughout the city, but they do not move, and cannot be spoken to. Some areas are missing objects as well, such as in the market.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-test mp1000-market.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-test mp1000-aerial.png

There is a guard near the cathedral who reacts to the use of Monstrum abilities if they are used within the guard's line of sight. The circular meter increases more as he watches you, and moves towards the player upon the meter filling completely. The guard will eventually return to his original position afterwards. This mechanic is unused during normal gameplay, with guards in the town simply ignoring the player's use of their special abilities.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-test mp1000-guard.png

While approaching the western exit, there are 2 wagons which spawn just off the end of the edge of the bridge, which fall into the void below.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-test mp1000-wagons.png

test_mp2330 (Dungeon)

What appears to be an early dungeon. None of the collision or level geometry seems to be present, with only the object, switch and trap placements remaining. Some platforms and hookshot points are also present. Sometimes a small cutscene can be triggered which shows a row of four trap objects with a switch just behind them. This map also has a working area map.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-test mp2330.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-test mp2330-cutscene.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-test mp2330-aerial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-test mp2330-areamap.png

test_mp2350 (Dungeon)

Similar to the test_mp2330 map, minus the working area map. This areas seems smaller, with less objects.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-test mp2350.png

testmap (Platforming, Objects)

A map for testing various game mechanics. There is a variety of stepped and sloped surfaces here to test movement, including a pool of water which the player can enter. The player never normally goes underwater in the game. There are also a couple entrances to use the dive ability on: one which leads to a small room with a lantern and the other leading to a dead end.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testmap-aerial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testmap-room 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testmap-room 3.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testmap-underwater.png

One room has a floor with a variety of textures with untranslated text above them. The textures are named:

Text Japanese / Translation ID

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testmap-textures.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testmap-textures 2.png

The fancy gold cube object is unused in normal gameplay and can be destroyed with a charged attack. A number of breakable objects are here near some chests. After one is opened the rest cannot be interacted with. All four give an item called [Always] Poison Lv. 1.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testmap-objects.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testmap-gold cube.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testmap-chests.png


Note: This map can be loaded by renaming files, as using the Cheat Engine method seems to only load into a black void. Things may not be exactly correct as a result.

This map contains a variety of objects: benches, lamps, breakables, Nox crystals and relics, grass, and trees. The chests can be opened, which all contain Faint Drop x4. The Nox crystals and relics cannot be damaged or destroyed.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testmap obj1.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testmap obj1 2.png

testown (Balduq City)

A version of Balduq during the Grimwald Nox. Some buildings have placeholder textures, and some have square floating black developer "signs" on them indicating what the building is. There are no loading zones present. The player is unable to save the game in this map. One building has a glitched-looking white roof, which appears similar to the one seen in this map from the previous game. There is a barrier present blocking access to parts of the city, but it is possible to go around it, or use the various hookshot points throughout town to clip through it. The Hookshot points are mostly placed on buildings near the fountain plaza, as well as along the main roads that go toward the western gates. The terrain in the background outside of the city is modeled but has no collision, causing void-outs. The Dandelion can be entered with the interior being crudely modeled.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testown.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testown 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testown 3.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testown-dandelion.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testown-dandelion-interior.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testown-aerial.png

Some areas feature different layouts of structures such as the buildings near the west gates, and some of the collision in areas doesn't match the geometry. Here is a comparison of the western gates in various maps:

testown tes0061
Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testown-westgate.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0061-westgate.png
tes0070 Final
Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0070-westgate.png Ys IX-PC-final-westgate.png

Note: This map can be loaded by renaming files, as using the Cheat Engine method seems to only load into a black void. Things may not be exactly correct as a result.

Map seems identical to testown, except without barriers blocking access to parts of the city.


Note: This map can be loaded by renaming files, as using the Cheat Engine method seems to only load into a black void. Things may not be exactly correct as a result.

There is a large collection of benches randomly in the fountain square. It is very dark and hard to see on this map. There are no hookshot points here. It otherwise seems identical to testown.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testown addtest (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testown addtest (2).png


Note: This map can be loaded by renaming files, as using the Cheat Engine method seems to only load into a black void. Things may not be exactly correct as a result.

Similar to testown_addtest, except instead of benches, there's a collection of lamp posts randomly in the fountain square.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testown grim (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testown grim (2).png

tesyama (Balduq City)

A very simple version of Balduq with no textures. There are also no loading zones here. No barriers prevent the player from exploring the terrain far in the distance, which conveniently has collision to walk on, as opposed to the testown map. The city buildings have simpler models with less detail. There are hookshot points on buildings which are placed similarly to those on the testown map. Less decorative objects are present, for example, the fountain plaza is missing the fountain. Nearby the plaza is a single large tree. As with the previous map some areas feature different layouts of structures or terrain, such as near the west gates and on Estatte Road just outside the gates.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tesyama-aerial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tesyama-aerial-village.png

There are a number of objects here in this map, some which aren't seen elsewhere in the game, near the west gates as well as on Estatte Road:

  • There are strange and massive, snaking and conical translucent objects which have no collision. Objects that pass in front are reflected in these structures. These reflections have a refracting shimmer effect.
  • Groups of red, green, and blue rectangular strips extending to the sky.
  • A collection of unused floating spheres with various textures. All but a few of them are rotating in place.
  • Three cats. One can has a speech indicator which appears only when standing in a specific spot but nothing happens when spoken to. One cat moves around erratically, and can be attacked. This cat, named Cat Mons, shows an inspection indicator when standing in specific spots, but again, nothing happens upon interaction.
  • A small floating square stone platform near the cats. It gives you a Gothic Sword upon inspecting it.
  • A small ramp with a unique shiny blue checkered texture. This texture is also used in the Trap Test maps.
  • Three groups of floating panel things, each group having a variation of a texture.
  • The terrain here on Estatte Road is full of oversized grass which is taller than the player.
  • There is a pool of strangely colored green fluid. Entering this liquid has no effect on the player, however.
  • In the pool of green liquid are two tall translucent black rectangular pillars. There are flat blue platforms attached to the pillars which also feature hookshot points. These pillars cause a void-out upon contact. Another of these pillars, much larger in size and placed at an angle, is within town along with a flat plane of green water below it.
  • The trees and a couple rocks surrounding the pillars and liquid also feature hookshot points.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tesyama-structures.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tesyama-objects.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tesyama-objects 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tesyama-liquid.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tesyama-structures 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tesyama-platforms.png


Note: This map can be loaded by renaming files, as using the Cheat Engine method seems to only load into a black void. Things may not be exactly correct as a result.

This map is similar to the map tes0201, with the invisible ground. A number of objects are placed in and near the fountain square. As Adol walks around, certain areas seem to trigger a text box above Adol saying Exited Lawn. Various objects and hookshot points float throughout the city. Near the fountain plaza an odd effect can be triggered, distorting the screen with a bright blueish haze. This can be easily triggered by standing on top of the fountain. Some buildings are placed in odd locations, such as a placeholder-textured coliseum model located near the west walls which is larger than normal.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tesyama2 (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tesyama2 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tesyama2-effect.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tesyama2-aerial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tesyama2-aerial-west.png


Note: This map can be loaded by renaming files, as using the Cheat Engine method seems to only load into a black void. Things may not be exactly correct as a result.

Blue-green cubes as seen in the testrap_test maps form a simple flat square platform. It is placed far under the mountain environment seen in the testaka1 map.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tesyama3.png

tes0000 (Balduq City)

A version of Balduq which is very similar to tesyama, including the placeholder textures and with the vast landscape to explore in the distance, although much simpler in comparison: this version is lacking the strange, massive translucent structures, the assortment of objects located by the west gates and the tall grass and green pool on the western road.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0000.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0000-trees.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0000-aerial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0000-aerial-west.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0000-aerial-east.png

tes0010 (NPCs)

A mostly empty, brightly colored test room with a spot in the middle of the room that can be talked to. Its name is displayed as Credo (c0020), but there is no model present. Speaking to it simply displays a message:

Expressions Not Created

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0010.png

tes0050 (Combat, NPC Anims)

This room houses a number of hostile monsters, and a group of NPCs in a row near the middle of the room. In one corner is a Lv.82 Depth Gigan, and in another corner is an unused cube enemy named Attack Test. The cube is quite lethal, and performs a hop-stomp attack causing massive damage to the party. The cube does not move other than performing its attack, as well as turning in place to always face the player.

The monsters in this room try to attack the various NPCs (which cannot be harmed), as well as the two green goblin monsters which can eventually be killed.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0050.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0050-cube.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0050-cubejump.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0050-cubeattack.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0050-enemies.png

A few of the NPCs offer tests when spoken to. Starting from left to right:

NPC Notes
c5020_ON / c5020_OFF Two horses can be spoken to. They say nothing, but upon interaction with the left horse (c5020_ON), the two green goblins nearby are spawned atop the horse at odd angles. Speaking to the right horse causes one of the goblins to fall off the horse onto the ground.
c0040 Speaking to Yufa here seems to have no apparent effect.
c1080 The bartender causes the NPC just in front to raise in the air in a very crude, simple hop animation. The NPC itself is not animated at all and simply gets launched up a few feet and falls back down.
Mr. Motion Test Speaking to Dogi on the right end of the row allows for testing of three simple poses: the first is a "readied" looking stance with arms slightly lifted. The second is a chair sitting pose, and the third has Dogi sit on the ground in an awkward position, slightly clipped though the floor.
m4901 The gargoyle on the far right of the room simply displays a text box with the following:
Gargoyle (m4901)

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0050-horse.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0050-jump.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0050-dogi.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0050-gargoyle.png

tes0051 (NPC Anims)

This room contains a number of main story NPCs which allow for testing simple animations unique to each NPC. The options offered differ slightly from character to character. The camera angle seems to get stuck in a zoomed-in position after speaking to NPCs, and they also stay in their last used pose and do not reset, which is a common issue throughout the test rooms.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0051.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0051-anims.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0051-menu.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0051-menu 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0051-menu 3.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0051-menu 4.png

There is also a row of objects that are used during NPC animations. One NPC, Smirnov, plays out a scene involving himself and Jules when choosing EV_06_20_20. The scene features text which accompanies the actions of the scene:

Jules falls over
Smirnov rushes over
Jules clenches his fist

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0051-smirnov.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0051-smirnov 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0051-smirnov 3.png

tes0052 (NPC Anims)

A test room with various NPCs and a couple enemies. The NPCs can be damaged by Atra Nox Philius attacks, but most cannot be destroyed, except for Pie-taro which plays its death animation and disappears after enough damage. The bull and wagon stop displaying damage numbers after a few attacks.

An Attack Test cube is also present in this room, located off to the side by one wall. Some of the NPCs here offer animation tests which work similar to other rooms.

Speaking to Zola or the bull appear to do nothing, and the horse wagon's collision prevents the player getting close enough to interact properly. Monstrum Credo (c0020) offers three choices of animations involving Iris, Iris (c1410)s options are wide range of generic animations and some unique to Iris. The monster, Pie-taro, offers animation tests involving Zola.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0052.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0052-anims.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0052-anims 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0052-anims 3.png

tes0053 (Combat)

This test room simply has a group of hostile monsters: four Lv. 4 Moorgarths and four Lv. 4 Maretudos. Groaning Grotto appears on screen upon loading the map.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0053.png

tes0054 (Enemies)

A room with five monsters in a row by one of the walls. They simply stand in place idling.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0054.png

tes0055 (Combat)

A room with a variety of hostile enemies to fight. They range from low level minor enemies (ex. a Lv.18 Hornville and a Lv.25 Culeiyo) to being quite strong, such as the Lv.80 Chimeral Chard III in the back. The game seems to lock up easily here.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0055.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0055 2.png

tes0056 (NPC Anims)

This room has 9 NPCs to talk to, with Chatelard's sword hovering upside down nearby.

The animation tests offered by Monstrum Adol and Yufa are the same. These tests feature animations involving multiple NPCs, with text displayed below describing each action, one at a time, but sometimes just saying push. The NPCs do not reset position, so reloading the map is needed to view these scenes.

Atra, seemingly at random, occasionally performs an attack which can damage and destroy nearby NPCs. Speaking to Atra offers a fairly generic animation test menu full of eye, mouth, and facial movements. The remaining NPCs all offer the same choices as each other, which is a wide range of generic NPC movement animations.

Atra's animation test menu seems to be a bit bugged, as one option is simply a } and some categories seem mixed together.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (3).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (4).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (5).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (6).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (7).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (8).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (9).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (10).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (11).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (12).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (13).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (14).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (15).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (16).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (17).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (18).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (19).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (20).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (21).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (22).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (23).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (25).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0056 (1).png

tes0057 (NPC Anims)

A room with (c1060) Marius and (c0003) Adol. Marius offers a single animation test, Hand Chop Adol, which is very clumsy and rough-looking, and plays out similarly to animations in room tes0056.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0057.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0057 2.png

tes0058 (NPCs)

A room with two NPCs but nothing to do as they cannot be spoken to.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0058.png

tes0059 (NPC Anims)

Riche, Carla, and Sadie stand in the center of the room, each with a cup behind them. They each offer animation tests involving said cups. Riche and Carla's animations are similar to each other.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0059.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0059-anims.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0059-anims 2.png

tes0060 (Egg Test)

A pretty basic room, with a cow, 3 chickens which wander around, and four Eggs of Draupnir. The three on the right are shown to be Lv.85 when locked-on and can be attacked, causing them to start glowing as voices and text play (as in the ending sequence). After repeatedly letting the voices play out and attacking an egg, it glows incredibly bright, then it cannot be attacked any more and stops glowing. The remaining eggs just sit glowing.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0060.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0060 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0060 3.png

tes0061 (Balduq City, NPC emotes)

This map of Balduq is quite similar to test_mp1000's layout. As opposed to test_mp1000, it has terrain modeled outside the city walls, but with no collision. The castle has no collision either. No loading zones or hookshot points are present, and some objects are missing such as the market stalls, tress, and more. Chests and enemy spawn locations are not present. There are no NPCs present either, except for Dogi in the fountain square who offers an emote test, with three choices of camera position. Selecting Close-Up places the camera under the ground. Each test causes a series of emotes to appear over Dogi's head, one of which is unused elsewhere.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0061-aerial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0061 (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0061 (3).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0061 (2).png

In the same area area a row of different Nox portals which offer the same emote tests. Their names, from left to right (typo included) are:

Miasma Vortext (Secret Boss)
Miasma Vortex (Quests)
Grimwald Main Entrance
Grimwald Nox Entrance
Fading Grimwald Nox Entrance
Final Dungeon Entrance

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0061 (4).png

tes0062 (Objects)

This test room is shaped and textured differently from the other test rooms. There is a gnarled root object in the center of the room (which can be destroyed with charged attacks), and a row of objects used in Nox battles by one wall, with a chest near the crystals. This row of Nox objects can be attacked, but only the large pillar and the small object on the right of it can be destroyed (in one hit). The chest contains the [Always] Poison Lv. 1 as seen in the map testmap. Oddly, just on the other side of the wall, is another row of Nox objects.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0062 (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0062 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0062 (3).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0062 (4).png

tes0063 (Objects)

A larger test map with a semi-circle of mountains surrounding a group of terrain objects such as rocks and trees. There is a flat invisible plane of collision extending past the mountains, which do not have collision. There are two tunnel segments here, one with a road, and the other being a cave with a stone path with water on each side. A breakable wall sits off by itself between the two segments.

Next to the three trees and the two statues, are a collection of floating stones near two stone walls. There are also a number of unique cubes with an assortment of textures on display. Three breakable pots are between these cubes and the statues. Next to the statues in the plane of water, is a circular purple barrier (like those seen at the extreme edges of maps).

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0063-aerial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0063 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0063 (3).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0063 (4).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0063 (5).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0063 (6).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0063 (7).png

tes0064 (Objects)

Another simple test map, but with the same placeholder texture on the walls and floor as in map mp_9999. This map is small, but tall, and only has three objects: two floating platforms to stand on next to a hookshot point.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0064.png

tes0066 (Objects)

A map with a flat tiled floor, with a large tree, and an assortment of interior decoration objects next to it. There are a few NPCs nearby, two of which are T-posing with a transparent texture. The NPC behind them has a ring of flames which alight one by one as the player draws near. These flames then go out when the player moves far enough. There is a collection of four unique cubes in a row here as well, plus a cube similar to ones seen on tes00063. A glowing particle effect appears when you get close enough, which is next to a blue flame animation against a square black background.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0066 (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0066 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0066 (3).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0066 (4).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0066 (5).png

tes0067 (Objects)

This map features a variety of outdoor objects such as trees, shrubs, and rocks. Two of the walls in this test room feature some odd geometry. There is an array of breakable objects here in this map which give nothing when destroyed.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0067-aerial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0067 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0067 (3).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0067 (4).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0067 (5).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0067 (6).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0067 (7).png

tes0068 (Objects)

A building with no collision, which looks like a noble's home, sits in the middle of this map. A collection of lanterns (some positioned inside the wall) and a banner are around the corner. This map's wall shape and texture are similar to tes0062's.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0068.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0068 2.png

tes0069 (Objects)

This room is shaped the same as tes0068 and tes0062 and features a large amount of objects lined up which are used for outdoor decoration, such as planters, tables, benches, lamps, and more. Objects here are placed in front of the building used for Rijndael's Antiques. In addition, there are a number of grey flat planes with untranslated text behind most of the hanging lanterns next to the building.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0069 (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0069 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0069 (3).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0069 (4).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0069 (5).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0069 (6).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0069 (7).png

tes0070 (Balduq City)

A map of Balduq with no NPCs, or loading zones present. Similar to tes0061 but more complete, as it has all of the decorative objects such as shrubs, benches, etc. present. Chests, barriers, and enemy spawn locations are not present. Hookshot points are in slightly different spots than in the normal map.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0070-aerial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0070 (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0070 (2).png

tes0071 (Balduq Prison)

This map consists of Balduq castle sitting atop some very roughly modeled terrain with a placeholder texture. There are also various objects such as banners, lamp posts, and a wooden shack floating in mid air around the terrain. The castle itself is lacking decorative banners in a few places such as on the large central tower.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0071-aerial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0071 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0071 (3).png

tes0072 (Objects)

Shaped the same as tes0069 and others. There are a couple simple buildings here, along with some floating signs, a tree, and some banners. A stone fireplace on a platform sits under a box-like structure with a couple spots which can be traversed using the dive ability.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0072 (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0072 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0072 (3).png

tes0073 (NPC Anims)

A room full of NPCs. The front row of Monstrums, who stand in front of a row of objects on the ground, do nothing when spoken to. The majority of the NPCs here perform the same simple test which places a mask on the NPC's face, or removes it. There can only be one male and one female wearing a mask at a time.

A duplicate of one male NPC is behind the rest, who tests a couple simple animations with documents. The only other NPC with unique options here, (c1440) Veteran Knight Gilbert, lets one select from a few generic battle-related poses.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0073.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0073-masks.png

tes0074 (Objects)

A group assorted objects is located in the center of this test map. A larger metal gate repeatedly opens and closes, which sits between a wagon, grave stone, and a smaller metal door which can be opened.

Other objects here include various gravestones, a metal cage, piles of dirt and bone, a tree, and some wooden sheds. Two hookshot points are near the tree. A glowing circle on the ground sits around the middle of the group of objects here.

The chests here all act the same as in the map testmap, giving the [Always] Poison Lv. 1 item. Upon opening one chest, no others can be opened.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0074 (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0074 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0074 (3).png

tes0075 (Combat)

Similar to the map tes0053, this room only has a group of three hostile monsters: a Lv.75 Ferizie, a Lv.73 Melai-Siga, and a Lv.32 Mundura.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0075.png

tes0076 (Combat)

One more simple enemy test room, featuring another Attack Test cube, at Lv.39. Two other hostile enemies are present, a Lv.78 Chimeral Roussillon, and a Lv.48 Aspiyus.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0076.png

tes0100 (Platforming, Combat)

This is apparently the Shadow Dive test map. It is a larger test room with 3 main parts to it. One room has a bunch of hostile monsters. There is a wall with passageways to use the dive ability, taking the player to the other side. The other side features a large sloped wall, various measurement numbers, some floating upside-down signs, and a golden cube which can be destroyed with charged attacks, plus a single crab monster (a Cuhanni).

Near the Shadow Dive entrances is a small untextured face-like switch object, which when struck, causes a nearby platform to raise up then down, as its eyes glow a bright green. This would have been a good fit for dungeon areas and seems to function fine, but was ultimately cut.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0100-aerial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0100 (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0100 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0100 (3).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0100 (4).png

tes0101 (Shop, Quest, System Tests)

A test room with some stairs / sloped surfaces, and a body of water in one corner. Walking underwater causes a screen effect to happen, which is not seen in normal gameplay as the player never goes underwater. Five animal NPCs are in one corner, offering various tests.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0101-aerial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0101 (2).png

Lil' Shop Test
  • A bit of text appears below when opening options which says OPEN_SHOP. The text DECIDE_ITEM appears upon purchase.
  • Exchange, Craft, and Brew Medicine menus all say you don't have any items, regardless of the player's inventory.
  • Enhance and Free Enhance are almost identical and open the weapon upgrade menu. Enhance displays a cost of 0 for each weapon, and doesn't seem to work even when holding the required materials. The Free Enhance menu displays no column for prices, and actually lets you enhance items. Both show that they still require materials to upgrade weapons.
  • The first time choosing the Talk option displays the message:
I'll hear you out one more time.
The product line-up has expanded.
  • Choosing the Talk option then shows a new message (until the map is re-loaded):
That's enough out of you.
  • About that "Cat-Fu Secret Technique Book"... displays a humorous message from the cat.
  • Receive Spending Money increases the player's cash by 1000.
  • Gimme Materials shows the text I'll give you an item.
  • General Camp opens the menu, and Camp System opens the system menu.
  • Shop Tutorial causes the shop to open. The player must wait a few seconds before being able to do anything. The shop works as normal, and no tutorial happens.
  • The final option takes all the player's money away, while saying:
Hmmrrgh... That's enough!
I'm confiscating your money!

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0101 (3).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0101 (4).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0101 (5).png

Lil' Quest Test

Allows the player to toggle various quest flags on or off, as well as check the Quest Bulletin Board for new requests.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0101 (6).png

Lil' Notebook Test

Options for unlocking memos, and setting Adol or Krysha's affinity levels.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0101 (7).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0101 (8).png

Lil' System Test

Offers a range of (mostly) self-explanatory options to toggle such as guest party members, costumes, UI, and other system settings. Changing Name: to [Monstrum] changes the names shown in the main menu, where normally, only their real ("True") names are ever shown there. Choosing Other shows one untranslated option, which is for clearing flags.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0101 (9).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0101 (10).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0101 (11).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0101 (12).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0101 (13).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0101 (14).png

Lil' Night Test

Some options and toggles related to Grimwald Nox battles.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0101 (15).png

tes0102 (Platforming, Combat)

Almost identical to the previous map, with some sloped stair surfaces and a small body of water in one corner, but with some sinking bog terrain added in another corner. There are also three hostile Lv.48 Hyueille enemies here, a floating upside-down table, and a Tag Opponent NPC which is for testing chase sequence mechanics. The Begin Chase test option causes the NPC to start running and jumping in a straight line, with a message appearing indicating if the target was caught. There are some hookshot spots at various points around the map.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0102 (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0102 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0102 (3).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0102 (4).png

tes0103 (Terrain)

A very small, square map featuring rough, random terrain. The LOD changes are very noticeable as the player moves around the map.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0103.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0103-aerial.png

tes0200 (NPCs)

This room initially loads with only a few soldier NPCs present. These NPCs run away from the player if too close. When at a far enough distance, the soldiers will stop running and turn to watch the player. As the soldiers run around, they seem to duplicate / continue spawning. Once a good sized crowd is present, they stop spawning.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0200 (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0200 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0200 (3).png

tes0201 (Balduq City)

This map of Balduq seems mostly complete, except for the fact that most of the ground is missing. Collision is still present, thankfully. None of the NPCs move, nor are there any loading zones.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0201-aerial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0201.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0201 2.png

tes0202 (Text, Dialog)

A room with NPCs offering a variety of tests. There is a row of monsters in the back which just sit idle. There is a metal gate which can be opened and closed.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (3).png

Mr. Final Specs

Speaking the the Aprilis NPC in front of the row of other NPCs triggers a scene with Adol speaking to Yufa.

Text Notes
This here's for defining system
messages and stuff!
First off is [Narration (Color Swap)]!
........It seems to continue downstairs. Blue narration text
Proceeding through here should
end up leading through the tunnel.
Blue narration text
It still displays the strip as is,
even when dark!
........It seems to continue downstairs. Blue narration text. The screen fades to black here, then fades back to normal.
If we keep going/proceed here,
we might be able to make it through the tunnel.
Blue narration text. The screen fades back to normal after this.
There you have it!
But, but! When putting in system text,
make sure to separate the subtitles!
(The screen fades to black again, with the 1st blue text repeated, then indicates You've gained a member at the monstrum hideout!, then fades back to normal.)
And THERE you have it♪
Next is Adol's choices!
You're cute, Yufa.
I love you, Yufa~♥
Adol's response choices
I know~♥
By the way, even when subtitles are cut off,
they're apparently automatically generated
when choices are displayed!
Oh, really...
I see...
Adol's response choices
All righty then. Next is system text!
Here I go!
(Three system messages are displayed: The one mentioning a new monstrum at the hideout again, then one saying the player received Chocolate, then Completed the quest [Prison Break]!)
Now, I'll explain a new specification.
Letters and documents are displayed all at
once a pop-up box instead of via subtitles.
A message box centered in the screen appears
There you have♪
For the character color, use []! The brackets are a bluish color
Don't forget, if you put [] at the beginning,
the characters will be displayed all at once!
Once this event is over,
make sure to check the graffiti over there!
The camera cuts to a different angle as they look towards graffiti on the ground nearby
The color use for graffiti is [] ! The brackets are the tan color used one the current speaker's name above the text

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (5).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (6).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (7).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (8).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (16).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (9).png

The graffiti on the ground nearby reads as follows:

The forest bird returned to its nest
The flowers in the field have fallen into slumber-
Good night, my beloved child-
Hold on to your

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (4).png


Going from left to right, the 1st NPC of the row features a picture display test. Dogi says It's a portrait., followed by a picture of food appearing. The picture fades out, followed by Dogi saying I'm counting on you for this., then Adol nods.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (10).png

Camera Stop

Adol and Dogi stand in front of the NPC as the camera slowly rotates. Dogi says The camera will stop directly after this message. The camera stops moving upon advancing the text to the next message, where Dogi says StopCamera has been implemented.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (11).png

Async Move

An scene plays out where Dogi first says Start!, then walks forward a few steps. He then returns to his original position and says Wait!

Character Size

A text window appears at the lower part of the screen saying This is a character size test. followed by the Character Size NPC saying the following text:

This is the default character size

What do you think, Adol Christin?
Not bad, right?

This is followed by the NPC showing the different character sizes, repeating the following text but with increasing size each time:

This is character size [6S].

What do you think, Adol Christin?
Not bad, right?

Finally, five different character sizes are shown at once. The NPC then ends with saying:

That's about it, I think.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (12).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (13).png

Begin/End Processing

Adol and Dogi stand in front of each other, and take turns saying 27.2f, then 17.9f, then 40.8f. As each one speaks, an ellipses bubble appears overhead. The camera changes to different zoom positions with every new value, with 17.9f being the closest.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (14).png

Adol's Reaction

A short interaction between Dogi and Adol, presumably for testing the response choice function during conversations.

Hey, Adol. Your 10 days of consecutive

holiday have ended. How do you feel?

Response choices:



I see...
By the way, Adol.

You're already 24 years old!

I'm 29 years old.


Response choices:


It sucks.

Guess we have to keep going!

Adol then nods as the scene ends.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (15).png

System MSG

A scene with Adol speaking to Yufa. This scene is quite similar to the Mr. Final Specs test above.

Text Notes
This is for verifying system messages!
First off is [Narration (Color Swap)]!
........It seems to continue downstairs. Blue narration text
Proceeding through here should
end up leading through the tunnel.
Blue narration text
It still displays the strip as is,
even when dark!
(The screen fades to black here, with the blue text repeated, then fades back to normal.)
There you have it!
But, but! When putting in system text,
make sure to separate the subtitles!
(The screen fades to black again, with the blue text repeated, then indicates You've gained a member at the monstrum hideout!, then fades back to normal.)
And THERE you have it♪
Next is Adol's choices!
You're cute, Yufa.
I love you, Yufa~♥
Adol's response choices
I know♪
By the way, even when subtitles are cut off,
they're apparently automatically generated
when choices are displayed!
Oh, really...
I see...
Adol's response choices
All righty then. Next is system text!
Here I go!
(Three system messages are displayed: The one mentioning a new monstrum at the hideout, then one saying the player received Chocolate, then a quest cleared message.)
That's it♪
(The screen fades to black, then back to normal...)
I forgot! Text size is large for this line
After the very last part of the even, make sure to
substitute in EVENT_END_FADEOUT to fade out♥
Effect Test

A scene with Adol and Anemona where she says This is an effect generation test. followed by a camera cut towards an empty area, which the two turn towards. Various effects play out as the two watch as Anemona stating the names (only two have names actually shown). First, a bat monster appears, followed by Landing Wind Pressure (Small) and Landing Wind Pressure (Large) effects, then a 4th blank effect where nothing happens, then Anemona says End. as the scene ends.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (17).png

Camera & Head

A scene with Dogi, Yufa, and Anemona. The camera cuts to various angles throughout the conversation.

Text NPC Notes
Oh. Right~♪ Yufa
By the way, changing topics here, but... Anemona
Hmhm? Yufa
My neck doesn't turn in one instant. Anemona
Right, right! I know, I know! Yufa
Adol, what do you think? Yufa
Adol gestures with his hand
Ohh! Yufa

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (18).png

Test Bug

Speaking with Krysha on the far right of the row plays out a scene with Adol, Yufa, and Anemone.

Text NPC Notes
I'd like to start verifying strange messages♪ Yufa
Go ahead. Yufa Adol nods, and Yufa looks over at Anemona
Each of these next lines spoken by Anemona are voiced by different characters. The audio doesn't quite match what is actually heard.
S-So quick... Anemona Audio: So fast...!
Dogi, the Wall Crusher, is it?
30 points... You fail.
Anemona Audio: You are Dogi the Wall Crusher, are you not? I give you... 30 points. You fail.
W-What? Anemona Audio: What are you on about!?
That concludes the verification process. Yufa
Well done♥ Yufa

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (19).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (20).png

Lil' SE

The NPC behind the row offers a simple sound effect test. Selecting one of the three options plays the sound as well as displaying its internal name in a box below in a green font.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0202 (21).png

tes0203 (Dungeon Tests)

This test room is for various dungeon traps. There are four hostile monsters which can be destroyed, two Lv.16 Roche, a Lv.2 Ratoo and a Lv.47 Zol-Gublin . There are a variety of traps and obstacles around the room. The large stone blocks move back and forth when the player is near. There also appears to be an unused trap object. This trap features a square floor tile which raises up when the player approaches and launches the party into the air when walked upon. Nearby is one of the face switch objects seen in other rooms, but its eyes do not glow green like others.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0203 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0203 (3).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0203 (4).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0203 (5).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0203 (6).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0203 (7).png

Two NPCs can be interacted with, along with two switches which do nothing. Speaking to Mr. Event (the lady near the other lady sitting by a switch) does nothing either. Speaking to the Menu NPC lady near the stone blocks displays a menu. Selecting Event Jump opens a submenu with three options to warp to different story events:

Part 4 - Prisoner Quest
Part 5 - Prisoner Quest
Part 6 - Prisoner Quest

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0203 (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0203 (8).png

tes0204 (Text, Dialog)

A test room with four Dogi NPCs offering different dialog and text tests. From left to right, the Ruby Test Dogi is for testing text boxes. The 2nd Dogi, Talk Dogi, is for testing the text logging function. The Active Voice Dogi is for the feature used when party members talk amongst themselves while in the field. The Announce Dogi displays a banner on the top right corner of the screen.

The text shown when interacting with the 2nd Dogi is as follows:


Hey Adol. This is a test to verify the

convo log function for normal events.

For verifying active voice displays,

talk to the me next to you.


So, uh, I don't really got anything

more to say, but...

Guess I gotta for longer convos.

That reminds me, Adol.

I was wondering about something...

The Primordials this time around are

made from alchemy.

That means we can defeat them without

weapons made from orichalcum, right?

Guess they couldn't copy that part

from your memories, huh?

Well, all the better if they're that much

easier to whoop. Good luck out there, Adol.

This is a log records test.

This text will not be saved in the log.

This is a log records test.

This text will not be saved in the log.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0204 (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0204 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0204 (3).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0204 (4).png

tes0205 (NPC Emotes)

Another test room, but with a single NPC named test which is used for emote tests. Each of the 4 options is the same except for the camera angle which is used. After selecting an option, both the player and the NPC cycle through each emote.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0205 (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0205 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0205 (3).png

tes0206 (Grimwald Nox)

This map is a Grimwald Nox battle area filled with various monsters, crystals and objects which cannot be destroyed or do not move. It also features a bull, named Portal 1, that offers simple animation tests similarly to other maps. There is also an NPC named Player who simply says This isn't a counter-attack.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0206-aerial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0206 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0206 (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0206 (3).png


A whole bunch of variations of Grimwald Nox maps can be found in the tes0206 folder, each being quite similar to each other with minor differences other than object placement and with varying numbers of bull NPCs.

Map Name Notes
INTERCEPT_STAGE01 This map features a group of Relic objects, some bulls, and the gladiator NPC seen in the main tes0206 map. It seems to be an alternate version of said map, but lacking any enemies or crystals. The bulls are all named similar as well, with their names being Portal n (where n ranges from 1 to however many bulls are present). The objects are all located near the center of the map. Each NPC acts the exact same as the main version of tes0206 as well.
intercept_stage02 Located in the farmland area of Balduq during the Grimwald Nox. Similar to the previous map, but with more bulls and a hookshot point next to the Sphene. Many of the buildings around the city are lacking proper collision.
intercept_stage03 More of the same, except this group is located near the southern gates.
INTERCEPT_STAGE04 Very similar to the main tes0206 map, except located in the Balduq fountain plaza, and with no bulls but with two gladiator NPCs.
intercept_stage05 Very similar to INTERCEPT_STAGE01, but located outside the gates of Balduq city. There are 11 Portal bulls this time.
intercept_stage06 Relics, 8 bulls, and a gladiator, yet again. Near the western gate of Balduq.
intercept_stage07 Another stage similar to the main tes0206, with crystals, monsters, and a gladiator. Located in the area just west of the fountain plaza.
INTERCEPT_STAGE08 Very similar to INTERCEPT_STAGE01, but with many more bulls (12 in total).
INTERCEPT_STAGE09 A version of intercept_stage05 but with 12 bulls this time!
intercept_stage10 Very similar to INTERCEPT_STAGE01 and INTERCEPT_STAGE08. 12 bulls are on this map.
INTERCEPT_STAGE_S02 Again, similar to INTERCEPT_STAGE01. 6 bulls this time.
intercept_stage_s03 And again. 8 bulls are on this version of the map.
intercept_stage_s04 Located outside the Balduq gates, as with intercept_stage05, but with crystals placed all over as in tes0206. A gladiator NPC can be found at each end of the map in front of the gates. One of them acts as the bulls do having the name Portal and opening a slightly broken animation test menu.
intercept_stage_s05 Like the previous map, with crystals and enemies placed all around, but located at the Balduq colisseum. One gladiator and one bull can be found here. Leaving the barriers of the area shows us a version of Balduq city which is missing most of its' buildings, but still has collision and decorative objects in most areas. A pitch black cube (used for door entranceways) can be found near the market, and there is a lone tower far in the distance east of the city.
INTERCEPT_STAGE_S06 Essentially the same as the main tes0206 map, but with differently placed objects.
INTERCEPT_STAGE_S07 Very similar to intercept_stage_s04 but with things placed in different locations.
INTERCEPT_STAGE_S08 Almost the same as intercept_stage05 and INTERCEPT_STAGE09.

Ys IX-PC-tes0206-intercept stage.png Ys IX-PC-tes0206-intercept stage (1).png Ys IX-PC-tes0206-intercept stage (2).png Ys IX-PC-tes0206-intercept stage (3).png Ys IX-PC-tes0206-intercept stage (4).png Ys IX-PC-tes0206-intercept stage (5).png Ys IX-PC-tes0206-intercept stage (6).png

tes0301 (Empty Room)

A completely empty test room. Nothing interesting to see here.

tes0900 (Enemies)

A room containing many different monsters, all named using their internal IDs. Some do nothing when spoken to, and a few near the middle share the text shown for the Attack Cube / tes_m0010, but most just display their name and ID when interacted with. A few are highlighted red when using the Third Eye gift.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0900-aerial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0900 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0900 (3).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0900 (4).png

tes0901 (Enemies)

Quite similar to tes0900. This room has all the monsters used during Nox battles, with some rows of palette-swapped version. Interacting with one displays its name and ID. One monster has some untranslated text.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0901-aerial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0901 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0901 (3).png

tes0905 (Enemies)

Here are rows of boss enemies. There are talk bubbles above each but only a few can actually be talked to due to collision and size. Some do not do anything when spoken to. The ones that do display text seem to indicate where the particular boss was supposed to be used.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0905 (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0905 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0905 (3).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0905 (4).png

tes0960 (NPC Anims)

A room with various NPCs and some animals. Each NPC is named with their name followed by their ID in brackets. Talking to NPCs offers options for various animations, with different submenus, which are mostly the same as previous animation test rooms. There a bunch of NPCs in the back who walk back and forth. There is a cat NPC in the front row called the Meowceptionist with three options:

Everyone w/Hands on Waist
Everyone Sitting Down
All Men Sitting Cross-Legged

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0960 (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0960 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0960 (3).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0960 (4).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0960 (5).png

tes0970 (NPC Anims)

Another animation test room, similar to tes0960, that has all of the main NPCs and the objects which they can hold and use, such as books and brooms. The characters here also usually offer a fourth option for displaying their Unique Animations. The Meowceptionist is here in this room, plus a Stuffed Doll NPC on the bench in the back. The Stuffed Doll allows access to various submenus for even more NPC animations unique to each character. When a character is selected, they are shown in front of the doll, as choices for animations appear.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0970 (1).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0970 (2).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0970 (3).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0970 (4).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0970 (5).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0970 (6).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0970 (7).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0970 (8).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0970 (9).png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0970 (10).png

tes0971 (NPC Anims)

A test room for similar animation tests as the previous rooms featuring all the main protagonists, plus one of the Attack Test cubes. This room also features a version of Anemona in human form and is one of the only NPCs in the room that does nothing when spoken to. She is only seen in human form during the credits scene, as a picture and not as a 3D model.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0971.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0971-sphere.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0971-anims.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0971-anims 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0971 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes0971-anemona.png

tes2000 (Balduq Prison)

An untextured version of Balduq, focusing on the prison areas. The player voids out when they move too low when approaching the lower elevations of the map, limiting exploration to the prison. There are various developer signs throughout which indicate what the different areas are. The prison is fairly extensively modeled and explorable, with various differences, such as the top of the tower being open with a staircase descending down it.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes2000.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes2000 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes2000-tower 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes2000-tower.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes2000-aerial.png

tes9001 (Dungeon Tests)

An unfinished dungeon. The walls and floors use a strange orange translucent material which is rendered slightly glitchy. There is only collision in one room, which extends out of the entranceway slightly, with some invisible sloped areas. There are various black developer signs placed in various rooms which Google translates to "treasure". The layout of the rooms appears to mostly match the map textured below in the void.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes9001.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes9001 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes9001 3.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-tes9001-aerial.png

Other Maps

Puzzle Maps

The following two maps can be accessed by speaking to the Verification cat NPC in the map mp_9999 and choosing the option Inmate Adol Part Test, then Puzzle Part Test.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-verification-inmate-puzzle.png

Leftover development files related to these maps are present as well. The file [Game directory]/inc/temp/testaka1.h appears to list each object of note in the puzzle maps. The comment at the top of the file roughly translates to Escape game prototype (Please erase before entering production data). The comments throughout reveal what areas can be inspected, which objects would be obtained, and how these objects would be used. Another file related to these maps, [Game directory]/text/freecursor_evbox.csv, appears to list each puzzle map's objects along with which event ID they use. The more interesting note about this file is that there are two additional maps listed here: DEB_TEST which has only a book and a chair to inspect, and ADV_02_00, an area which contains a table, bed, barrel, chair, pots, candles, a bird's nest, and a "kira harigane".

testaka1 (Puzzle Map 1)

A "puzzle" map that features a cabin on a mountainside with a nice view. This map appears to be a leftover from the previous game. Some characters from the previous game are also mentioned here (Ricotta and Thanatos). This area features an investigation mechanic which is unused in the game. The player seems to be locked within the room, and upon examining the doorway, the player is then able to inspect various parts of the room. There is a unique HUD element, along with a cursor mechanic which allows one to select things to inspect while in first person view. The DPAD can be used to select different slots displayed on the bottom of the screen.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testaka1-interior.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testaka1-exterior.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testaka1-aerial.png

Selecting the Puzzle_Difficulty High (Start Here) option on map mp_9999 warps the player here. Upon warping here this option, a short event plays, with the camera panning around the player and showing the messages:

There doesn't seem to be anyone in the hut.

You led the village children to
stay here last night.

Everyone must be out right now.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testaka1-intro.png

A cat near the doorway, who is named Cat Object, simply says the following:

Meow meow.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testaka1-investigate.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testaka1-investigate 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testaka1-door.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testaka1-door 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testaka1-investigate 3.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testaka1-item get.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testaka1-object instance.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testaka1-combolock.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-testaka1-combolock 2.png

The following text is shown upon inspecting each object listed below. Most objects' names are untranslated when hovering the cursor over them. Various objects can be obtained and there are some things Adol makes notes of in his journal. None of the items acquired seem to show up in the slots below, or in the items menus. Unfortunately, it seems that items do not get used like they do on the other available puzzle test map but from reading the comments in inc/temp/testaka1.h, we can get a rough idea of what would happen.

Text Location Object Notes
Pushing or pulling doesn't seem to work.
It must be locked.

There may be a key inside the room.
It wouldn't hurt to search around a bit.
Doorway Door The door itself is not present.
I'm a cat.
Please me.
Doorway Cat The cat's inspection "hit box" seems to be quite large, making it hard to inspect some other nearby objects.
You tried turning the carpet over.
But nothing looked particularly suspicious.
Doorway Carpet
It's a warm-looking pelt.

It was probably stored for

protection against the cold.
Shelf by door Pelt The cat is in the way, but this can be inspected when selecting it while inspecting the doorway area.
Adol checked the box.

......There's a dial lock on it.

There are three dials, one for
each part of a three-digit number.

Please input the hundreds-digit.

Please input the tens-digit.

Please input the ones-digit.
Shelf by door Wooden Box The player is prompted to input a three-digit code here, each digit ranging from 1 to 6. The cat is in the way, but this can be inspected when selecting it while looking at the doorway area.
.......The box unlocked with
an audible *clink*.

Adol opened the lid of the box.

......There was a large,
worn-out magnet inside.
Shelf by door Wooden Box Upon entering the correct code. The solution is 114: 56 (in Thanatos' journal) + 23 (mud on table) + 35 (torn paper). This was learned by reading the comments in the inc/temp/testaka1.h file, as the player is unable to inspect the notes Adol makes in his journal here. Adol acquires a Large Magnet here.
The box is empty. Shelf by door Wooden Box After taking the magnet.
......The lock isn't budging.
The code must have been wrong.
Shelf (by door) Wooden box When entering an incorrect code.
It's some worn-out cloths.
They're all completely dried out.

You decide to borrow one
in case it comes in handy.
Shelf (by door) Cloths Adol borrows a Cloth here.
It's some worn-out cloths.
You already borrowed one.
Shelf (by door) Cloths After borrowing the cloth.
It's an accessory made from
materials found on the island.

It looks like something Ricotta might make.
You can tell she has a great eye for detail.
Shelf (by door) Accessories
The basket is full of fruits.
They all look delicious.
Shelf (by door) Fruit baskets
These medicinal herbs are fresh.
Nothing out of the ordinary here.
Cupboard Herbs
It's a sealed sack.

It weighs quite a bit in all.
Maybe it's a stock of grain?
Cupboard Sack
It's a barrel stuffed full of beans.
You stuck your hand inside, but
all you found was more beans.
Cupboard Barrel
The dinnerware here is
clean despite its age.

...This empty bottle might
come in handy

It couldn't hurt to borrow it for a bit.
Cupboard Tableware Adol acquires an Empty Bottle here.
The dinnerware here is
clean despite its age.

You borrowed one of the
bottles that was here.
Cupboard Tableware After taking the bottle.
These containers are made of bamboo.

The tightly sealed one probably
holds something fermented inside.
Cupboard Bamboo containers
Adol picked up the
toppled bamboo cup.

......Inside was a rolled-up piece of paper.

There's some sort of note written on it.

"Family sticks together! That's what
everyone in the village taught me!"
Cupboard Bamboo cup Adol takes the Rolled-Up Note.
Adol picked up the
toppled bamboo cup.

There was nothing inside.
Cupboard Bamboo cup After taking the note.
These medicinal herbs are fresh.
Nothing out of the ordinary here.
Shelf (by table) Herbs
It is a mortar and pestal used
for crushing medicinal herbs.

It's well-maintained despite
how worn it is.
Shelf (by table) Mortar & pestle
It's a tightly sealed sack. Probably
filled with medicinal herbs or some such.
Shelf (by table) Sack
It seems to be a wooden toolbox.
There's nothing inside, though.

The tools Thanatos gathered have been
nothing short of invaluable to the village.
Shelf (by table) Wooden box
There's some kitchen cutlery here.

The knives are fairly dull, so
they're not well-suited for cutting.

......Adol suddenly realized that
he hadn't eaten breakfast yet.

Adol borrowed a knife. It should
be sharp enough to cut through fruit.
Shelf (by table) Tableware Knife is acquired here.
It's a knife and fork for meals.
You borrowed one of the knives already.
Shelf (by table) Tableware After taking the knife.
Adol peered into the jar, but
there was nothing inside.
Shelf (by table) Small pot
It's a ladder made of branches. Maybe you
could climb up the chimney with this...
Wall Ladder
A bounty of dried fish hangs here. Just goes
to show how skilled Thanatos is at fishing.
Wall Dried fish
It's a bulletin board for memos.

There's a piece of paper with
the bottom half torn off on it.

Adol jotted down the contents of
the torn paper into his journal.
Wall Bulletin board Adol makes note of the torn paper here. Inspecting it again only shows the first two texts afterwards.
It's a sack stuffed full of beans.
Adol stuck his hand right into it.

*rustle* *rustle*

Some sort of hard object brushed against
his fingertips, but he lost it in the beans.

Adol made a note about the
strange object in the sack.
Wall Sack Adol notes the object in the sack, and as with the bulletin board, omits the last text upon further inspection since it's been noted already.
It's some leftover kindling from last night.
The fire isn't lit.

Hearth Burnt wood
It's an iron axe. It's probably
used for chopping wood.

You COULD break the door down with
this, but that's more of a last resort.

Better to look for a key in the hut.
Hearth Axe
Kindling is stacked up for the hearth. Hearth Wood pile
You peered into the chimney.
It gets narrower the higher you go.

Probably not the best of escape routes.

...On second glance, there's
a rope hanging down from it.

It seems to have a loop you might
be able to fasten something to.

Adol left a note about
the rope in his journal.
Hearth Chimney Adol takes note of the rope here. Like with other objects noted, the text about that is omitted when looking here again.
The barrel is tightly sealed.
There's no way to check inside.
Hearth Barrel
This pot is visibly worn.
It must have been part of the driftage.
Hearth Frying pan
It's a bottle filled with seasoning.
Did Ricotta make this?
Hearth Bottles
There are fruits inside the box.
They all look delicious.
Hearth / Bed Fruits
It's a bunk bed.

You led the village children here
to sleep in this hut yesterday.
Bed Bed
It's a wooden life-preserver. The waves did a
number on it, judging from all the scratches.
Bed Float
There's an iron implement lying on the floor.
It must be some driftage Thanatos picked up.
Bed Tools
There's a stain on the table.
It seems to be caked-on mud.
Table Table It is assumed that a wet cloth would be used to clean this up, revealing a number.
It's an ordinary pillar.

...Actually, upon closer inspection,
there's a few small scratches on it.

They seem to mainly span from the
height of your waist to your chest.
Table Column
Adol lifted the lid of the tea
pot and peered inside.

........There was, in fact, no tea.
But there was a single old coin.
Table Teapot Adol takes the Old Coin found here.
Adol lifted the lid of the tea
pot and peered inside.

........There's no longer
anything left inside.
Table Teapot After taking the coin.
The tea in this cup is cold.
It must have been left out.
Table Cup
Ricotta picked and arranged
these flowers yesterday.

The water in the vase is
freshly changed, too.
Table Vase
There's a stain on the table.
It seems to be caked-on mud.
Desk Object Instance Seems to be bugged (?). Adol inspects the table in the middle of the room when this is chosen, oddly.
It's a well-used quill.
This must have drifted in, too.
Desk Pen stand
Adol reads the book on top of the desk.
Nothing out of the ordinary, really.
Desk Book
It's a candle lantern.
And a pretty dusty one, at that.
Desk Lantern
It's Thanatos's journal.

...It's held shut by a small lock.
Desk Pocket book
The window won't open. No way
to get through short of breaking it.
Desk Window
Adol grabbed the top book of the stack

...Looks like a book about cooking.
This must've been Ricotta's favorite.
Desk Top of bookshelf
Adol grabbed the book
off the top of the shelf

...It's written in a language
he can't understand.

While trying to return the book,
a piece of paper fell from it.
Desk Bookshelf, first level A Torn Paper falls from the book which Adol acquires. The text about the paper falling out is omitted upon inspecting the shelf again.
Adol grabbed the book
off the top of the shelf

...It's...not exactly age-appropriate.

Adol reluctantly returned the book
to where he found it.
Desk Bookshelf, upper level The textbox height here is 3 lines high for some odd reason.
testaka1_e (Puzzle Map 2)

Another "puzzle" test map. Similarly to the map testaka1, after inspecting the doorway, the player is able to inspect various objects around the room in a first-person view. This is a map of Dana's bedroom (another leftover from the previous game) and there appears to be some glitches with how the lighting is rendered as it flickers around strangely. There are less areas to inspect here than in the testaka1 map, and some text when receiving items is untranslated.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-puzzle map 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-puzzle map 2-typo and doorway.png

Selecting Puzzle_Difficulty Low in map mp_9999 takes the player here, and upon loading the map, the camera pans around the player, showing the text below, followed by a message stating items can't be used normally here, and if needed, will be used automatically.

...This is Dana's room, isn't it?
Is this a dream?

It feels different here than usual...
You should try to escape.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-puzzle map 2-intro.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-puzzle map 2-intro 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-puzzle map 2-intro 3.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-puzzle map 2-item get.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-puzzle map 2-secret passage.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-puzzle map 2-end.png

The following text is shown upon inspecting each object listed below.

Text Location Object Notes
Pushing or pulling doesn't seem to work.
It must be locked.

There may be a key inside the room.
It wouldn't hurt to search around a bit.
Doorway Door The door itself is not present.
It's a large water tank.
A number of plants are inside.

Adol has never seen even
one of these species before.
Flowerbed Flowerbed
Pruning tools and fertilizer
are stored within the pot.

......Upon closer examination, there's
also a long stick of incense inside.

It seems weirdly out of place here.
Maybe you should return it where it belongs.
Flowerbed Pot Adol receives an item here, an incense stick.
Pruning tools and fertilizer
are stored within the pot.
Flowerbed Pot After taking the item.
It's a rather tall bookshelf.
You can barely reach the top shelf.
Bookshelf Bookshelf: Upper
It's a row of thick books.
Adol withdrew one of them out

......As he did, a piece of paper
slipped out from between two books.
......It seems to be some sort of note.
Bookshelf Bookshelf: Middle Adol takes the Handwritten Note.
It's a row of thick books. They're about
as large as you'd expect for this era.

You imagine Dana must have
had a hard time reading these.
Bookshelf Bookshelf: Middle After taking the note.
Books are packed tightly together on every
level but the bottom, where one is missing.

Adol inserted the book he
had into the open gap.
Bookshelf Bookshelf: Lower Adol notes the missing book the first time this is inspected.
Books are packed tightly together on every
level but the bottom, where one is missing.

Adol jotted down a note about
the missing book in his journal.
Bookshelf Bookshelf: Lower When carrying the Large Book. The screen fades to white as a message saying a secret passage is revealed. The screen fades to black, indicating the end of the puzzle room, and thanks the player. The player is returned to the map mp_9999.
This candlestick is for the altar.
The candle in it is currently lit.
Altar Candlestick
This candlestick is for the altar.
The candle in it is currently lit.

Adol used the candle to light
the incense stick he was holding.
Altar Candlestick If holding the incense stick, Adol receives a Lit Incense.
It's a stand for incense. Five
sticks are currently burning.

There's no room for more incense.
Altar Incense stand (Left) The font color for the word Five is a light tan color, indicating it is important.
It's a stand for incense. Five
sticks are currently burning.

Adol used the water he had on hand
to extinguish one stick of incense.

An audible *clink* sounded out,
as if something was released.
Altar Incense stand (Left) When carrying the Pot of Water. The words one stick are highlighted here. The stand then says that four sticks are burning after inspecting it.
Part of the altar appears
to be some sort of drawer.

It won't open, however.
Maybe it's locked.

Adol jotted down a note
about the altar drawer.
Altar Altar: Base Adol makes note of the drawer here.
Adol opened the unlocked drawer.

......Inside was a single, large book.
Altar Altar: Base Opens once both incense holders have four lit sticks each. Adol finds a Large Book here. It then says The drawer is empty after it is taken.
It's a stunning altar adorned with an
intricately detailed crest of a giant tree.

Three points lie in the north, while
eight are aligned in the east and west.
Altar Altar: Relief
It's a stand for incense. Three
sticks are currently burning.
Altar Incense stand (Right) The number here is colored different again. The number increases as Adol adds sticks.
It's a stand for incense. Three
sticks are currently burning.

Adol stuck one of the sticks of
incense he was carrying into the stand.
Altar Incense stand (Right) When carrying the Lit Incense.
It's Dana's bed.
It's small considering the era.
Maybe she's using it as
as bed for the children.
Bed Bed
This is a pretty wide table
for just one person.

Maybe it's used
for rituals or something.
Table Table
It's a candle holder. Table Candle
It's a bunch of small, handheld pots.
Maybe they were used to draw water.

You decide to borrow one.
It may come in handy later.
Water tank Small pot Adol finds a Small Pot here.
It's a bunch of small, handheld pots.
Maybe they were used to draw water.

You already borrowed one of them.
Water tank Small pot After taking the pot.
There's nothing inside these pots.
Maybe they can be used as water jugs.
Water tank Pot
It's a faucet of flowing water.
It seems to be Essence-powered.
Water tank Water faucet
It's a faucet of flowing water.
It seems to be Essence-powered.

Adol collected some water from
the faucet in a small pot.
Water tank Water faucet When carrying a Small Pot. Receives the Pot of Water afterwards.

Trap Test Maps

The following two maps can be accessed by speaking to the Verification cat NPC in the map mp_9999 and choosing the option Inmate Adol Part Test, then Trap Action Part Test.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-mp 9999-verification-inmate-trap.png

testrap_test01 (Trap Action Stage 1 aka Gimmick Main)

A square-shaped test map with an unused mechanic which tasks the player with reaching a goal positioned at the other end of the map. Upon loading the map, the camera moves and pans around the level, finally ending at the goal and displaying instructions. Gifts are disabled here, as is the System menu in the Main Menu. A number of traps are present, including spiked floors, a big spiked ball with placeholder textures, moving stone blocks, and a trap floor. There are many square pressure switches on the floor throughout the map, plus a hostile Lv. 10 Cuhanni. Upon reaching the goal, the player is returned to mp_9999.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-trap map1-intro.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-trap map1-start.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-trap map1-enemy.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-trap map1-traps.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-trap map1-end.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-trap map1-aerial.png

testrap_test02 (Trap Action Stage 2, aka Battle Main)

Similar to the previous map, with many of the same traps. There are four Lv. 10 Cuhanni placed in boxes overhead and as the player draws near, the floor opens dropping the monster on Adol.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-trap map2-intro.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-trap map2-start.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-trap map2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-trap map2-enemy.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-trap map2-aerial.png

Random Dungeon Generator (Abyssal World)

Talking to the Verification cat in the map mp_9999 and selecting the Dungeon Test option allows one to test an unused random dungeon generation mechanic. The two choices are Random Dungeon Test (Random), which selects random values and warps the player to the dungeon map, and Random Dungeon Test (Req Pt), which is used to configure an in-depth series of randomizer settings before warping.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-settings-size.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-location.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-strong enemy.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-treasure room.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-battle rank.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-position offset.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-rng.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-settings.png

Upon warping to a dungeon, the player is given an unused item, the Moonbeam Mirror, which can be used to warp out of the dungeon. The message displayed when receiving the mirror indicates that the random dungeon areas would have been called the Abyssal World. It seems that this cut dungeon mechanic was possibly meant as a post-game or secret dungeon. Opening the Area Map shows a functional map. Each area spawns the player next to a statue which gives an ominous message, and after reading this, the ??? onscreen is updated to the area name [Tomb of Those Lost to Darkness]. This message never seems to be different, always saying the same thing. Each dungeon ends upon reaching and inspecting the Saint statue which seems to softlock the game.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-mirror.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-mirror 2.png Ys IX-PC-unuseditems-moonbeam mirror.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-start.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-end.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-end 2.png

To do:
Are the boss and treasure rooms able to be restored? The map data is present in the game's files.

The following are examples of some of the randomly generated dungeons and what the environments look like. Depending on the selected map size, they can range from fairly short, to being quite large and complex. Hookshot points are usually present throughout each map to aid in traversal. No treasure chests or boss enemy rooms seem to properly spawn in most dungeons, regardless of the settings used. After looking at the file text/randun_parts.csv, it appears these rooms are commented out.

TEst Map

Has a small typo in the name. Very primitive, featuring crude, basic walls outlining the rooms' shapes. Mostly flat in terms of elevation, some rooms have large trees in them with branches that the player can hookshot onto and stand on.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-testmap.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-testmap-tree.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-testmap-aerial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-testmap-areamap.png

Manmade Structures (Remains)

An underground crypt-like environment with purple torches throughout. There are winding staircases, bottomless pits, guillotine traps hanging over bridges, and some rooms with multiple floors. Hookshot points help the player reach upper floors.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-stone.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-stone 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-stone 3.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-stone-areamap.png

Natural Terrain (Grassland)

The areas here are made up of floating stone islands and pathways. Some islands have torches with purple flames, and some have ancient looking towers and structures with hookshot points. Some islands have ponds, waterfalls, small tunnels, and stone arches as well.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-grassland.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-grassland-aerial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-grassland-areamap.png

Snow Field

Almost identical to the previous location type, this area is not very snowy or field-like at all. There are no waterfalls as seen in the Grassland location. No enemies appear to ever spawn in this environment.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-snowfield.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-snowfield-areamap.png


An interesting and detailed location type. This map actually spawns chests as well as breakable objects in some rooms. The chests act the exact same as those found in the unused test maps. There are floating rings of platforms with hookshot points, and some areas with spots to wall run up to higher elevations.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-subspace.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-subspace-objects.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-subspace-aerial.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-subspace-areamap.png

Tunnel / Forest

Found within the map/randun folder in the game's files, are each of the possible dungeon generator environments. Two folders here are named after location types which cannot be selected from the Random Dungeon Test (Req Pt) menus. After renaming files here and overwriting files in another folder with them (such as in the map/randun/test folder), we can see bits of these environments in-game. Objects within the rooms, such as traps, are loaded in the wrong positions as a result.

Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-tunnel segments.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-tunnel segments 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-tunnel segments 3.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-tunnel segments 4.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-tunnel segments 5.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-forest.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-forest 2.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-forest 3.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-forest 4.png Ys IX-PC-unusedmap-randun-forest 5.png