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User:Blazingflare/PokePark2: Wonders Beyond

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Title Screen

PokePark2: Wonders Beyond

Also known as: Poké Park 2: BW - Beyond the World (JP)
Developer: Creatures
Publisher: The Pokémon Company
Platform: Wii
Released internationally:
Released in JP: November 12, 2011
Released in US: Febuary 27, 2012
Released in EU: March 23, 2012
Released in AU: March 29, 2012

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

PokePark2: Wonders Beyond is the stand alone sequel to PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure and improves greatly on the combat that the first game established. It also features less mini game attractions and subsequently has much less waggle.

To do:
  • add model viewer screenshots of the test levels until in game ones can be added.
  • poke around the test level data files and level script files to see if they can be booted in game.
  • investigate "EnterDebug00" inside ScriptListFd0000.rlb in the first debug level data file.
  • find the unused chase remix theme.

Unused Test Levels

To do:
There is a ton of stuff here. Looking at the script files in the test levels, I can tell that there are some test events. The script file in the first test level has "EnterDebug00" as its very first action. See what happens if its set to "EnterDebug01". None of the other four test levels have this.

The game has five unused test levels and seem to have the full level data needed for each. Replacing Sea Salt Cove (the first zone) and its associated level data file with the first test level and data unedited results in a crash.


Seems to be an environment and event test map. It has two circular platforms, one with a gaurd rail and one without. They were probably for testing battling. There are a few squares of terrain to test terrain SFX. there is a small stair case to test stairs. There is a small square of water to test shallow water or swimming. There are also three tree bush things of varying sizes for some reason.
It has the command "ToFd0001" in the script file. "Fd0001Res" does not exist. This might be why it crashes.


Another test level. This one seems to be a platform test. The textures it uses for the terrain are an oddity. They are a weird four square texture with the letters ACBD as opposed to just a standard checkered pattern.


Seems to be another platforming test, but may also be a minigame test map for the chase, hide-and-seek, and platforming minigames that pokemon challenge you to. Has the same weird textures as the previous map.


Seems to be a skybox and possibly and effects test. Has a bunch of small rectangles to simulate different terrain and possibly air effects. There is a rectangle that says "pika".


A large circular tower inside a much larger Colosseum like tower. Water surrounds it. It might be a very early level or a battle test map. There is a weird doorway near the base that doesn't look accessible. The doorway only has culling one-way.


While technically not unused, the credits exists as it's own map. The map consists of a texture-less green horizontal square and a vertical black square that the credits and Pokemon pan along.


A small watery alcove in the forest with a couple grassy platforms sticking out of the water near the water source. The NPC file only calls for the basic NPCs that all the test levels call for. The script file seems to be totally empty of anything important.

Unused music

To do:
rip and add it

There is an unused chase remix theme apparently.