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★Inside your mind you will see, Cosmic Eternity★

Hiya! My name is Hazel, but you can call me Cosmic or CE! I'm an artist, animator, and amateur musician.

I've enjoyed unused content and prototypes from the sidelines for many years, and I have a deep interest in the inner workings of games and the development process! The first game I ever got deeply interested in like this was Pokemon Red and Blue, via the glitch science community! Nowadays, there are a ton of games I love to research, including the whole Pokemon series, as well as Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mario... Which happen to be my favorite video game series, as well!

I hope to contribute to the site, and help out here and there! After all these years of lurking, I should probably do something, huh?

★My favorite games documented on TCRF are...★

★You can find me elsewhere!★