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Ready to jump into action

Formerly known as Divingkataetheweirdo, and will be again once I hit 65,536.

ZT1ZooKeeperBagM.png This user is the cleanup man of the wiki. Cleaning up image tags, user articles, and several more things behind the scenes.

당신은 데이터 마이닝에서 나를 이길 수 없다!

You want a challenge? You got yourself one heck of a challenge.


  • The reported article count on the front page is 22871. In reality, it's closer to 16109.
  • Ask before you do. This is especially recommended when you are unsure content sufficiently fits within the wiki's scope. (ex.:Content that focuses on said content, rather than tangentially mentioning it)
  • Talk to people nicely. I admit this is way harder than one would think. Try having others examine your work prior to submission.
  • The site only makes about $202 per month. While this is just enough to keep the site running, it would also be nice to contribute more to keep us documenting unused content and get/document prototypes.
  • Be on the lookout for Hatman. For those not in the know, Hatman is an easter egg used among the Viacom New Media alumni in reference to a boss who might have worn hats rather frequently (hence Hatman). It's little more than a stickman with a top hat on him, often rendered in white. It's like A113, except among video game people. We're still just finding stuff Hatman is in. The list has been moved over to Ehm's user page.