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Just a Saga frontier fan who is obsessed finding any deleted/unused content in Saga Frontier ;)


I stumbled on this site while googling for Saga Frontier in internet. Saga Frontier is my 2nd most favorite game after Chrono Trigger. At first I thought it was the most terrible, confusing, and unplayable game. Turned out it has interesting gameplay that never featured before in any game. Freedom of customization and the non-linearity fascinated me.

Too bad, Saga Frontier is far from finished products. I was confused when finished my first scenario as blue, I screamed like "WTF?!" when beat Hell Lord. Years later I will find out that Saga Frontier is unfinished game with many contents didn't make it up into the final products.

What made me obsessed with this game you asked? Well, I have been fascinated with SF's world concept (interstellar-region-planet thingy). I found out even the translation process was probably rushed as well, tell me any other games where you could use JP and US gameshark code interchangeably. Most of US codes could be used in JP version and vice versa, though there are some cannot.

Due to rushed development, the stories largely unfinished. Riki and Robo were probably finished first because they were the only ones available in demo version. Others got their scenarios cut or deleted:

  • Red: Red supposed to have love meter with Yuria. The programmer is probably getting lazy and they scrapped Yuria from the rest of his scenario
  • Emelia: Luckily she didn't got much cut, plot-wise it's still incomplete. Look at that stupid ending. After the gunshot we got scene where Emelia got married (good ending) or she left Ren (bad ending).
  • Asellus: She got 4-5 scenarios deleted.
  • Blue: His ending is 100% BS
  • Lute: I think his scenario was developed last, he got only one scenario and it's the last one.
  • Fuse: The most important quest was deleted from the game.


My only focus is to compile everything that deleted from Saga Frontier. It's pity the developer left off so much content and left the gamers with unsolved mysteries.