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User:Hiccup/Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Wii U)

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To do:
  • Super Bell Hill still has its underground section, unused. Or it has leftovers of it, at least.
  • When a level editor is available check for other out of bounds objects
  • Unused sounds

Unused Objects

To do:
  • There are more. It would help if it could be determined which strings in the non-objectlist part of the code are object names and which objects are used but aren't listed in the StageData.
  • Maybe some more unused ObjectData?
  • Test which ones have code and which ones work in game.

Super Mario 3D World Objects

Below are objects, present only the code, that were were originally in Super Mario 3D World. Explanations can be found in parenthesis for non-obvious object names.

  • BalanceTruck
  • Ball
  • BallGimmick (Green Star Ball)
  • BallSnow
  • BlockRoulette
  • BlockSlot
  • BlockSwitch
  • BlockSwitchOneTime
  • BlockTransparent
  • BobsledDashPanel
  • Bomb
  • BombBound
  • BombBoundGenerator
  • BombBoundQuickGenerator
  • BombHei
  • BombHeiLauncher
  • BoomerangBros
  • BoomerangFlower
  • BoxCoin
  • BoxKiller
  • BoxKillerLauncher
  • BoxKuribo
  • BoxLight
  • BoxPropeller
  • Bubble (Fire Bubble)
  • CoinFallGenerator
  • CoinRedRing
  • CoinRing
  • Dokan (Warp Pipe)
  • DokanUpsideDown
  • DokanWorldWarp
  • EnemyGenerator
  • FairyNpc
  • FairyNpcWithGlasses
  • FairyPrincess
  • FireBarRoot
  • FireFlower
  • Fugumannen (Porcupuffer)
  • Gong
  • GreenCoin
  • GreenRing
  • GreenStar
  • GreenStarKinopioBrigade
  • GreenStarMisteryBoxSeries
  • GreenStarStand
  • IllustItem (Stamp)
  • JumpFlipPanel
  • JumpFlipSweetsCream
  • JumpPanel
  • KaronWing
  • KinopioBrigadeNpc (Toad Brigade NPC)
  • KinopioNpc
  • Koura (Koopa Shell)
  • KouraGold
  • KuriboClimbSyncObj (Cat Goomba Synchronization Object)
  • KuriboMini
  • KuriboMiniGenerator
  • Kuribon (Galoomba)
  • Lantern
  • LavaGeyser
  • Lift
  • MeraWanwan (Fire ChainChomp) [Unused in Super Mario 3D World]
  • Mirror
  • NeedleBarRoot (Spiked Bar Root)
  • NeedleRoller (Spiked Roller)
  • NeedleRollerGenerator
  • NeedleRollerSwing
  • Nokonoko (Koopa Troopa)
  • Peto (Fizzlit)
  • Rabbit
  • RabbitBig
  • RabbitNpc
  • RingBeamer (Ring Burner)
  • SamboSnowHead (Snow Pokey Head)
  • SkateShoes
  • SuperBell
  • SuperBellSpecial
  • SuperbViewAre* SuperLeaf
  • SuperStar
  • Takobo (Octoombas)
  • Tico (Luma)
  • Togezo (Spiny)
  • TrampleSwitchChara (Character Switch)
  • TrampleSwitchGold (P Switch - Gold)
  • Trampoline (Mushroom Trampoline)
  • Trapeze

(Source: Hiccup)


To do:
BYMLs. System BYML mentions. Test if it works in-game. It seems like it is used but hidden out of bounds in Spinwheel Library (TouchRotateShelfStage)


SampleGuardD appears to be a placeholder fence. Its not mentioned in the code.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


To do:
Check if any of them are in weird locations and try to get the player to spawn at these points to see if there are any weird effects

This object would have been used to allow the developers easy access to different parts of a level. It does not appear to have any code or ObjectData, but it is present in the following levels:

  • BonusStage2 (More Coins Galore)
  • BossBird1Stage (Wingo's Watchtower)
  • BossBird2Stage (Wingo's Watchtower)
  • BossFire2Stage (Draggadon's Revenge)
  • EnemyBattleBreakZone (Battle Tower Blitz)
  • EnemyBattleBrosZone (Battle Tower Blitz)
  • EnemyBattleKameckZone (Battle Tower Blitz)
  • EnemyBattleLauncherZone (Battle Tower Blitz)
  • EnterCatMarioStage (Super Bell Hill)
  • GhostPlayerMaze3Stage (Mummy-Me Maze Forever)
  • LongExpressStage (Blizzard on the Star Express)
  • LongSlideStage (Chute Scoot Slopes)
  • NukkunSinkTowerStage (Scalding Scaffold Sinkhole
  • RaftRavineStage (Drift-Along Canyon)
  • RevolverRuinsStage (Walleye Tumble Temple)
  • RouteDokanTourStage (Clear Pipe Cruise)
  • SideWaveDesertStage (Conkdor Canyon)
  • ToadBrigadeTouchBlindNeedleBallStage (Toad Brigade to Trick-Track Hall!)
  • TouchBlindNeedleBallStage (Trick-Track Hall)
(Source: Original TCRF research)