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User:Hiccup/Prerelease:New Super Mario Bros./Old notes

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E3 2005 Demo


Name Website Played Details Contacted Described Version Quotes
UltimatePissman YouTube Yes N/A Not Completely Not Completely Example
mspeter97 YouTube Yes N/A Not Completely Yes? Example
cannotbebothered100 YouTube Yes N/A No Not Completely "I think I've actually played this level. Nintendo demos, like a mini e3, in August 05. You had Mario 64 type controls with the u turn somersault and r crouched to allow long jumps and crawling. Mainly the levels were gimmicky with pipe cannons everywhere and moving mushrooms rather than the simpler but more intricately designed classic SMB approach the final game took" quote from comment posted in August 2012 on "New Super Mario Bros. Beta Level Replica".

Indeterminate Version


Name Website Played Details Contacted Described Version Quotes
Joemamma69000 YouTube Not Sure "Joemamma69000 has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted." Yes Not Completely *"Comment link


Comment in 2010

From: mariomadproductions To: Joemamma69000 Subject: New Super Mario Bros Bonus Player


On this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cnZB7O-3Jg

you posted a comment:

"Actually I found it possible to do co-op if you used the "Bonus Player" code (which is lost) instead of battle stages in Multiplayer it wouldn't take you to the selection it would take you to the Main game for co-op fun the code is actually lost a website showed it I tried it and it's fun cause you only need ONE Action Replay for it to work with both players BUT you have to be the leader in the VS Mode cause you're the one with the code my Action Replay corrupted so i cannot show you proof :'("

Sorry about so many questions but please answer them Is this true? Sorry for doubting you but I would like to make sure I believe that you lost the code and your Action Replay got corrupted it happened to me.

Which website did you find the Bonus Player code on?

and even if you cannot remember the code or where you got it from -

Please tell me what the Bonus Player code was like: Did you select levels on the normal map screen and the second player just appeared and was playable by the other DS player on the level?

Even just knowing this code exists would be great! Because it means that that beta co-op is still in the final game unused! Me and mariofanattic64 are replicating the beta version of New Super Mario Bros. by editing the final version and co-op would be fantastic. Here is a video of the remake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oosiXRTQYug

Please Reply Thank you In Advance

From: Joemamma69000 To: mariomadproductions Subject: Re: New Super Mario Bros Bonus Player

Basically, you selected any map on the Multiplayer screen of the star battle mode, then it would instead take you to the first level of the original game. The code was in beta so after you beat the first level the game would take you to the Campaign map, but it was messed up because there were two people on the screen. The code is gone now. It won't be coming back. But, to be honest, it was pretty fun playing co-op. It felt like New Super Mario Bros. Wii. I apologize for not having the code. It was a long time ago." Quote from mariomadproduction's (YouTube) (Hiccup's) (other places) YouTube personal messages.

awesomecdiperson YouTube Yes N/A Yes Not Completely Example
SSUK X-cult Yes N/A No No * "The top one [Referring to common beta screenshot other screenshot was of final game] is what it was like in the demo I played... When I get the game myself I'll compare what I can remember... =P"

Quote from [1]. * "I like the 3D in 2D world mix. It's nice, I don't really like 2D in 3D worlds mix though, it can get a bit... Cr(a)ppy looking. But 3D on 2D is awesome, especially shown off in Sonic Rush. From what I played of the demo of NSMB it plays and looks wonderful, the 3D on 2D isn't blocky or disjointed so it was all good. =)" Quote from [2]. *"So, I just got my copy of New Super Mario Bros. (30 days early and 6 quid cheaper =D) and well... This game is basically completely different to the demo. For one, the jumping feels a bit heavier than what I remember it to be, the button configuration is the same but the music is different to what I recall as well. The music in the final is kind of funky, bleep bleep blop, in the demo I think the music was more Mario 64 style. The obvious HUD change is present as well, I would have liked the whole 3 item holds better than the one to be honest with you. The demo, it wasn't full of 1UP mushrooms all over the shop, but I can expect that seeing as it's a demo... I don't remember seeing any similarities to World 1 and the "feild" demo level at all. In the demo, there was pipe-cannon things EVERYWHERE. You go down one in the demo and it'd mostly just fire you off somewhere. These things where everywhere."Desert" to world 2 is the same, in the demo the cactus with faces things were small like they were in previous Mario games, but in the final they're mega-huge. And finally, "fortress" compared to ANY of the starting fortesses (the level was bloody easy in the demo, so it had to be early on in the game) is completely different. But I don't recall much of that level, so I can't really say a lot on it, it's just completely and utterly forgein (sp?) to what I played before. The game itself, I disliked the recycling of old mini-games from Super Mario 64 DS, although it is nice that I now have a set of them in English. =P 1UP 'shrooms are everywhere... However, I don't mind that too much 'cause I'm wearing my "1UP" T-shirt right now... Overall though, the game's great. A bit annoying when you die 'cause it takes you back to the map screen and not carries on, like you're used to in Mario games. I still play the game too much like the older games (without wall jumping or ground pounding) and can be a bit tedious when getting the coins and stuff. Also, doing different bosses in different ways is a nice idea and adds replay value. A very, very nice game indeed. I love it. =D" Quote from [3].



Final (offical or press-made videos)


  • dunno lost, probably known and not prerelease since date is 2006

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