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Seeing as this game hasn't been released, technically, I'm making this as a provisional page. Feel free to contribute! Everything below credits to Project Pokémon for all these findings. Without them, none of this would be as possible as it is right now.

The Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire demo was released to "limited" audiences starting in mid-October of 2014, followed by distributions given to anyone who bought one of three select Pokémon titles on the eShop after their release. This marks the first time that a demo of a Pokémon game is made downloadable before the final version is released.

Also, horns.

Unused Text

To do:
Lots of it

"Abba's test message"


Some kind of character test.

Unused Items

Leftover Key Items

As with X and Y, all the key items from the 4th Generation of games and newer are still in the coding, whether they're used or not. There are also leftover key items from X and Y, such as the TMV Pass and the Honor Of Kalos.


The Apricorns from HeartGold and SoulSilver are still in the game, just as useless as before.

Apricorn Balls

Subsequently, the Pokéballs that were made from the Apricorns are also still in the game, just as useless as the Apricorns they came from.

Pokémon Data Handler

To do:
Confirm the conditions in which this happens, as well as check this when the retail copy is released. It does happen, though. It's essentially the game's Missingno. Also screenshots, as well as see if this appears when you encounter a trainer/wild Pokémon with no party.

If an invalid Pokémon is forced into the game (Because this is a demo, this amounts to over 90% of all the Pokémon), it will appear as an Unown-?, unlike X and Y, which simply crash.

Sound Debug Logs

Similar to X and Y, there are two text files, called out.txt and out2.txt within a folder called sounddebug. They also contain comma-separated number values. Just like X and Y, they're remnants of debugging modes long lost.