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Title Screen

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Developer: Midway Games
Publisher: Midway Games
Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Released in US: November 16, 2008
Released in EU: November 21, 2008
Released in AU: November 20, 2008

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe... otherwise known as, that one Mortal Kombat game without great amounts of blood or gruesome Fatalities. At least the idea of characters from the DC Universe fighting would be revisited in the Injustice game series.

Unused Characters


A DC villain who was set to appear in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, but was likely replaced by Darkseid. Evidence that this character was considered can be found in some character packages, such as The Flash's package. The NameTable.txt reveals the following :

117 = "Brainiac"
118 = "Brainiac_Diff"
119 = "Brainiac_Mic"
120 = "Brainiac_NormHQA"
121 = "Brainiac_Pmsk"
122 = "Brainiac_Spec"

The files in question are "ObjectRedirectors", which are tiny files and not actual textures. Brainiac is seen much later on as the main antagonist in Injustice 2.

Quan Chi

Quan Chi's files are found in a similar way Brainiac's were. While Quan Chi is found in the game's Story Mode, they are video cutscenes and thus he does not have a dedicated file. It was suggested alongside Harley Quinn that Quan Chi would have been DLC, but they would have to wait until the next few games for their appearance.

BaseMale Medium

A naked guy who is colored red and blue for Mortal Kombat and DC respectively. The art files related to him call this guy "Silhouette", and he seems to also have been a placeholder/test for the DLC characters slot (which in the final game are used for Shao Kahn/Darkseid).

It's Red... Vs. Blue!


The legs for the DC Basemale are darker than the rest of him, and the Character Select icon was used in early versions of the game for fighters that weren't available yet. In Mortal Kombat 9, the MK Basemale's portrait gets reused for the "DLC Character Select" icon that's not normally selectable in that game (as it immediately opens up the DLC character select, so you'll need to do a glitch to see MK Basemale). The character has a model and textures, which are exactly what's depicted in his artwork ( except he has a bright purple skin color ). He uses Baraka's Test your Might icon and Scorpion's lifebar icon. He also has Green Lantern's "Boxing" style (animations for Close Kombat), a test MKScriptBinary (which contains nothing), and his own MKScriptBinary gives him Scorpion's voice.

Fatality/Heroic Brutality Names

NameTables also reveal the internal, or official names of character finishing moves. Heroic Brutalities were also once simply called "Brutalities", with no Heroic prefix.

Character Fatality 1 Fatality 2
Baraka Kick Stab Slash Impale
Jax Head Klap Machine Gun
Kano Double Leg Massive Stomp Knife Throw
Kitana Fans 2 Face Kiss of Death
Liu Kang Arcade Drop Bicycle Kick Fireball Combo
Raiden Skeleton Sizzle Throw from Sky
Scorpion Fire Breath Going 2 Hell
Shang Tsung Choke Stomp Transform Soulsteal
Sonya Flipover Neckbreak Kiss of Death
Sub-Zero Body Freeze and Smash Freeze
Batman Grappling Hook Summon Bats
Captain Marvel Headfirst into Ground Shazam
Catwoman Scratch Slam Whip Drag Necksnap
Deathstroke Stab Shoot Sword Neck Snap
Green Lantern Bubble Crush Mallet Crush
Lex Luthor Twist of Fate Calling Reinforcements
Superman Freeze Sky Crash Pound
The Flash Quadruple Flurry Tornado Lift
The Joker Phony and Real Gun Deal Me In
Wonder Woman Lasso Rotations Lasso Top Spinner

Kitana's first Fatality name is a reference to a earlier version of it, where she throws the fans into the opponents face rather than the heart. Source

Darkseid/Shao Kahn/Dark Kahn Fatalities

Evidence that the 3 boss characters would've had Fatalities is a NameTable in their packages referring to the "fatality cam". However though aside from "Fatality Growl" voice clips these are the only ones, and they don't give any idea on what they would've had.

Unused Sounds

This game has a handful of unused sounds, all being SFX (and a couple voice clips) that never made it through and suggest much different ideas for what could've been Mortal Kombat 8. Unlike in future games, all characters have a Snd_SFX/Vo package rather than being in the character packages. Within the character packages are just coding for when these sounds are to play, these refer to PS3/Xenon/PCData, suggesting the game was going to have a PC port at one point or a PC dev build of the game was used. "Xenon" is one of the Xbox 360's codenames.

The Announcer

Filename Sound Comments
Announcer saying Dark Kahn, suggesting he may have been playable at one point. Was used on the official site.
The announcer laughing.
Wasn't found in the same file as the compliments ( instead, it's the file with the character names being announced at the Select screen ).
The announcer saying "Round 6!".
The announcer saying "Round 7!".
The announcer saying "Final Round!"
"Well Done!" Apparently, like in previous games, the Announcer would've commented on your performance.

You can hear the announcer saying Round 4/5 if you set the round counter in the game settings to 3 ( and allowing you and your foe to win 2 rounds ).


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This sound package carries SFX related to in-game battles, such as attack noises.

Filename Sound Comments
SFX of flowing Rage energy. Meant to be used in the growl animation right before a Fatality.
Meant to be used in Free-Fall Kombat.
A woosh noise, could've been meant for a Battle Stance swap like the leftover sound clip below.
Squishy blood noise.
Juice being viciously squeezed out of a fruit.
Another squishy blood noise.
Drizzling blood.

Most of the blood sounds would find their way into the next game.


Filename Sound Comments
Darkseid growling before a Fatality. This voice clip would be shortened for Dark Kahn's "Rage On" voice clip.
Shao Kahn growling before a Fatality. In the final game this is actually one of his "On Fire" voice clips, but without the Rage effect.
A death scream for Dark Kahn. Sounds like Shao Kahn's scream.

Dark Kahn has a Fatality Growl but it ends up used in the final game for some of his attack yells and right before you face him in Story Mode. He also has a falling scream used when you use a Free-Fall Super Move on him.

Armageddon Leftovers

Some UI sound clips leftover from the previous game.

Filename Sound Comments
Sound of the controller "wooshing" in the controller config of Armageddon. This sound was also used in the character select of that game, and earlier versions of this game. While you can view the trigger buttons on a controller while configuring it in this game, this sound never plays.
Sound for the "Cap" popping up. Unsure where this was used.
This sound clip was found in "Snd_ui_in_game", and is the sound clip for when you swap your Battle Stance or get into Weapon stance in Armageddon.

"In-Game" UI

Filename Sound Comments
SFX of the "Super Bar" appearing.
Super Bar being ready.
Super Bar emptied.
The "power bar", likely related to the Super bar.

There is a used sound clip for the Super Bar being used, it's the one when you do a "Enhanced" special move ( such as Jax's gotcha grab having extra punches ). Perhaps that is how you would have used this "Super Bar" and enhanced specials would've been limited.

Dark Kahn

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This video showing game play of Dark Kahn shows a couple unused things related to him. First he has a "Enrage" special move similar to one of the Joker's, where he roars and fills up part of his Rage meter. And secondly, he has a unused P2 color which gives him a yellowish tint to his body. Also classified as a DC character.

Unused Text


A placeholder name for a Kombo Challenge. Repeated 9 more times.

CorruptDownloadedContent="Downloaded content appears to be damaged. Some downloaded content may not be available."

Located within the "message box" text data. As noted above, Quan Chi and Harley Quinn were meant to be DLC for this game, but ended up not making it and having to wait until the next games.


Likely a earlier name for Extras or how you would've accessed a DLC store. Found within the menu options text data.


Located within the text data for the menu options is a entry for the Krypt.


There's also a "UI_S_Krypt" file, containing this picture of shiny MK and DC logos, a font, and a blank picture called "xbox_Back". In previous Mortal Kombat games (as well as the games that come after this one) you can earn Koins to purchase unlockable content within the Krypt. This game doesn't feature Koins either.



A entire font for the Krypt.


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Available here

Like in future Mortal Kombat games, there's a file for configuration named Coalesced. Here there's many Unreal Editor data, such as keybinds for a shooter-styled game. There's also a package file with a ton of Unreal Editor related icons, you can view these with Umodel. The Coalesceds can be viewed with Notepad++.

Unused Stages



A "stage" that has a blank floor and a wall that has colorbars.


MKVSDCU-Dome.png MKVSDCU-CharTestlevel.png

A stage for testing characters. It has a "Dome" and a flat ground.


MKVSDCU-Firetest.png MKVSDCU-Smoketest.png MKVSDCU-Bart.png

Contains particles such as a laser beam, fire, smoke, and... a picture of Bart with his pants down.


As the name implies, it's a completely empty map.

Regional Differences

  • Deathstroke's "Stab Shoot" fatality and the Joker's "Phony and Real Gun" fatality are both censored in the US releases of this game, in order to keep the T rating. In the Europe releases, the fatalities are not censored (the respective camera files are suffixed "_eu"). Specifically in the US release the camera will zoom in on Deathstroke/Joker right before the gunshot, while the European release does not.