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It's a note page!


The Japanese version of this game was exclusively released on the PS2, and aside from all the hints and subtitles being translated there are a few extras. There is in fact censorship, the same things are also censored in the German release.

  1. Whenever you kill someone, they will not drop money, limiting the ways the player can get quick money. Therefore, Carl will never say his money-grabbing quotes.
  2. It is still possible to instantly kill with headshots or Katana decapitation, however the victim will cover their face rather than their whole head exploding.
  3. Bone crunching sounds are removed whenever someone is killed by being run over.
  4. It is impossible to stomp on someone when they are knocked down or dead, making melee combat take a bit longer. The stomping action isn't rendered unused however, since the drug dealer you beat up in Cleaning the Hood is still finished off by a stomp in the short cutscene afterwards.

GTASA-JPWarning.png GTASA-Capcom.png

  1. At startup it will show a R-18 warning, then Capcom's logo. This is all a part of a video called capcom.pss.
  2. O is used for confirmation, and X is used to go back in a menu ( e.g pause menu, barber shop ). In all other versions it's the other way around. This was common for JP Playstation games.


  1. I can conclude that, the PS2 version of GTASA is the first version of the game to be pushed out. And by extent, the one most jam-packed with unused goodies.
  2. Console Differences should move to a subpage, with comparison images such as this...
Windows Playstation 2
GTASA-PCSunray.png GTASA-PS2Sunray.png

...which is a comparison of the PS2 and PC Sunrays. The effect is missing on PC, but exists in the PS2 game. Sunrays were a effect in previous games (Vice City, GTA3)

There is a unused test cutscene called cuttest. It can be played by replacing any mission's cutscene in the script with it. It depicts a moving window in different directons. Unused ped models, there are a lot of of them and it can be documented better. Formatted in a way to show a simple render and description, consistent image size.

Godzilla: Save the Earth

BIOLLANTE! bla bla bla. Include graphic rips and other info, including some from this dev interview.


English Japanese

For consistency, Melee has a "display name" appointed to each and every character in the game, including NPCs. Zako is part of the Japanese name for the Wireframes, and Otoko/Onna mean Man and Woman respectively.