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I am a man who likes to know what could have extended selective video games and what musics could have been used.

Favorite Unused Songs

Street Fighter

(Itoshisa to Setsunasa to Kokoro Tsuyosa to CPS2)

Resident Evil

(Unused Leon theme for Umbrella Chronicles. Can be useful for Capcom vs. SNK 3, hopefully)

Magic Sword

(Magic Sword Stage Select)

(Used as SNES Ending song)

Mega Twins

(Mega Twins intro, on home versions, can be used as Smash Bros. battle music)

(Mega Twins early ending, possible to use as battle music)

Gotcha Force

(Unused Gotcha Force song, could be a battle song)

The Punisher

(Unused song that should seem better as an opening song)

King of Fighters

(King of Fighters '99 Unused Opening)

Time Crisis

(Alternate Unstoppable VSSE)


(Ordyne, Round X Unused, can be used in Smash Bros. battles)

Chrono Trigger

(Chrono Trigger Battle 2)


(Gradius III Unused Ranking, can be used as battle results theme)


(Possible Name Entry music, can be used as Smash Bros. fight music)

(Super Contra stage music that could be used in Smash Bros.)

(Another Super Contra stage music, possible for Smash Bros.)

Fire Emblem

(FE Gaiden Liberators, Radiant Dawn Remix)

(Unused Radiant Dawn boss theme, can be used in Mugen)

(Unused desert music, can be used in Beats of Rage conversations)

Streets of Rage

(Little Money Avenue, can be used in Smash Bros. fights)

Ninja Gaiden

(Ninja Gaiden II SNES End Credits)

(Ninja Gaiden III SNES End Credits)


(Early Big Blue)

Never Before Full Songs

(Forgotten Worlds Ending)

(Ghouls 'n Ghosts 1st place, can be used as ending music in mugen)

(House of the Dead 2, Magician Intro, can be fully used on Beats of Rage for a conversation before a boss fight)

(Zelgius's theme The Strong, can be used in a Beats of Rage boss fight)

Favorite Prototype Songs

(Super Castlevania IV Prototype Boss)

(Super Castlevania IV Mad Jungle)

Favorite Unused Quotes


Chris Redfield


Nante yatsu da!? (What kind of person is he!?)

Masaka!? (Could it be!?)

Laughing sound. Occasionally plays if hit in stand ON if you play him via debug mode.

Dio-sama... taoshimashita. (Lord DIO... I defeated them.)


(Yokoso shin no teiou.)

(You've got no chance!)


SFIII 3rd Strike Announcer


Time Crisis 3 Unknown Introduction Man

General Scales


Android 16


(Onaga's unused ending)

Richter Belmont