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About Me

Hello hello. I am a lurker who loves video games. Finding VG hidden contents is my passion in life.

I play various games every now and again. When I am not playing I dig into the GRF files to find unused/removed content of Ragnarok Online.

Articles I'm working on every now and again:

  • Arcturusː The Curse And Loss of Divinity
  • Ragnarok Online
  • ̆Shuujin he no Peret em Heru

Articles I'll eventually start and work on:

  • Wild Arms 3

Completed Pagesː

  • Sora (Orange Juice)

Special Thank You

Thank you Flygon for providing links of the unused skills in Ragnarok Online. It spared me a lot of time to go through most of them by hand. And for the actual Alpha client as wellǃ

Thank you to my friends who always listens to my banter-rant whenever I'm trying to find something inside the game folder of Arcturus/Ragnarok Online You guys are the best.

Thank you Kreuzbube(SkyLeo) from OriginsRO for helping me extract Arcturus files.

Thank you Sonic for providing information about Phantasy Star Online 2 Alpha. And PSO-W for the early alpha/beta clients.

Thank you iRO for letting me look at AEGIS source material.

Thank you Helzatch#5201(via Kokotewa of kokoRO) for sharing Episode 2.5 NPCs with meǃ

Thank you Game Master Deja of retRO for explaining how to spawn in unused enemies and how it generally worksǃ


Put more unused/leftovers in the Ragnarok Online page.

  • Clean up the RO page for more consistency.
  • Research more about the unused Arcturus flashback of Ojsten and to find out if the event file pointing to the remains of the flashback can be played, and if it can be restored(unlikely, as the script is incomplete and points to resources that was removed from Limited Edition of the game)

Compare just how much assets were ported to Ragnarok Online dating to Alpha to Renewal. This is a personal thing that will most likely not be included in TCRF unless necessary.