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Welcome to The Cuttin' Room Floor. 27,523 articles and countin'!

The Cuttin' Room Floor is a website dedicated to findin and searching for unused stuff from video games, from debug, to unused music, graphics, enemies, or levels, lots of games have content never meant to be seen by anybody that was removed due to time n' budget constraints.

make shure to browse our collection o' games and start reading up. lookin for work? Try looking at some stubs and see if you con help. Just have a memory of some unused thing you saw years ago but cant remember how to get it? make shore to make a page with what you saw and we'll take a look. Ya want to help keep this site runnin' and help research fur games?Then pay us!.

Were You Aware...


Want to help? Not shore what to do? Visit the Help page for everything you need to start, including...

  • Instructions for making and fixing articles
  • Guides that will help you find debug modes, unused graphics, hidden levels, and more
  • A list of what needs to be done
  • Common stuff that can be found in bunch's of games!

We got a big list of games that dont have pages yet, or pages needin' expansion.