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The 3DS received many updates over its lifetime to fix various bugs, patch exploits being used to run homebrew or allow flashcarts/other piracy, and add new features. This page goes over, in shortened detail, the changes made to the 3DS' system software up to the present day.

To make this page make sense, two things need to be explained first: the meaning behind the different spots in the version number, and the two different update formats, which are as follows:

  • CUP (Card Updates; updates included on a gamecard)
  • NUP (Network Updates; the ones that are downloaded from Nintendo's servers through the system update utility)

CUP updates would only ever update the core components of a system, not including network-related features. A NUP update would update everything, including the network-related features. A 3DS system version number looks like the following: X.Y.Z-NR. X is for the major version number, Y is the minor version number, Z is the micro version number (which was never used). N represents the NVER, or Network version, and R represents the region of the system. N only gets changed if the update changes any network related parts of the operating system (Internet Browser, Friend applet, eShop, etc), and does not get changed whenever an update from card (a CUP update) is installed, as those updates do not include the data for the networking part of the corresponding NUP update.

Version 1.x


Released February 26, 2011. The launch 3DS system software.


Released March 27, 2011. Added the Promotional Video corresponding to the region of the device being updated. General bug fixes were also said to have been made, such as a bug causing some WiFi networks with certain configurations to not connect to the 3DS, along with unknown modifications to SpotPass.

Version 2.x


Released June 6, 2011. With this update, the Nintendo eShop, DSiWare Data Management, DSi -> 3DS System Transfer, Automatic System Update downloading, and the Internet Browser were added to the system. 3DS -> 3DS System Transfer was added as well, but would not be available for use until a later update. This update also stubbed out the Promotional Videos for each region, making them inaccessible.


Released June 15, 2011. Fixes a bug with Ridge Racer 3D crashing when the B button is pressed while on the Race Select or Machine Select screens.


Released July 25, 2011. Little is known about this update, and the only item in the official changelog from Nintendo is "Improvement to system stability and convenience".


Released November 13, 2011. Was a CUP only release. Added the "Join Game" option to the Friend List. This update was included on such cartridge games as Super Mario 3D Land, (fill this in later lol).

Version 3.x


Released December 7, 2011. This update enabled 3DS -> 3DS System Transfer, updated the eShop with the ability to select to download titles in Sleep Mode and save credit card information, added a second quest to Find Mii/StreetPass Quest and new puzzles in Puzzle Swap in StreetPass Mii Plaza, updated the 3DS Camera application to allow for 3D video recording, and added the feature to be able to scan QR codes in the 3DS Camera application to go to URLs encoded in them. Nintendo Zone became always accessible as an application, as compared to only showing up when near a Nintendo Zone hotspot, and was updated to have 3D video streaming support. This update also added support for GBA Virtual Console titles that would be later given to console owners that would soon be grandfathered into the 3DS Ambassador program.


Released December 21, 2011. Updated the Streetpass Mii Plaza, although changes made to it are unknown. Official release notes from Nintendo are "Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments".


Released at an unknown time, only on European systems. Was seen on some launch and early European 3DS XL systems. Nothing is known about specific changes.

Version 4.x


Released April 24, 2012. This update adds folder support to the Home Menu for sorting applications, along with support for game patches, allowing games to now receive updates (and eventually DLC) through the eShop. The eShop itself got a bit of a facelift, with a new layout, and an option within the eShop and 3DS Camera application to allow for scanning QR codes that link to eShop pages in the eShop app.

This was also the first update to be available as a NUP for Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese 3DS systems, although the system had not yet released in all those markets on this date. The support was added preemptively.


Released May 14, 2012. Not much is known about the exact changes made, other then removing the restriction of needing the Parental Control PIN to update the system. From Nintendo's official changelog: "Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience."


(check anecdotes about eShop CC security, I can only find heresy about this)


To do:
compare the bad-word list between older versions and this one

Released July 24, 2012. Updated the eShop application, as well as the bad word list (it's what it sounds like), and the list of Nintendo Zone hotspots was updated. Specifics unknown.


To do:
Get a list of the newly blocked cart TIDs in this release

Released September 19, 2012. The Nintendo Zone hotspot list was updated once again, and the DS firmware part of the system software (internally called TWL_FIRM) was updated to block more DS flashcarts then the ones already blocked at the system's launch.


Released October 17, 2012. Chinese-only update. Updated the System Settings application to a version already available in Taiwan/Korea, of which it had fallen behind on for unknown reasons.


To do:
ditto 4.4.0-10

Released December 4, 2012. The Nintendo Zone hotspot list was updated again, along with TWL_FIRM and its whitelist to block more DS flashcarts.

Version 5.x


Released March 25, 2013. This update fixes a bug that would cause games set to "Download Later" from the eShop to not download in Sleep Mode if the eShop was left open, and added support for the Save Data Transfer Tool (a tool to allow the transfer of saves from cartridge based versions of a game to their digital counterparts). This update was the first to truly attempt to combat issues with homebrew and (mainly) piracy, patching multiple exploits in various system titles. This update broke the exploits the original release of the Gateway 3DS flashcart used to allow for pirating games.

This update also came with a bug of its own that could potentially cause a system updating to it to not install the new version of NATIVE_FIRM (the 3DS backend firmware) included in the update. Systems affected with this bug would still work, but due to changes in the 3DS SDK that caused logo data to be stored in a new data structure in titles, applications updated in this release such as the eShop, System Settings, and Game Notes would not be able to launch.


Released April 4, 2013. Pushed out to fix the issue with NATIVE_FIRM not updating on some systems due to a bug in 5.0.0-11.

Version 6.x

6.0.0-12 (-11U)

Released June 17, 2013. Introduced the save data backup feature, allowing you to backup any physical or digital game's save to the SD card for retrieval later. In the European and Japanese versions of the update, enabled support for DLC to StreetPass Mii Plaza to allow for the new DLC games for it to be installed. The encryption method for game saves was also changed.

6.1.0-12 (-11U)

Released June 27, 2013. A few titles were updated but specific changes are unknown.


Released July 11, 2013, for North American region systems only. Adds the network features SpotPass Mii Plaza and other titles received in the European and Japanese versions of 6.0.0-12.


Released August 6, 2013. Added support for StreetPass relay points, which allowed users of a Nintendo Zone hotspot to receive StreetPass data from the last person who had used that Nintendo Zone hotspot.


Released September 13, 2013. A few titles were updated, a new title for "Internet Browser Data" was added, and the blacklist for the Save Data Backup feature was edited to add a title.


Released November 11, 2013, only for Korean and Taiwanese 3DS systems. Updated the Instruction Manual applet.

Version 7.x


Released December 9, 2013. Nintendo Network ID support was added to the 3DS with this update, allowing the creation of new NNIDs or the linking of existing ones from the Wii U to be done. This also added Miiverse to the 3DS. The eShop was also updated for NNID support, allowing the balances on their Wii U and 3DS consoles to merge, along with purchase histories, saved credit cards, and more. System Transfer was updated to remove a previous restriction on the amount of times a system could be System Transfer-ed. It also added the ability for titles to send notifications in the notifications applet on the Home Menu about updates that are now available for the title, and added the Home Menu camera applet, allowing for quick access to taking photos by pressing in L + R while on the Home Menu.

This update also added support in NATIVE_FIRM for parts of a title to be encrypted with a new method, based on the changes to encryption of save data in 6.0.0, but no titles that would use this new encryption method would be released for a while afterwards, with the first one being the eShop YouTube application.


Released December 19, 2013. Made changes to the eShop application and a few backend system titles, but exact changes are unknown.


Released January 22, 2014. Updated the "Internet Browser Data" title, exact changes unknown.


Released February 26, 2014. Updated the Internet Browser, exact changes unknown.


Released May 12, 2014. Added support for the registering an email address in Parental Controls, allowing the ability to send reset instructions to said email in case of a forgotten PIN. System Settings, eShop, and the NNID Settings application were all updated to use the new encryption method for titles introduced in 7.0.0-13. The Nintendo Zone hotspot list was also updated.

Version 8.x


Released July 7, 2014. While the changes made in this release are well documented, none of them seem to impact either the end user or pirates or homebrew users of the console. It seems likely that this update changes so much backend code to do with the kernel, various firmwares, and other titles mainly in preparation for the New 3DS that would be launching in the next few months. A more technical, in-depth list of specific changes can be viewed by clicking on the version number above.


Released July 24, 2014. Only updates the HTTP system-module, which is unchanged except for being built with the latest SDK as of the update's release.


Released August 7, 2014. Updates the eShop application, exact changes within are unknown.

8.1.0-0 (N3DS)

Released October 11, 2014, alongside the release of the New 3DS into Japanese markets. This was the firmware installed onto all Japanese launch New 3DS units. Many changes were made in the back-end to add new services related to features exclusive to the 3DS, such as NFC and Super-Stable 3D. This update oddly did not include an Internet Browser or the System Transfer utility. Attempting to launch the Internet Browser will send the user to the System Updater, and the System Transfer option is simply missing from System Settings.

Version 9.x


Released October 6, 2014. This update added theming to the Home Menu, allowing for customization of the look and sound of the menu through free and paid themes in a Theme Shop, the ability to take screenshots of your Home Menu to save to the SD card, and various usability updates to the eShop. A new applet was also added, named "Post to Miiverse", which is the applet that allows for quick posting to Miiverse from games without launching the full Miiverse application from the home menu (first used in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS). This update also added the New 3DS Internet Browser and the System Transfer utility to the New 3DS version of the update. Many, many changes were made in the back-end, either to fix minor vulnerabilities, or add support for new features to the System Software.


Released October 10, 2014, in Japan only. Updated the Home Menu to allow for theming support, as North American and European consoles had received in the previous update.


Released October 29, 2014. Updated the Home Menu, exact changes unknown.


Released December 8, 2014. i don't wanna finish this one right nooooooow








Version 10.x









Version 11.x